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  1. I've said 3 things in about 10 pages....
  2. Quit with the victim BS. For once.
  3. Yall need to stop. Let those dumb ****s eat detergent and kill themselves off. Do you really want these thousands of idiots reproducing and clogging up the lines at your local Walmart?
  4. Ever heard of the Clinton's Foundation? I know you have.
  5. You wanna get personal about people's jobs now Marla? You sure about that?
  6. Lmao The next point you make will be your first
  7. How many times is Marla gonna post that she doesn't post anymore?
  8. Which is what's very concerning to me about people like cotton. If even the lap dogs can grow half of a spine..... What's stopping yall?
  9. You're right. It's crazy to realize a centrist is better than giving power to a deranged and racist narcissist who leads a party that would love nothing more than to strip away every "progressive" policy this country has on the books. The mindset of never compromising and is totally getting progressives like myself exactly what they want. Like I said, I'm perfectly fine railing on Clinton as much as anyone wants, but is that where its going to end? Or are we going to do this every election until the absolute perfect candidate is created?
  10. Oh definitely. On flake(and his coworkers) I fall in the middle. Kinda what mdrake already said. I'd even lean more to the side of PG. I've been very critical in here of the garbage GOP and their empty rhetoric. **** stick Graham is number one on my list. But even then, they're better than people like Perdue who flat out run cover for every God awful thing Trump does. I only fear how much the "sniping" filters over to people on our own side.
  11. The funniest thing about flake to me is how much it shows the potential the Trump Administration COULD have. Republicans want what Trump "wants". They vote for his policies without question. But dumb dumb keeps killing any momentum the GOP could create by being a giant blubbering idiot. We should be glad in a sense that his ego is keeping us from even more super conservative garbage.
  12. My only point is that (some) progressives need to realize that incriminatal progress isn't the worst thing in the world. I'm not even talking about anyone in ABF specifically. Moreso that group online I mentioned earlier. I liken them to the person that wants a big high paying job, but will only accept that 6 figure job and scoffs at having to work meh jobs on their way up the ladder. I just want Bernie bros to realize you don't go broke making a profit. Getting "somewhat" progressive policies is much better than bickering ourselves into far right policies. I don't want to see progressivisn neutered because some won't accept that half way progressive policies get us closer to our goal than uber conservative ones.
  13. You know Trouts issue isn't with PG specifically. Just look around the internet. The progressive left/Bernie bros has turned into a group of "angry" young people that attack and snark their way through everything. I fully agree with them on policy issues, but I feel everything else they do is hurting the overall "democratic" brand far more than it helps. I certainly don't blame them for Trump, because Hillary honestly was terrible and deserving of the **** she got, but if they keep that model going in the future, it's going to hurt the overall party and policy goals. The model of "If this candidate isn't perfect were going to attack them to the point that the republicans get a cakewalk to the seat" is a big issue.
  14. To step in for one moment.... I'd argue this is even more of a problem than what Trout and PG are bickering about. Progressives and Bernie bros need to learn that compromise IS required. Everything they do is "my way or go away". And not to attack you, but what you said is another face of this problem. It's the typical millenial "don't criticize me. We're right, you're wrong" mindset. Why is discussing the two parts to the "lefts" position here counter productive?