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  1. Maybe now, they will see what Ollie can do.
  2. This.....This guy has been on the team for a couple of years now, but has rarely seen the field....WTH?
  3. It was Carole Baskin.....She did it!!
  4. Let's say that MR2 IS declining (maybe), is he the BIGGEST problem on this team? I've seen QBs with far less talent than him, even with his age, win games. Why? Because they have a running game, and they have a defense that stomps people out when it's crunch time. That stems from coaching.....
  5. Yes, hard pass. I wish they would get a young, offensive minded head coach that gets to pick his staff.
  6. I swear, no matter how well the Falcons play, and they played pretty well yesterday, there will ALWAYS be someone with some negative energy.....GEEZUS!!!
  7. I bet the Falcons will be the butt of a joke tonight on "C'mon Man" ahead of MNF!! 🤪
  8. I like them....Like anything new, they'll grow on everybody, ESPECIALLY when we're winning!!
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