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  1. Utah having a bunch of "America First" banners for their racist *** fan base is *chefs kiss*
  2. It sucks when your base is almost exclusively made up of the "Heh I'm smarter than you" crowd.
  3. If you've spent the last 4 years wondering how it was even possible for someone/thing like Trump to get massive support among normal *** people(Not MAGA lunatics)......**** like this is how. I dont understand why we *continually* have to do this.
  4. I'm waiting for Marco Rubio to come out and say "Well I actually meant what I said of a $2000 check" and take back the upper hand here.
  5. *Insert Dems sticking stick in bike wheel meme*
  6. I love that this is also giving us the Liberal double whammy. What a great way to grow your electorate! 1. Defend everything no matter what. 2. Criticize and demean anyone who isn't "enlightened" You're doing great sweety.
  7. It should be quite obvious to yall when you have to keep using the word "assumed". There are millions and millions of people who only ever heard "Hey were sending you 2000 checks". I'll steal a line from Trout-"If you're expecting everyone to be paying as much attention as you, you're gonna have a bad time"
  8. I must stan for in n out on principle alone.
  9. His math is fuzzy for sure. Following his logic it would be a $200 check. 1200+600+200=2000
  10. I already got nice sheets! And backup nice sheets for when the first sheets are in the wash! But nooo. My fiance said we need a *third* set. ******* psychopath. Someone buy my legend of zelda themed bookends. ****.
  11. Why everybody gotta buy the normal **** my fiance put on my wedding registry instead of the cool **** I put on there? Thanks for the....sheets... Debra.
  12. Great way to start off really helping out those who *should* be the Dem base....
  13. They think/know they can get away with it because they realize their base is flooded with a bunch of HMs.
  14. You can't tell people they're getting $2000 checks if they're literally never going to get a check that says $2000.
  15. We all "saw" it coming. That doesn't mean anything though.
  16. "Americans need $2000."- Yeah. You could say they were including the $600 there. But they never said that. "Were sending out $2000 checks"-What they actually said. Its black and white. For the love of God can we not just challenge them to account for their *literal* words? ****. Sending out 1400 is not sending out 2000 checks. Its not really up for debate.
  17. Literal videos and tweets from the man himself and its still "Nah". This is why people don't like Liberals. You have no reason to be defending this. No facts. No evidence. They're arguing the checks down before he's even in office for no reason and you're just defending the lie of omission for ***** and gigs.
  18. Who are you helping here? Who is this benefitting?
  19. But also. Why tf are we defending this? What is the actual point. They never said "Were gonna get you the ****rest**** of your money". So why all the "Well you shoulda just assumed" BS?
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