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  1. I just want people to remember that A Lot of NFL evaluators and draft pundits actually thought Trubisky was the top QB in his draft. Lol I just hope the Falcons get the right guy at 4, no matter what position he plays. Especially is he’s a QB
  2. 🤣 Man I swear I miss Roddy being in the league! Gotta Love that guy!
  3. Naw that wouldn’t have happened. They would have adjusted to what Brady wanted to do because he commands that kind of respect. Especially when he would have had 6 rings to DK zero.
  4. Let me settle this quickly. Matt is not and will never be Tom Brady! For the record I have rooted against and disliked Brady his whole career! But I have to concede that NO other QB aging or otherwise has done what he has done, or can do what he still can do. If Matt gets it done then I will be a happy fan. But I think the organization will be foolish to think they can follow the Brady blueprint. See how next yr goes with Matt and adjust accordingly to the good or bad.
  5. McKay is obviously around FB just doing all kind of devious things. I really don’t know where this stuff comes from.
  6. Go have a seat somewhere and let the original post shine!
  7. Chase is a beast. The year off made some forget how special he was in 2019.
  8. Never said we would never be able to draft A qb again. I said they might not ever get in position to draft the next good or great qb they want.
  9. The thing that some people and you don’t seem to mention is the possibility that the Falcons might not get in position to take the next good or great qb. It’s not a given that you can just grab the qb you want, whenever you want. Whoever they pick at 4 I’m gonna roll with it and see how it goes even though I personally want them to take a qb. But if they don’t I just hope it’s a player that helps us build for the next ten yrs just like I hope a qb will do if they draft one.
  10. The Ryan Knights are gonna come running to bash Rodgers and defend Matt.
  11. Maybe 1. But as of today, I can’t say any QB that hasn’t won a SB could win multiple rings, even hypothetically speaking. Gotta show you can win one first. On the flip side I think it’s fair to say what Brady could do in Matt shoes cause we’ve seen him step up in the big moments.
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