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  1. Dare I say.....deplorable?
  2. Just got back from seeing the dome one last time
  3. ****. Listening to the SNF game on the radio and even the gold commercials are ****ting on Trump
  4. That's racist
  5. OH hey. The first POS GOP candidate this year is back
  6. Dumb. Just ******* dumb.
  7. Man. I didn't have a smart phone until I was 21. If I fit in, yall do too. AOL instant messenger though>>>
  8. Maybe... Just maybe... This country should stop trying to sell hatred.
  9. I hate the people in this country.
  10. Man. Jake tapper seems to spend all his time ****ting on Clinton or any tweeter that calls him out these days. Very disappointing. I cant wait for the day that everyone in the political spheres first response isn't to go "CLINTONS!"
  11. ..... Hmm...... So he DOES know when he looks ridiculous and how to fix it....
  12. Voters were stupid for thinking anything else was going to happen.
  13. That he's dumb as ****?
  14. I'm fine with this.