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  1. Lmfao that his guest is just chilling in the kitchen a basement apartment somewhere.
  2. That's an interesting tidbit
  3. Graham back in fake watchdog mode
  4. You joke. But did you know there's some college in Canada with like 56 genders? If you don't think that's the worst thing possible for America idk what to tell you.
  5. I feel like 929 interviews the entire United roster and front office every day.
  6. Thank you cnn for trying to hide this at 2am. Duck you for bringing it up at a normal time.
  7. I never would have thought sports radio would be a political litmus test but conservatives listen the F outta some 680.
  8. This board has the demographics of a Dennys on a Saturday at 1130.
  9. They drafted a guard last year Garnett? From Stanford I believe
  10. Hey man. He likes urban development and his wife is more than happy to help him spend that HUD budget apparently
  11. Ive worked on farms quite a bit, but poet laureate sounds like a job where you don't have to do ****. Don't think we don't know what "herb garden" stands for. *Now whose the uppity elite who doesn't understand rural blue collar workers? Still me? Okay.*
  12. I still think lo needs to be HUD sec
  13. Son of a *****. I never would have agreed to have a stepbrother if I knew I'd have to share everything.
  14. Kennesaw is closer to me than it is to you
  15. Praise be. Buckhead is such a waste of an in town neighborhood.