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  1. (Screaming) THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it so hard to match the right scheme with the right players?
  2. Big Prayers for you and your family. Tell your wife to hang in there!!
  3. since68andcounting.....Bruh, I tried to like your post 7 times, but it wouldn't let me. I even tried to cut a heart emoji and post it here....It wouldn't let me. I agree so hard with what you said.
  4. Thoughts of a frustrated fan. (disclaimer: My thoughts are all over the place) - There's no accountability here. I think a team is a better team if you have a system. With a system, players are interchangeable. With a system, players know what to expect day in and day out. I think that providing a certain "predictability" lets the players relax and concentrate on their jobs, instead of the outside noise. I hate the Patsies (a lot) but they have a SYSTEM. They have ACCOUNTABILITY. There are no favorites. There is ONE chief (Bill) and everybody else are Indians. There's a reason that he's been their coach since the late 1800s. It's because he sets standards and sticks to them. I know every team is different, or that we should clone the Patsies, but sometimes you have to get over yourself and leave your ego at the door. See what works and do that or your own version of that. - I think Quinn is a player's coach, and that's fine. But everybody doesn't respond to that. Some people will use that to get comfortable and complacent. If you get complacent in a lot of places, if you don't produce.....You're either traded or released...Simple as that. He needs to get in somebody's @ss. Everybody needs to be put on notice that if you don't do your job, you're done, and then kick somebody's butt to the curb! TBH, if I got paid 14 million (or whatever the number is) and I had no consequence for not performing, I'd probably not care as much either, because I know that regardless of whether or not I get another sack, I'ma get paid tomorrow. Everybody on the team should be playing like it's a privilege to be playing in the NFL. They should feel like if they don't perform, they won't have a job. They should be working their tails off. "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard" - STOP DROPPING LINEMAN INTO COVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!! Bruh, that's not fooling anybody! It actually makes the lineman look foolish because they can't keep up with a TE/RB/WR. They are paid to rush the QB and stop the run! Maybe calling the defense AND being a HC is too much for DQ. - And I swear, if we don't start blitzing.....Rushing 3 and 4 people is NOT getting it done...In-game adjustments people, try it! Just try it! - Whoever's calling the plays, listen: People are on to the WR screen. It's not working. - Finally, (and this is serious) I think that any and everybody who played for the Falcons in that Superbowl, and are still here, needs to seek professional help. I can imagine the grit and determination and sacrifice to make it to the biggest game of the year, dominate for d@mn near 3 quarters, then lose it, would mess with even the greatest athlete. I mean, the havoc that a loss like that can wreak on a person's mind could be devastating. Obviously these are tough-as-nails athletes/coaches and any perceived weakness has no place in this sport. Even without KS calling the plays, this team is NOT been the same since then. Not just with the record, but just with the whole swagger, the attitude. That year, we played every game expecting to win. Since then, we're trying not to lose. By the way we play, we've lost our swagger. It's almost as if we don't wanna get back on such a big stage, because we're afraid that a loss like that can happen again. So why not seek a professional who knows how to get the team to deal with it so we can move forward. Why not seek someone who can show the team how to use that for motivation. This team is from Atlanta Georgia. The F'n CAPITAL.!! You can't be in the A-T-L for more than a day, and not have at least SOME swag! C'mon now!! - Clawd hammercy, these Falcons have got my pressure up!! I'm still riding with them, and I will NOT jump ship. Just had some stuff to get off my chest....Carry on....
  5. Great topic, OP! I thought that I was the only one that thought Schaub looked.....uninspired. He looked like he really didn't want to be there. He reminded me of Drew Bledsoe in his final years in Buffalo....Lol
  6. Praying for you, my man! Hang in there!
  7. Some guy by the name of Todd Gurley is decent in the NFL....if I'm not mistaken....
  8. Some people are never going to be happy, unless the Falcons draft who THEY think the Falcons should draft. IMHO, I think addressing the O Line early was a good strategy. Weren't there people on here complaining that Matt never had enough time to throw the ball, and that he was getting hit too much? So the Falcons addressed the O Line. Weren't there people on here, as well as draft pundits, that were saying that this draft was "loaded" with defensive line talent? With that said, there's still time......Easy guys....
  9. GOSH, I love hearing you guys debate (and sometimes argue). It's even better that you back up your opinions with stats and common sense. Best Board Ever!!! But I digress..... For the Record, I think the Falcons will pick Deandre Baker in the First Round.
  10. I am recovering from the SB loss, but just like our new O.C., I'm taking it one day at a time!