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  1. No I do not think Takk can get 10 sacks
  2. The 3rd down earlier on that same drive where he ran out of a sack and got a first down allowed him to even get to that 44 yard pass later in the drive. So yes his legs definitely helped change the game.
  3. Let’s say Blank offers to fire Quinn in favor of Kyle. If you are Shanahan and you already have a head coaching job lined up. Why would you decide to stay and be the head coach for an owner who just fired the head coach that took his team to a SB just to give his job to a coach under him? This whole fantasy never makes sense to me. Let it go!!!!
  4. Mahomes was out a few games so using reg season stats doesn’t tell the entire story.
  5. How can you use the Chiefs regular season stats when Mahomes wasn’t there the entire time due to injury? Post their stats with Pat under center.
  6. To the OP: I don’t understand why Ryan and Brady are ever mentioned in the same sentence. Ryan never was and will never be as good as Tom Brady has been at his best. End of story
  7. I can’t believe Ryan and Rodgers are even being compared in any capacity. Numbers or not, the eyes tell me Rodgers is better. I know that’s not what the initial post was about, but I would never put Matt’s name near Rodgers.
  8. Packers are back in the playoffs because they finally got serious about their defense. End of story.
  9. Arizona played the Panthers in the NFC championship game in the 2015 season. They were also 10-6 in 2013 & 11-5 in 2014.
  10. But It does mean 4 years out of the 8 years he’s been in the league, another team from his division made the conference championship game. NO other Qb in the league had to face that in their division during that time. Sorry but facts are facts. Have a good day
  11. Since Russell Wilson came into the league, the Cards, 49ers & Rams have been to NFC championship games and Rams reaching the SB.
  12. Are we talking about the same Matt Ryan? Matt had three good playoff games and that was in 2016. 2008 he had two interceptions that killed us. 2010 he had two interceptions that killed us. 2011 he led us to 2 points. 2012 we beat the Seahawks but he had a bad turnover that helped with their comeback. Next game he had 2 turnovers in the NFC championship game. One was Roddy’s fault but the fumble when we were in fg range was costly. Then let’s not talk 5 tds. When was his first 5 td game? In 2016? Man I have supported Matt since he got drafted but he does not make as many game winning plays as a quote on quote *elite* Qb has to make. That’s just the truth
  13. Matt Ryan brought stability to the QB position in Atlanta and he has played well. He has even played great at times. But we also can’t ignore the flip side of that. He hasn’t elevated the team in the most crucial moments of his career. Football is a team sport and I’m not blaming the playoff losses solely on Matt, but he did not elevate the team as much as a (hof) or quote in quote *elite* qb has to. A friend of mine asked me if Matt was the Qb for another franchise, would I go into a game against his team fearing him and what plays he could make against the Falcons. After thinking about it I had to face the truth and say NO!!! I would not have any fear of Matt Ryan as an opposing QB and play maker, the way I have worried about other qbs over the years. That said all that needed to be said.
  14. Let’s not act like there aren’t bigger reasons the mobile qbs haven’t won more SBs. The league can’t run or hide from them any longer. The time for the statue Qb is over. It’s a new day coming for the NFL.