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  1. Every year we seem to have a problem with not having an explosive return game, whether it's kick returns or punt returns. We need, need, need a solid kick returner, with speed and elusiveness to give us that advantage in games where field position is key to determining a game.
  2. Thanks for the update, can't wait till the season starts!
  3. Never pay attention to media bs, all they do is speculate while they don't play the game. Blah blah blah. Stick to watching the games
  4. Never paid attention to any of this nonsense. The players play and we watch and root for them. As far as the list, so yes we take a step back, but cmon the other teams on the list are either under .500 or at .500 as are the Ravens. Media. Ha!
  5. I want to say a pro bowl type of year for every player on the Falcons team. Realistically, I'd say 28 catches / 438 yards / 5 tds.
  6. Really? I seen him get burnt in the NFCCG against the Niners.
  7. Definitely don't need him, and the circus and all the ESPN and media frenzy, we need to keep going in the low-key.
  8. Im hoping we bring back Abe sometime after the draft, with him and Osi and a draft pick, we'd be setting up our defense for success and highly improve our pass rush from a season ago. A big issue we needed to address and improve on.
  9. What makes you believe Mingo is a special player?
  10. Nice, I think we are really targeting CB with our 1st, but if it comes down to BPA or a DE falls to us, we are going to jump all over it.
  11. I wouldn't hate the pick, he's a good player no doubt, but we do have other positions of need before the linebacker position. Our pass rush of course at DE and our secondary at CB.
  12. Sweet. Thanks for the post, I was wondering what our cap situation was looking like. Is this after or before the signing of Osi?
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