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  1. I laugh when I hear ppl throw out his int stats from last yr or 2016. Let’s talk about his TOTAL career. In the 10 yrs he played before this one he only had 3 yrs with less than ten picks. The other 7 he threw 11 picks or higher in every season. Then he only threw for 30+ tds three times out of those ten yrs. With weapons like Roddy, Tony, Julio, HD. So let’s talk facts. His averages show what his norm is and that’s to throw picks. I have been a Ryan fan and I have defended him but the truth is the truth. He makes mistakes that a veteran who some on this message board call “elite” should not be making. Is that enough Fact for you?
  2. No one said he should do any of that. But I will say he had the ball with a little under a min left on the clock and they didn’t do anything with it. Matter of fact they tried two plays and let the clock run out. If there was ever a time to be elite that was it.
  3. Not saying he didn’t play good. But I am saying under his watch we lost the biggest lead in SB history. Not putting it all on Matt or saying he was the problem. But I am saying he didn’t do enough to stop it from happening. Even if one more play could have saved it. It didn’t happen
  4. When I come on this message board I hope to have good debates and a difference of opinion without childish remarks. But I can’t tell if I’m talking to men or boys sometimes. Guess I’m expecting too much.
  5. We can say he would have but the fact is he didn’t. I think he played good that game but maybe it was one more play he could have made. Maybe he could have seen Hightower shift over to blitz and pointed it out to Freeman. Either way that’s in the past and I haven’t seen that Matt Ryan in the first two games of this season.
  6. Yes elite QB’s have bad games too. But Matt is not in their class. I have been a fan of his but the truth is the truth. Matt has these types of games WAYYYYY too often for my taste. I pray I’m wrong but I don’t have strong faith that he can lead that team to a ring.
  7. After that horrible game Matt Ryan played, comebacks should be the last thing talked about when his name comes up. Dude single handedly almost lost us the game.
  8. Wilkins got drafted before our pick, so there is no way we could have drafted him. Just a FYI
  9. We don’t draft O Linemen high and some complain. We draft an O Lineman in the first round and some complain. Hahahaha gotta love it
  10. Let’s be honest about Takk. He has potential but he has also been far from what some thought he would be his first couple years. Young players do need time to develop but let’s please not automatically think he’s gonna be more than what we’ve seen. I pray he does become a monster and I like the dog I see in him but I have no real reason to think he’ll be any better until I actually see it.
  11. This is great news! Seeing that the Falcons seem to do better when there is no expectation! 12-4 season here we come!
  12. As his wife of course she is upset and she also has a point about his clutch kicks. Hate they had to let him go but it is what it is. Hope he lands in a good spot next yr!
  13. Good Morning internet tough guy!!! Do you feel cooler now?
  14. I agree with Schraeder. His play fell completely off of a cliff and I wonder if they will try and see if he can bring it back to a decent playing level. I think we need two new guards. I see Wes as a decent back up. Would be nice to see them find Mack's replacement. Like you said, he is getting up there and his body could start to betray him with age.
  15. The thing is, this is this year and they didn't play well this season. This is the same OL that has the owner saying "How do we get better on the offensive line" in a recent article. On top of that, Wes was worse last year than he was this year. He is one of the main issues with the line IMO. I saw Matt running for his life and our RBs not being able to find running lanes to run through. I respect your opinion but I see it differently. I just don't think that he'll be a person they look forward to starting next season.