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  1. Just like Trump. I'm seeing a pattern.
  2. Yo @lostone, I'm in Asheville. Let's hit up some craft breweries and I'll introduce you to some hipsters.
  3. ***** about to go down.
  4. It's not political anymore. It's 100% a culture/belief/religion. You don't use logic to sway people whose beliefs are not rooted in logic... Theyre rooted in passion. Write. Them. Off.
  5. I'd love for this to happen. This might be where the right could actually be blessed by having Trump. As long as he is in office, there will be a scandal that will take all the media attention away from any substantial policy that progressives might advocate for. 7 months in and still no dead spots. And I mean, If that doesn't work, this is still America and a politician will just say "Socialism" and then it's dead. So back to our original discussion...**** trying to convert Trump supporters. I'd rather lose fighting for our principles, then lose giving it all up to be a middle of the road party that stands for nothing.
  6. I've had far too many rants this evening. So I'll leave yall with a gift. Hillary Duff keeps getting better with age.
  7. The way we're set up now, the parties HAVE to give up their values in some form of fashion to appeal to the other side and steal some votes. I'd love to see a world where we have multiple parties so maybe they CAN reach out to other bases if they want to to get votes, but they don't HAVE to like we do now. Right now it just lends itself to a completely watered down representation that has to serve all of us some, so they are forced to serve none of us fully. Which is ironic, cause this is essentially Trump. He's a representative that was able to campaign so incredibly specifically and completely and totally serves his supporters exactly how they want to be served. But it's a mfing disaster because for 65% of the country it's exactly what they DONT want. So meh. Maybe it's not a good idea lol. Maybe we need more delegates. Less of a singular focus on the presidency as what matters. Who knows. We're so completely broken.
  8. And I agree with this. But that's more the responsibility of the media. They're the ones controlling the narrative. I'm gonna keep apologizing, because I'm gonna just keep saying this lol. But everything you've mentioned is out there for everyone to see. But on the flip side of what you're talking about is a bunch of conservatives that will excuse and ignore all of it because the liberals anger triggers them. Where's the culpability for the right? Where is their responsibility to hold up THEIR president and say "hold up. Let the left have their hissy fit but x, y, and z are not okay with me". If the things you mentioned are truly of importance to the right, then they should feel outraged and speak up on their own instead of just whining about the left. But they don't. It's a two way street. It goes back to what I said. The right can do terrible thing 1,2,3 but if conservatives get wind of the left doing thing number 28 wrong, they will ignore everything the right has done bad before it. It's obnoxious and BS that left gets all the hate when the right is fully capable of holding their own **** party accountable for their ****,but they never do. The left has to appease its base, reach out to the other side, AND be the sole defense against Trump. The right gets away with acting like a holes and morons and it's just fine to most of America.
  9. Racist democrats that lost.
  10. You can thank some guy on Twitter that Jake tapper retweeted. I should be asleep lol. The left is my side. They fight for my beliefs and those beliefs of people like me. If people on the other side don't like it? Tough ****. I haven't seen one media person criticizing Trump for only being a President to 25% of the population. But wooooo buddy. That left umbrella better be broad enough and Vanilla enough to appeal to EVERYONE.
  11. In reality I agree with you. That's not my point though. Who am I to say what issue people should or shouldn't be upset about? If all were doing for 4 years is saying "hush hush. Your outrage right now isn't enough. Keep silent until we can REALLY hammer trump" what's even the point of doing it ever? I'm not going to ask liberals to shut down their voice to appease some conservatives. That notion is crap to me. It's just so ******* political. Life isn't politics. I don't want people to sit around thinking "can I say this? Will this be what triggers the conservatives into 4 more years of Trump?". And I'm sorry but I'm gonna continue to make this same point. If people are TRULY upset enough about statues that that is the sole reason they're gonna reunite with Trump.... Well.... Theyre not voting for a Democrat ever anyway.
  12. Ima bout to get lostone levels of triggered here in a minute. Not at a poster. Just this idea. If people could stop turning the party that is supposed to fight for my desires into a party that bows to the desires of conservatives.... Thatd be great. Too many people are arguing that my voice needs to be silenced and replaced by a more conservative one. F that noise.
  13. OH it's all over Twitter lol. It really goes like this "How come the population of" participation trophies ruined America" feel so strongly about supporting those that lost a war?
  14. Then so be it. This whole "the left needs to bow to the whims of conservatives" stuff has got to stop. You could well be right that people didn't care until 6 days ago. But how would we know for sure? And does it matter? They have a legitamite point. I don't want to live in a country where people just give up on things they're passionate about because it bothers the other side. The left has a FAR better chance of winning by making it so those of us who are actually ON the left feel like we have a voice that matters. Not by bowing to Trump supporters and saying "pleaseee were at your mercy!"