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  1. Boston is what would happen if Tuscaloosa was in the north
  2. I'm ******* triggered.
  3. **** Boston. Both of you are dead to me.
  4. Lol at calling what we did taming. He's either stupid or insane.
  5. Jackson is superior to Bamba in every way first off lol. JJJ first. The rest? I have no idea lol. So I'll just list players that I'd be real excited to get from 19 on. Zhaire Smith, Kyri Thomas, Melton, Shake, Allen, Simons, Clark, Frazier, Dante, Brunson
  6. I certainly have no issues with him. I just feel like he's the "last piece" kinda guy. The one you grab right before you jump in the playoffs. Not the guy you start your rebuild with. I'm just not sure his upside is worth the cost. Don't get me wrong. Every team can use an Otto Porter. 15 points and good wing defense will get you a long way in this league. I wouldn't be upset. But if I'm mortgaging assets to trade up, I'm going after young(who I'm not overly big on), but I'm taking the chance. The fact young can't, and probably will never, play defense bothers me. Steph may not be a great defender but he's a lot bigger than people think.
  7. He said Baze was the best hawk last year. Kindly GTFO. I mean perhaps. But don't talk up a role player that makes 17 mill. No. Just don't.
  8. Alright. I just almost finished up the Peachtree hoops draft podcast.... I never like to go out on my own cause I could be seeing something that's entirely not there lol, but they said the same things in seeing. And I am firmly in the JJJ at 3 camp. Don't fail me now schlenk. Elite defender. Can guard pretty much anything Fast. Great FT% for a big. Good 3pt%, shows flashes of a good ball handler. Some Stats they rushed over far too fast so I'll have to look them up mysf here in a bit. The fact bagley shot in the 60s on ft scares me. Good shooters don't do that. But I still won't be upset if we take him. **** be a good player
  9. I take it all back.. He just talked up Baze and moose on the draft podcast.
  10. As it stands now a trio of bagley/Jjj, kyri, Allen seems like quite a good draft You can trade out kryi for okoge, Melton, etc etc etc. Just some guard at 19 lol
  11. I feel like he might be a guy that gets drafted before then that I'd be perfectly fine giving 30 and 34 for
  12. I feel the exact opposite lol. He has a guy on a few weeks ago that said uh every other word
  13. Well yes, but I mean past that lol. That's a lot to "give up" to replace Bazemore. I like bridges. I just see him having an Otto Porter like impact. He won't be bad by any means, but I'm not sure the upside is there, and he's older. I really wanted Zhaire Smith for that Bazemore role, which I still do, but he measured in kinda small so he might be a strictly 2guard.