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  1. If Vick not on the list then it’s not legit! When most ppl think of the Falcons the first name that comes to mind is Mike Vick #7. Don’t want to hear about production or what was done for the team stat wise. None of these players won a SB for the franchise so I have to go with who made the biggest impact and lifted the Falcons name up. Primetime, Vick, Matt, Julio. It was hard to leave Roddy off because he is my favorite Falcons WR of all time. But I can’t deny what Julio did and how much of a beast he is.
  2. If Grady doesn’t really talk about him why should everyone else? 🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. If anybody thinks that there is any professional sports organization in the world that the owner doesn’t get involved in some form or fashion they are kidding themselves. You don’t become a billionaire by sitting back while someone else drives. I’m sure every owner has stepped in at least once in some kinda way.
  4. Why is everyone worried? I was told by some of the message board geniuses that Matt makes Julio and all our wrs better! Shouldn’t be any problem at all with him gone. 🙄🤣
  5. 2007 was it for me. Watching Vick, our then franchise QB get sent to prison was gut wrenching.
  6. Hoping for 2-3. Praying Julio does like Larry Fitzgerald and comes back without breaking the bank when his contract is up.
  7. Let me do what many posters on here did after Dimitroff’s lackluster drafts. “Ranking means nothing! Let’s wait 2 or 3 years and then we’ll see”. Hahaha
  8. No I don’t think he will beat out Mike Davis or breakout like Turner. I believe Mike Davis is a better rb than he gets credit for. Now I do think Ollison will make a good contribution to the offense this yr but to breakout like Turner or Henry we would have probably seen some signs that he was a dynamic player. Turner was making plays before he came to Atlanta and we don’t even have to speak on Henry and the potential he showed before becoming a star in the league.
  9. This makes no sense whatsoever. Smh Put Calvin on either of those teams in the place of Rice or Gronk and I personally think they still win. Can’t blame CJ for Detroit losing.
  10. Dude is entitled to his opinion plus he seems to be a fan of the team. Can’t hate on that. I swear some fans act like everyone has to agree with how they feel and say exactly what they want to hear on tv. Lol You like the pick, dude doesn’t like the pick. It doesn’t change the fact that Pitts is on this team.
  11. Matt has made so much bread as the Falcons QB that I doubt he’s sweating. May be wondering if he’ll get the chance to bring a ring here or try to win somewhere else. But I doubt he’s sweating
  12. Where is it written in stone that the Falcons can’t draft a qb for the future and still improve and be very competitive the next two yrs with Matt Ryan? From some of the comments I read it seems like the only draft pick we have is 4 and if it’s not a player that contributes right away our chances for success are shot. I believe they can do both. Draft for the future and still be a playoff team. I mean they drafted for the present and still sucked the last few yrs, so why can’t I believe the opposite can happen this time around?
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