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  1. It's the Patriots. Of course you can believe it.
  2. Good post. DiMarco was missed more than anyone imo. Coleman has a great story but he SUCKS as a FB. He's good on special teams, but his vision and ability to open lanes for runners is atrocious. Wes was below average. Levitre wasn't bad, but his injury hurt the team. Matthews continued to underachieve.
  3. That's cool but they still have a lot of improvement to make. They were terrible on 3rd and longs this year. The last 3 games played were good overall, but 3rd is what kept this defense from being truly elite. The 3rd and 20 they gave up against Carolina. The constant 3rd and 15s that Goff was converting against LA. Nick Foles finding wide open receivers for RAC on 3rd and longs. I know we aren't a blitzing team, but we need to find a way to get more pressure. Takk can't do it alone. Hopefully Vic will improve next season. I know he had to play LB at times but honestly when he did rush the pas
  4. I have a feeling that the people okay with this are gonna be the same people complaining the most when we would have to let our young defensive stars walk in free agency. There is a negative 0% chance Landry is coming here. Ya'll must want us to be in constant cap **** like the Aints.
  5. The half hour halftime was a factor no doubt.
  6. You're gonna post a quote with no background or source???
  7. That's cool but anyone who watched the Falcons for all 18 games knows Matt Ryan was far from the 2nd best performer at his position this year.
  8. Julio would average 10+ TDs a year if he played in NE.
  9. Sark had Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Devonta Freeman, and Tevin Coleman. Any OC would put up yardage with that group. His redzone playcalling was just atrocious. In no circumstances should a HoF receiver in his prime should end with with such a low number red zone percentage and 3 total TDs. That's horrendous.
  10. Marshon Lattimore is going to win DPOY for being able to get away with tackling receivers early and they have the nerve to complain. That fanbase and team is so easy to despise.
  11. 2016 was an outlier. Usually under Matt Ryan we have had an offense that has seemed to underachieve and especially struggle in the redzone. 2017 was more of the norm. Unless the Falcons can miraculously recruit Kubiak or Arians to Atlanta, nothing will change. We'll be top 10 in yards, and that's the only thing that you can hang your hat on.
  12. Only thing the Rams did better is sack the QB. The Eagles actually had one less sack than the Falcons, but they are top 10 in pressures so they can effect the QB. Their run D is number 1 while the Rams had one of the worst run defenses. Philly has given up passing yards, but they haven't allowed a lot of touchdowns and had a ton of picks and takeaways in general. They are top 5 for a reason. They are def better than LA defensively.
  13. Their defense is much better than LA, and we struggled a lot in that 1st half. Matt historically struggles against Philly and the Falcons overall rarely win there. I just have a feeling the Falcons are going to take the L despite everything. Hopefully I'm wrong.
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