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  1. As his wife of course she is upset and she also has a point about his clutch kicks. Hate they had to let him go but it is what it is. Hope he lands in a good spot next yr!
  2. Good Morning internet tough guy!!! Do you feel cooler now?
  3. I agree with Schraeder. His play fell completely off of a cliff and I wonder if they will try and see if he can bring it back to a decent playing level. I think we need two new guards. I see Wes as a decent back up. Would be nice to see them find Mack's replacement. Like you said, he is getting up there and his body could start to betray him with age.
  4. The thing is, this is this year and they didn't play well this season. This is the same OL that has the owner saying "How do we get better on the offensive line" in a recent article. On top of that, Wes was worse last year than he was this year. He is one of the main issues with the line IMO. I saw Matt running for his life and our RBs not being able to find running lanes to run through. I respect your opinion but I see it differently. I just don't think that he'll be a person they look forward to starting next season.
  5. Does any of this mean he's a starting caliber OG? Of course it doesn't. He can be better and still only improve from complete disaster to subpar and below average. He'll be replaced and we'll both be looking at him backing up another OG next yr.
  6. Once again that’s your opinion. My opinion is Wes is below average, weak, a liability and not a starting caliber OG. Falcons tried to replace him this season cause they saw what I saw but yet you say it’s a false narrative. Hahahaha I hear you but the proof is there in plain sight.
  7. I Let the board tell me how to think? Smh Funny thing about this board, is grown men not being able to have conversations and different thoughts without throwing around little insults and foolishness about people they don’t know. Anyway, No one tells me how to think buddy. I saw Wes play like trash with my own eyes. Falcons have had a big issue at guard since last season and Wes being inserted into the starting lineup is one of the reasons why. Just because I disagree with your belief in that below average fellow doesn’t make me right or wrong. You have your opinion and I’ll have mine. When the coaches replace him we’ll see what’s up.
  8. Yeah and many of us Falcons fans saw that Wes was a problem that needed to be fixed last yr. All game long pressure is coming up the middle at Matt Ryan. Wes is not good at all IMO. He should never be starting for this team.
  9. Mid tier? Says who? You mean the same OG who the coach included in the “ you scrub the rest” comment! That dude is not a starting caliber lineman in the NFL. Two seasons of below average play is enough evidence for me to see that.
  10. I think their dink and dunk is more a product of their personnel this yr than what they would do if they had a Julio and Ridley on their team. They have zero deep threats on their team right now. They thought Josh Gordon might be it but that didn’t work out and Cordelle Patterson can’t be trusted to make plays at the wr position consistently. Chris Hogan isn’t the same threat he was a couple seasons back and even then he wasn’t on Julio’s level. With all that being said, I do agree that we could use the quick passes to the backs more in our offense. I still think we can go after the big plays tho.
  11. Matt will still be running for his life then. Cause Wes is horrible to me. I can see the other moves but he has proven they can’t start him on full time basis. I hope they can somehow find someone to replace Wes even if they bring in Trent.
  12. Wes who at RG? Man please don’t tell me you’re talking about Wes Schweitzer.
  13. I definitely agree that this was a horrible no call. If it was the Falcons I would be pissed. But my dislike for the Ain’ts fans won’t let me stop smiling!!!
  14. I just don’t see it. Every missed/bad call, no matter what point of the game it’s in plays a part in the outcome of the game. Not just a game winning play or a bad play/call when it’s late in the 4th. If the NFL wanted the Saints to lose and had the refs in on it, why were the refs missing multiple calls the would have gone the Rams way? Or did they just decide on that play “hey let’s make a call and have the Rams to win”. It doesn’t add up when you look at what happened in the totality of the game. Maybe they told Ben Watson to get sick and sit out the game, then after that they told the TE who was playing in his position to purposely drop an easy td on the first drive. I’m sure they told Gurley to drop a pass and get it intercepted close to their own 10 yard line, because they knew the Saints wouldn’t score. The examples could go on and on. I just don’t see it. But that’s just my opinion.