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  1. Also, I was pretty proud of our fanbase for embracing Vick during the halftime presentation. I was a little worried about boos when he came out, but there were none that I could hear, in my section at least. And I have to admit, seeing Roddy back was pretty emotional. The Dome definitely erupted for him and MV7.
  2. That's probably one of the Dome's biggest problems. ESPECIALLY this season. Of the five games I was able to attend this year, I made it to my seat before kickoff for only two of them, all because of the lines at the gates. And the only reason I made it in on time yesterday was because I was able to use the handicap line, thanks to being on crutches. The game was pretty loud yesterday. The fans usually only get exceptionally loud on defense when the game is close or we're facing critical situations, but from the very first Saints drive we were bringing the bass. These playoffs should be very interesting. 2012's Divisional game vs. SEA is easily, hands-down, the absolute LOUDEST I've ever experienced the Dome. Even louder than the NFCCG to follow. Hoping 1) we get SEA again this year, and 2) that we can be 10x louder.
  3. Sunday may honestly have been the loudest I've heard the Dome (outside of Saints games) in a good while. Even louder than Week 1, which is a little surprising. I'm expecting this Sunday to be a better gauge, because despite how bad the Skins are, their fans do travel well and they can be pretty rowdy. Hopefully our fanbase will outmatch theirs.
  4. Unrelated: I've never been in the upper deck in the Dome, just lower and club. I'd like to experience that before 2017.
  5. We're not carrying 7 corners. And we're definitely carrying 4 RBs..... the question is who will be #4. I haven't been overly impressed with Ward (despite his undying praise) or Ford, and Jerome Smith has been coasting. WR6 is gonna be a hard call too, b/c there are a ton of viable options there. Weems is Weems, and I really like Williams, but I also like Clark and Reedy. And Mitchell hasn't been terrible either. Only area really concerning me is LB. The coverage got really bad, really fast once second and third team took over.
  6. There were a LOT more people than usual for the first preseason game toward the end of 1Q. Once they pulled the starters and it was clear that Yates was stinking up the joint, that's when the trickle-out started.
  7. Despite how unlikely that is, that'd be a pretty easy win if you ask me.
  8. Yeah, pretty sure PK is as good as gone. He's had several opps and has squandered every one.
  9. It's professional football, not ultimate frisbee. Hardly seen or heard anything that should be overly concerning today.
  10. Correction: Visitors tunnel is between 134 and 135. Just had my sales meeting on Saturday, locked down two seats in 134 (5th row of the section). I'm currently 4th row and 7th row of a tunnel section now (102, split seats, one on each side of the tunnel), but they did a great job finding me a comparable pair of seats that are actually together. My rep did a great job of selling me on the section, so I'm 100% pleased with the seat selection and the overall experience. The payment options are a lot less daunting than I originally thought they would be.
  11. Taking all opinions on a line that has yet to solidify and that no one has seen in full-contact action yet with a grain of salt. But thanks for posting.
  12. No sympathy for any fans complaining about the heat at Flowery Branch: 1) That heat is the exact same beast every year. For anyone experiencing it for the first time, consider this your rite of passage. We've all had to learn that lesson the hard way our first time going out to camp. 2) It's 2015, and weather forecasts are readily available. Big part of the reason I decided to pass on minicamp yesterday and today, I'm not ready to face that heat quite just yet. Still on the fence about whether I'll go tomorrow, since it's supposed to be more of a cloudy day. 95 in the city feels like 105 in Flowery Branch with a clear sky.... I drenched every article of clothing I wore last year and still enjoyed every second of it (just like every other year).
  13. Pretty much everyone named..... natural affinity towards fellow CBs, so I'm hoping the entire secondary comes into form. Also hoping Spruill can hit the ground running. At the very least, hoping he can be a solid contributor on ST. Best case, he really emerges as quality depth.
  14. This draft is way too deep with great RBs for anyone to take this post seriously.
  15. First thought is BPA. We have enough holes on this roster to where BPA would be beneficial both now and in the long run. I wouldn't be opposed to trading back either if the deal makes sense.
  16. Boykin is one of those guys you must make a play for. At a reasonable price, it's a no-brainer.
  17. I never want to see Andre Johnson's name followed by a question mark on this board ever again. Ever again. EVER.
  18. Preferred Austin. Very happy with the Quinn choice, he was my #2 from the get-go. Excited to see what he's able to do with this team. I guess we'll never know what Austin was capable of, so there isn't much lost in that respect.
  19. Quinn + Shanny = Seatbelt Fastened.

  20. Two. One is a red Game jersey and the other is a white Limited.
  21. I don't care who we get, but 1-2 solid pass rushers (one via FA, one via draft) will greatly enhance all three levels of this defense. Almost instantly. Whether we go for proven, high-priced guys or hungry guys who are ready & willing to breakout, anything is better than what we have now.
  22. Pretty sure it's unlikely, but I would hope that it has an interesting name. It's way too cutting edge for the typical, boring "[Fortune 100 company] Stadium" treatment. Delta SkyDome or Coca-Cola Crystaldome...... both cheesy but interesting. I like The Pantheon or The Oculus as unofficial nicknames.
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