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  1. I have no reason to doubt or **** on Trae, but yeah, I'm taking Dame. The playmaking ability makes it closer than it should be, but Dame is a bona-fide superstar. Plus everything about the way the league works makes Dame all the more valuable. To put it another way, yeah Luka is a superstar in the making but if you ask me if I'm taking Luka or old *** Lebron, I'm still taking Lebron lol. But on a strictly personal side, everyone can **** off with trying to take our "methed out rat" haired son.
  2. Hey that's the guy that was roasting Bol Bol! Lol
  3. Well well well lol
  4. ofc Memphis gets both JJJ and Clarke. The universe hates me.
  5. NBA can't fine you for emojis lol
  6. ****. Hunter didn't get a shout out..... Drama
  7. This has nothing to do with Rui lol
  8. Hawks aren't getting Bol Bol. My night is made.
  9. So the Sun's.... Gave away TJ Warren and pick 32 for nothing. Dropped 5 spots for.... Dario Saric. Took Cam Johnson 15 spots early. My God.