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  1. Yes there are rumors that bmac might get fired. Another Muschamp OC bites the dust.
  2. Paul Johnson? I mean if Georgia Tech dumps him.
  3. I dont follow it as close as you but I hear Kansas has been a real mess the last few years. So bad that after Weiss left they only had like 50 something scholarship players.
  4. And fired after one bad year.
  5. I am not being a **** you are wrong if you think so. Just an opinion that I thought it was a mistake but apparently most other posters disagree with me. (that what message boards are for right) I in general think that most schools have gotten crazy with this firing coaches thing. It would be nice to see a program stick with a guy for once. Like VT. Sorry you have gotten soft on Tennessee but most people hate them and their ignorant fans. If my opinion offends you then I'm sorry.
  6. The truth is a hard pill to swallow.
  7. Tennessee is also a very dirty team under Jones. They ended Lattimores football career with a dirty hit. One of the dirtiest teams ive seen in the last 5 years.
  8. Looks like Georgia has made the same mistake. So Tennessee was too good for Fulmer and too good for Cutcliffe but Dooley and Butch jones are a fit? Hey I hate Tennessee and think it is great that the gamecocks kicked your ***. I was there to see all your fans go Boo Hoo. They finally have all left after destroying our city for the past 3 days. Sorry yall are butthurt but firing Fulmer was a dumb move.
  9. No just calling it how I see it.
  10. Should have never fired Phil Fulmer you idiots.
  11. Thanks for the TV map.  Very helpful info.