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  1. Well that's enough internet for one day
  2. We're going to get a cee lo green cameo
  3. I will fight all of you to the death. Cole slaw. Chicken salad. Turkey sandwich. Special sauce. Start harassing the dude who mixes it with BBQ sauce like some kind of maniac.
  4. It's special sauce you *****.
  5. I just noticed that bottle says saucy sauce. I will not have my intelligence insulted in such a manner.
  6. WOR:Getting harassed since 2014
  7. God dammit Carter you know I'm sensitive. Uhhhh if it passes the filter do I still get in trouble????
  8. You're all wrong and I hate you.
  9. Fancy sauce is good stuff. **** the haters. Although that stuff is way too light. Far too much Mayo
  10. "Whats more responsible? Keep them here where we can watch them and give their lives structure? Or send them out onto the streets?" -Nicholas Edward Saban III
  11. Lmao chaffetz. But yeah. Alleged rape victims are REALLY the grifters we should worry about.