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  1. Here's the link. Its at the bottom. http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2014/05/18/3109171/dezmen-southward-eager-to-prove.html
  2. That's what coach Lewis told Southward. Sounds like DeCoud blew a lot of assignments and also they feel good about his numbers/speed b/c he didn't mention range or cover ability.
  3. That's what Peter King wrote. What do yall think about that?
  4. CB is prolly the hardest position to come in playing and u wanna bench a guy after his 1st year in the league b/c of 4 games u singled out? Smh. Who on the roster is better? U really would be downgrading.
  5. Just keeping it 100 FFS1970 who is better on the roster right now than Alford? C'mon man. Tru and Alford were drafted btb to be our "corner stones" of the future.
  6. We were gonna take him at 27 if we didn't get Tru. I don't think he will get beat out by anybody else we have on the roster. He was up and down but he was a rookie with no pass rush and from a smaller school. But he should only get better.
  7. Can somebody recap what they say about Southward?
  8. Falcons said that wasn't true about movingup for Ward. I heard it was for Ford tho. It says that about Wardin the link above.
  9. http://www.myajc.com/news/sports/football/southward-ready-to-compete-for-playing-time/nfyNn/?icmp=ajc_internallink_invitationbox_apr2013_ajcstub1#68a09893.15806.735369
  10. D-Led said he was considered second best safety on team behind Bucannon. He said Falcons showed no interest in him b4 the draft but called him 15 min b4 the pick. So they must've seen something in him.
  11. I have always been a fan and I think he is our new NB. He will beat out McClain and Arenas for the NB spot.
  12. I really wanted Brooks bad after the run on the safeties, but with the big receivers and TE's in the division we need a sure tackler and from reports that's what Southward is. Hopefully with his speed he has some range as well.
  13. I was gonna start a thread on him this morning. He can be taken in the 3rd now with the run on safties last night. Would luv Brooks but he should go 2nd rd now so my next choice is Vereen. Or maybe even Dontae Johnson.
  14. I really can go with Matthews or Lewan. I think it will be an OT tho.
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