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  1. There ain't a **** thing wrong with the side of NBA Twitter
  2. "Is NBA Twitter a dumber place than Qanon?" My column:
  3. Excuse me refs. That CB touched Tyreek. Pick up the flag.
  4. You know its bad when the halftime show launches straight into "what the **** are these flags"
  5. Defense, run game, and refs giving him another lead. "OMG daddy Brady!! 🥰"
  6. Hawks never doing **** as long as Schlenk refuses to have a legitimate backup PG.
  7. ANOTHER lazy pass from Collins. God I'm about done with that ****.
  8. God cam reddish is an unmitigated disaster with the ball in his hands 🤢
  9. Phew. John Collins has spent a decent amount of time this year with his head up his ***. Lazy screens, lazy passes, stupid shots.
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