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  1. You mean immobile Tom Brady, behind terrific OL's?Or Tom Brady behind a OL with the league's worst center (Gino Gradkowski) and that gave up 48 sacks? I don't care what Flacco said to the media. With my own eyes I saw him trip, stumble and not be able to put the same step into his throws.
  2. I see you are banking on one or two of those late career Elway Lombardi's.I for sure thought Ryan, being as superbly talented as he is, would be able to a SB in his prime. 8-10 years he says. lol. Sure thing larry. let's set up an escrow...and the winner can keep the interest. let me know in 2024. hilarious.
  3. Matt Ryan seems plenty comfortable being good. But uncomfortable being great. If good satisfies you, you found your QB. If you ever want that extra thrust to get over the edge...well...maybe you might want to look somewhere else. Or make sure Julio plays.
  4. Someone please explain to me why Ryan received no Tier 1 votes in this poll. I mean, come on...don't they know...he is MATT - RYAN. The most cusp of elite, non elite QB east of Dallas. 26 people. Not one TIer 1 vote. WHY? Surely he could have mustered just a single Tier 1 vote in 26, right?
  5. Right. Because the injury report is gospel. Tom Brady was on the injury report all year one season with a "shoulder injury" no? Because teams are always honest on those reports. They never lie. Heck sometimes they don't even get updated the day of the game. Oh wait they do.Was an injury report required to prove an injury exists when the QB walks onto the field wearing a knee brace? He is the starting QB...the other option was Tyrod Taylor. Hmmm... Flacco in a knee brace or Tyrod Taylor? Tough call.... Did the knee require structural support by use of a brace? Did he physically wear a brace?
  6. Um...I don't care. YOU are the one that projected a bump up to 10-12%. So why don't YOU tell ME why YOU think he is going to throw deep more. Remember that little thread that was deleted? About disproving the deep ball myth? Yeah, YOU started that thread. YOU were the one focused on Ryan achieving a higher % of deep passes. So please tell me what motivated YOU to start that thread.
  7. I find it hilarious that the 3 games you consistently cite from 2013 are injury games. That should tell you something, no? But please, carry on proving that Flacco did not perform as well when his knee was buckled by a helmet and required a brace.
  8. Which child never attained perfection? Or in football terms...SB and SB MVP.
  9. It is hilarious how you have an excuse for FIVE STRAIGHT YEARS.You can't explain away FIVE YEARS of behavior. Not when the main constant has been...Matt Ryan. This is Matt Ryan. 5 years is enough to show what he is. This is like saying "well he has only been a drug addict these last five years because in 2009 his dog died, then in 2010 his girlfriend dumped him, then in 2011 he lost his job, then in 2012 his mom got cancer and then in 2013 he defaulted on a loan." Um...no. That person is a drug addict. 5 years says so.
  10. Only in Atlanta is it better to have all tier 2's or lower than a couple of tiers 1's.
  11. And what is the Matt Ryan story? A soft, dome QB, that is hesitant to make the big play, has arm issues in January when outdoors, and has been coddled by an all star supporting cast on offense. "10 yards from the SB".
  12. Now, here comes falconidae, bragging about the 0.08 margin between 2.23-2.31, whilst ignoring that Ryan got ZERO Tier 1 votes, and Flacco got "a couple." Hilarious. These lists are hilarious.
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