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  1. "BREAKING: Donald Trump has just given Sessions his sock"
  2. First thing I thought when I saw the tweets. NPR had a thing about a month or two ago about just how epically rich putin might be.
  3. Also. Bezos is belson. Look at him.
  4. **** you blood boy
  5. Option 1: DOD-Trump we want you to ban transgenders. Okay got it. DOD-Were not gonna ban them unless you tell us again, what we told you in the first place. Option 2: I'm banning Trans DOD-uh what? This is the first we've heard of this and won't be complying until you tell us directly.
  6. Sorry. I meant to quote both he and mdrakes tweets lol
  7. "You're fired" would be better
  8. If he makes his campaign slogan "Trumped" I will hack every voting machine on the planet
  9. ****. I forgot about that. You failed us kasich. For that we shall never forgive.
  10. @capologist not trying to to make a "HA ha!" Post. Just thought you might wanna see this.
  11. These people.
  12. I don't "have" politicians. That's unhealthy.
  13. Comey treatment in 3...2...1....
  14. Just like he "loves" God.
  15. Ehhhhh. I can't speak for San Francisco, but if Atlanta put out a "black man murders family on marta" video, no one in the city would ever touch that thing again(they barely do already) And what really is the benefit of releasing it? I think that would have very real consequences that would be worse than being "PC". **** our traffic is already at a breaking point due to having no public transit. If this is strictly about protecting "minorities" then it's a bad look. If there's a greater point in not releasing it, I'm alright with it. Anecdotal but I've ridden Bart and it was wonderful.