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  1. I know everyone's still in a panic about Vic Beasley's stunningly bad display against Miami, but I thought I'd go ahead and post an article I found earlier today. I thought the author Jon Ledyard did a good job breaking down Beasley's performance. He's critical of much of Beasley's play (especially the spin move and lack of hand usage), but still points out that there are still some points of his game to be optimistic about (speed, quick feet, bend). I apologize ahead of time for the formatting, I did a quick copy and paste job. I suggest going to the link because the videos did not p
  2. The idea and trade value discrepancy was bad, but the writing was worse, dchen said.
  3. http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4024663-falcons-transactions-tracker/#entry9240502
  4. Yep. Not to mention, seahawks signed Avril, bennett, and traded for harvin and won that year as well.
  5. Can you prove that Stanford actually requires these things or are they just assumptions based on the school's academic reputation? Anecdotally, Chase Thomas went to my high school, and when he received a scholarship to play for Stanford, the local paper reported that he had scored a 1560 on the SAT. That is incredibly impressive... Until it was later revised to include that the 1560 was out of 2400 not 1600. My point is that not all players at Stanford are exactly geniuses, so it could be a false assumption to think that a standard of academic excellence applies to the athletes like it does to
  6. You dropped the second O in photography in the watermark
  7. I was waiting for the part where you started trolling, but it never happened. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.
  8. Not to be the grammar police or anything, but it's actually "time to jell". It's a mistake I've made for a long time, so I thought I'd share.
  9. I'd argue Southward is more the Tom Savage of safeties. Both have indisputable physical talent, but have questions about whether they can put everything together on the field. Neither were talked about much before the last month of the draft, and were drafted more for their potential than their current play.
  10. You're right, the Falcons love long speed which is why they signed Michael Turner and Steven Jackson...
  11. Rodgers will never be a #1 back, its sheer lunacy to think so.
  12. Those 3 were unexpected but not unheard of to me. Players always drop a couple of rounds each draft. Look at where John Jenkins and Jesse Williams got drafted last year. Yankey suffered a long drop to the 5th though, I wish the Falcons would have gotten him with the comp pick. To me, seeing guys like Antonio Richardson, Shayne Skov, Marcus Roberson, and Jackson Jeffcoat go completely undrafted was very weird. Last year, Jordan Poyer dropped to the 7th round, and I think that was probably the longest drop. I don't ever remember that many 2nd-4th rounders go undrafted
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