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  1. Yall are some weird old farts
  2. He's gonna resign/get fired here in a minute. Not only did he undermine Trump, he criticized Russia too. Flagrant 2
  3. The show writers are trying to fit way too much into the last episode of this season.
  4. Man. Trump just sucks at everything.
  5. These ******* idiots
  6. The FBI apparently
  7. He's even lost newt.
  8. It's funny that you can't even get Trumps own staff to agree with the Man baby/Conspiracists But I'm sure the two groups that are constantly proven to be idiots will get it right *this*time
  9. ****ting all over a memorial thread for a guy who committed suicide is epically deplorable.
  10. That's actually..... A tremendous question
  11. Ehhh. He doesnt spend enough time on the internet to be alt right lol. He's more the "NRA is Jesus/Rush limbaugh/Neil Bortz" republican. He was a legitamite cowboy in Montana until he had kids. He's *that* kind of republican. As a sign of good faith...... That Russian chick was at the Georgian Terrace. Gods speed
  12. I'm not paying attention.... But did he just post that quote to say that.... Fossil fuels are cheaper than renewables? When the very **** he posted says otherwise?....
  13. Amazon crashed during prime day. Take that Bezos spaceship.
  14. The irony of "VERY private channel" lady getting plastered all over every media outlet. What a good job she did.
  15. After spending a weekend around 50+ year old people at a funeral, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are willing to be.