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  1. I know this topic has been talked about on here before, but I'm too lazy to go find it plus I figured things might have changed in a year..... What's a good starter smoker? I'm thinking electric unless that's bad? I'm not *super* concerned about price point. I dont want to go spending a fortune on my first one, but I dont know if I want a bottom barrel that I'll just have to replace in a year or two.
  2. Well I'll be ****ed. This is the first Collins Hill dawg since.....Brandon Coutu lol
  3. Who tf killed our Hawks board. I demand answers.
  4. So The "Mrs Richt"?
  5. **** trying to get all his friends fired. That's harsh lol
  6. It really doesn't matter, but I do wonder why Bobo went to USC if we "had" an opening
  7. Wasn't Pittman the assistant HC? Or am I completely misremembering all of that? If I'm not, wouldn't that position be open for Coley to take?
  8. I'm still gonna be hella salty if they change the offense up to fit Newmans strengths lol We had JUSTIN FIELDS and yall let him go for a year of poopy QB play from Fromm, all because "Fields didnt fit". The sadness!
  9. Guessing college emails isnt hard lol.
  10. I think he can have a Blake Sims/Jake Coker like impact. I'm not expecting him to light it up. Just make the plays that are there on a more consistent basis than Fromm last year.
  11. It only takes one of course.
  12. Gonna laugh my *** off when they try to make some appeal to the SEC over this.
  13. Oh I'm not a good person to ask this question lol. I'm well on the record of thinking Fromm was incredibly average at best last year. I often said a Hutson Mason type would have gotten us just as far, if not further, last year. So yeah. To me, you could pick most any transfer and itd be hard to see much drop off.