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  1. Pokémon Snap? We Stan
  2. There's too much Florida happening in this post for me.
  3. Oh God here comes a guitar discussion
  4. Sponge most Def has a boomer soul. Refuses to accept criticism and constantly deflects blame to everyone else. I picture that Simpsons meme everytime lol
  5. Literally no one called you racist. Literally PG said you WEREN'T the racist one. If anything sponge this is your go to. Criticism??? No! They just think I'm racist! Its tired.
  6. You could tell sponge the sky is blue and he'd think youre calling him racist. It's strange.
  7. Quit having dumb*** takes, sponge
  8. Boomers have been dog **** for decades and now their kids are the exact same brand of dog ****.... But it's the SJWs fault!
  9. Our society ******* blows man
  10. When cops can get away with literal murder and have that spinned aside.... There's nothing that can't be "well actually'd" away.