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  1. Lloyd pierce gotta go work for Stacey Abrams now right?
  2. Why is terrible facial hair so rampant in the NBA?
  3. Millsap might be the only guy on that starting 5 that's better than this team.
  4. Giannis gonna get to see what life could be like.
  5. I'd like to take a moment of silence for those Knicks fans praying for a sweep. Down bad.
  6. Bud left cause we weren't competitive. Whale whale whalleeeee
  7. Alright so we only need the braves to split apparently
  8. This guy fell awkwardly on his "bum" knee and was fine 😒
  9. Those are the unis he was wearing his rookie year straight off the plane from Maryland He ain't that pale anymore
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