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  1. This is so true. I live in SC and all the teams here are trying to penetrate atlanta for basketball talent. Its a hard thing to do lots of AAU stuff going on but all the schools, SC, Clemson, Winthrop, College of Charleston try to get players out of atlanta. Mark Fox cant do it either. If there is a change at georgia as far as coaches go the next coach needs to be able to at least get these guys to consider georgia, Good post you are exactly right.
  2. i always thought Clemson was Moo U. Agriculture school but NC State is as well. Good school though.
  3. Go gamecocks would love to see SC in the final 4.
  4. Indiana fired Tom Crean. Bout time!!
  5. Indiana looks terrible. Its time for Tom Crean to go. Gregg Marshall could do so much with that talent.
  6. And South Carolina is trending downward. Doing their typical February skid. If they lose to Florida tonight I say they need to win out to make the NCAA.
  7. They still disrupt business with strikes and make promises they cant keep to their employees. When Mack Truck came to SC the union came with them from PA. They closed and went back to PA within 10 years because the competitive advantage was gone.
  8. I have a ROKU love it. My daughter can watch unlimited Elmo on the PBS app. Plus the ESPN app keeps a running Queue of games and shows so if I miss a game its in the queue to watch later. Same thing with the OJ simpson series.
  9. Since 2000 I thought the Avaitor was really good. Flyboys was good. I have not gotten into the superhero stuff lately but dark knight was a good movie. Shawshank Redemption and Se7en probably 2 of the best ever.
  10. Haley is not gov anymore champ
  11. Now all you union goons can go back to Washington State. Nice try but we will continue to make planes in Charleston cheaper then they make them in Everett Washington. Boeing will continue to expand operations in SC.
  12. Yea I had to do the same thing. I did the online version of turbo tax.
  13. Concentrate on hitting the inside corner of the ball on your downswing and keep the club outside of your hands during the backswing. Without seeing you swing thats about all I can tell you.
  14. If you are ever in the myrtle beach SC area give steve dresser golf school a try. Get a lesson with Steve or Mike schroeder both very good teachers and nice guys. An hour lesson will do you wonders if you practice and put in the time doing things the right way I can now shoot consistantly in the 70's but it takes lots of practice and accepting the fact you have been swinging incorrectly your whole life and trying to make drastic changes will take time and you will get worse before getting better. I buy a dozen lessons at a time and they video them and email them to you. Golf is a hard game but when your swing is off plain you have got no shot.
  15. SC and Alabama in a 4th overtime.