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  1. Field greens *****.
  2. I hate these *****. Sure, if they were normal everyday unis, they're decent. But city unis? They're plain af.
  3. Objection your honor. Silentbob is a weird ******. Shoot. He lives in Jacksonville. He's the teenage Andy to our buzz lightyear.
  4. Marvin Harrison looks 88 years old.
  5. Fields better be the starter next year. It better not even be a debate.
  6. This kinda **** right here.
  7. Dammit you responded while I was writing my other post lol. As for the question. I'm not exactly sure how to answer that. What evidence to you have that they haven't? I'm not singling them out. There's a lot of politicians that conduct themselves moreso in a "for the common guy" kind of way. I only mentioned those two because they tied into the *****ing from earlier in the post. This wasn't a progressive thing. Just a "not corporatist" thing.
  8. And just for the record my issue really isn't with any politicians(except maybe Schumer or Cuomo). At least not for this. I was more so talking about the mix of dem voters who are either bourgeois liberals or those who are so terrified by Trump that they're afraid to do anything. The outpouring of *****ing about certain responses to the Amazon deal or AOCs "sit in" was disheartening. I more so just wanted to give credit to the politicians who are unapologetically fighting for the "common man" and their constituents. I wanna see more of that as opposed to those whining about an AOC/Pelosi fight(that those same people created. It's not even a thing) or idiots like Cuomo who slob all over Amazon's knob.
  9. ***Just want to be clear that this class and a lot of existing Dems don't have a problem with this either. AOC and Carter are just the ones getting hitched at.*** ^^^It's right there my man lol.
  10. This is why I don't get a large portion of the Dems bemoaning the likes of AOC and Carter. I mean, I get why rich folks like Jost would be annoyed, but not the normal folks. Looking like the party of rich ******* is not good for anyone. It's sad that jost is a pretty good example of what a lot of Americans view as "The Left" The Dems need to break away from that. I don't care if you don't wanna go full on far left policy wise like Aoc/Carter or not, but they're doing a much better job breaking their image away from the "coastal elite" image the Dems seem to have with some voters. Looking at you corporatists. ***Just want to be clear that this class and a lot of existing Dems don't have a problem with this either. AOC and Carter are just the ones getting hitched at.***
  11. He really is turning into Mike Smith
  12. We still woulda lost with a late FG, or if we missed the cowboys woulda just run out the clock. Several teams have tried it this year. To my knowledge, only one team has won. It's unnecessarily aggressive. I enjoy that the panthers "tough guyed" their way into a loss though
  13. @AF89 those Quinn tackling commercials sure did disappear with a quickness.