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  1. H3ll the Redskins beat them in Seattle before Seattle had the whole team injured.
  2. I don't think it can be described as annual if he's only done it in one season out of three.
  3. The Rams have actually have the ability to beat the Seahawks in Seattle. They did it before even when they sucked and Seattle just lost a DPOY candidate. Their defense is playing on crutches. They definitely can beat them regardless of what Wilson has done. He doesn't usually have much success against them anyway.
  4. Matt Ryan needs to play above average football again, and Julio needs to find his hands. Also, Pooper needs to be glued to the bench.
  5. How do you go about boycotting the HOF?
  6. If Rodgers returns 1. PHI (13-3) 2. MIN (12-4) 3. LAR (12-4) vs 6. GB (10-6) 4. NO (12-4) vs 5. ATL (10-6) If Rodger's doesn't 1. PHI (13-3) 2. MIN (13-3) 3. LAR (12-4) vs 6. ATL (10-6) 4. NO (12-4) vs 5. CAR (11-5)
  7. It still looks pretty terrible. We were at home coming off a BYE, and blew a 3 possession lead in the 2nd half to the 32nd ranked offense at the time. That loss will always be terrible.
  8. We probably have the most wins over our division rivals than the other 3 teams.
  9. That was more a great catch than remarkable throw.
  10. And every time the Eagles failed in that exact situation (see: last week against Seattle) Pederson was bashed by the fans. Same as last year. Those are decisions that people hate no matter what if it doesn't work. I bet if that trick play on 3rd down against the Bucs didn't work everyone would have had pitchforks ready for Sark.
  11. To solely blame it on Sark is what's hilarious though. He called a pretty clean game and the offense moved the ball almost all day. Not his fault Ryan threw some awful balls, Quinn had some terrible management decisions, and Hooper still thinks he's a volleyball player. We should've scored 30 on the sAints without the miscues that shouldn't be happening with a team this talent. Same with the Panthers game some weeks ago. Player execution is the biggest reason we didn't score over 30 and leave Charlotte with a W.
  12. I guarantee Ryan will never surpass that 2016 season. But it remains to be seen if he can ever get back to that form. His performance last season would've been the "peak" for about 80% of QBs in the league.
  13. We had to go to Seattle after they had a week and a half of rest, and we had a late game on the previous Sunday. That was a cross country trip. If the Falcons lose to the Aints next Sunday, it won't be because of a short week. That's not even a great travel distance(from ATL-->NOLA).
  14. Finding a way to convince themselves that Julio was yelling at Sark on Thursday. All jokes aside, great write up by the OP. There's a good bit of us who argue that player execution is the issue, but this just clarifies everything. Matt and the receivers need to elevate their games. A MVP QB missing open receivers and refusing to progress through reads is unnaceptable. 7 drops by one of the best WRs in the league is unacceptable. Execution is what's keeping us from making a run.