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  1. Jared Lorenzen died so this baby could live. RIP
  2. This is all trumps fault. If hill could just get his **** Visa we wouldnt have to cut him.
  3. 49ers just couldnt take a WR first. ********.
  4. Tf we cut Trufant for? In their make or break season. With a project corner who wont have an off season. Makes....sense?
  5. Man I'd rather have Lamb. Just what this team needed. Another Robert Alford
  6. I really envy all you non essential folks who can just shut themselves inside for 2 more months. All these dumb infected ******* gonna be all over trying to get their hair did
  7. The only solace I have is that Okudah,Young,Simmons,etc will/should be foundation pieces for the next regime. But for the current one? Dumping a solid CB so you can sign a beat up RB, just to waste an immeasurable amount of assets to replace said CB is.....yeesh.
  8. This front office is not good enough at finding bargain bin vet depth to be as constantly aggressive as they are and it will ultimately be there downfall. Outside of CBs, whose been the last good cheapish vet? Clayborn? Past that?
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