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  1. I feel for you and can't believe they didn't have a better offensive gameplan and dropped the game so bad in the 3rd quarter, Just a field Goal in the Third and we could have kicked at the end and won!
  2. I work at an "attraction" restaurant downtown. The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau hangs banners for sports and business conventions but never, ever supported any Atlanta Pro Team with a banner even last year when the Falcons were NFC Champs and in the Big Game with International viewership! My Grade for the Overall Season is a B so they will improve. The Eagles were supposedly the Number 1 Seed so they should win right? Love You Falcons and always will. Next Year, Number One. All the Way and in our Nest Y'all!
  3. Whoa! Excuse me! They "wouldn't" beat the Pat's? Like they don't want to? Are you saying they couldn't beat the Patriots? They can beat the Patriots and they will! And believe it or not they are studying Falcons film cause they are not stupid!
  4. Except for the opening drive, our offense looked subpar and every yard was like pulling teeth. Defensively the usual stick to the four man rush and if that doesn't work we'll rush three! Every game is important. Now we don't control our own destiny thanks to stupid losses and a good Tampa Bay team.
  5. Blaming MR is loser talk, Matt is awesome. Special teams suck. But no matter, calling two two point conversions when you fail to get in the end zone on two visits to the Red Zone and can't get past the thirty was the difference in this game and DQ should own up to it. Don't Do it again! 27-23 (27-22); 27-30 (29-28)
  6. I love Julio but let sleeping dogs lie and you don't have to touch everything that's thrown to you unless you are sure you can catch it. So if he hadn't actually touched the ball would it have been intercepted? But the fact is the zebras cost us the game by not flagging the Seahawks defense on an obvious and flagrant pass interference of Julio on 4th and 10! Giving the Falcons a fresh set of downs and throwing the momentum back in our favor. I thought that's what replay is all about anyway!
  7. All season they have played with intensity and fortitude that they are truly the best. #1 Offense in the NFL. Today felt like a Super Bowl. #1 Offense against #1 Defense. and it was ugly, and pretty, and sad, and joyful and in the end, it was awesome! I Hate losing but Hats off to the Seahawks and to our Courageous Falcons! Rise Up Atlanta!
  8. no doubt. Opponents D know what we're up to and shut it down. Today SF rushed 5 even 6! Gave Matt 1 second, we rushed 3 or 4. almost no pressure. Over two minutes in the game, we are in the Red Zone and not a single run play. On 4th and goal from the two, what no trick play? No Wishbone formation? Let Matt blast it downtown straight up the middle behind a human battering ram? Well
  9. Your right because the play calling totally changed to a one dimensional, abandon the run, pass, pass, pass, Mike Smith offensive scheme that allowed TB to tee off on Matt and hurry him on every play.
  10. We need a great running back not this mediocre stuff. One dimensional offense is easy to defend. Here is a sample of a real running back who happens to be our current running back coach:
  11. What happened? This was an entire melt down. They were looking at next week ant not getting it done. Carolina outplayed,outstrategized, outlasted, and outwitted the Falcon's and obviously want it more than us. Hey. Smitty is probably out anyway so why not make everyone look bad? Ryan is the man but not today. Anyway, have a great draft! Thanks for this season and Mike Smith. Thanks for the great years
  12. Does anyone know what happened on our last possession? There was no intensity or sense of urgency and purpose!
  13. Our O works best from the no huddle but no excuse for that weird play calling. Still need a great RB. Just watched the highlights The TO was stupid and the pass to Hester was underthrown. But the Browns final drive was pure bad defense. Hoyer never hit the carpet.
  14. I Luv Matt but it takes a toll on your psyche when you and your buds bust your butts only to have the D just ive the ame away and now you have to do it all over again Today Ryan suffered some busted rib action only to have the D and coaches give the game away again Why should he possibly have a career ending injury for this losing franchise?
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