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  1. Watching the reaction from some posters seems to reveal to me some of the fatal thought flaws of previous regimes. Just because your highest paid olineman is getting beat out by someone you didn't expect doesn't mean your oline is taking a step back. Also doesn't mean the guy getting beaten out has taken a step back or maybe it does but who cares. This is how you bring the best out in everyone and build your best team. So many times in the past it was like coaches were so afraid that their 'pick' for best man for a position getting beat out was a bad thing for the whole team that they convinced themselves they were seeing something that they truly were not. Let the best man win regardless of the outcome and then you will see a team reach their potential. If you don't and are afraid of being wrong and build a loser. I love what I am seeing from this new coaching staff..
  2. I doubt this works for the Falcons. My ex-wife issued similar warning and it didn't work out for her either...
  3. But he has to prove himself in practice first to get on the field, right? At least that is Nolan's philosophy.. Ok, I know I am off topic but still so ticked off about the Massaquoi situation..
  4. You have far more forgiveness than me. After witnessing the train wreck this year has been and this Mass thing has really been the Cherry on the top I want total regime change no matter what. I believe that is the same opinion of Blank with an exception in Blanks mind that a Super Bowl would buy Smith another year. In my mind a Super Bowl doesn't even do that although that's not something we will have to worry about...
  5. Well I guess there is really no way that Julio will be able to play in light of what we learned about the coaching staffs view on game reps right? I mean if Julio cannot get on the practice field to show that he is back up to speed and able to produce again then we cannot start him right? Isn't that the way this coaching staff handles things?
  6. All I know is if it had been Kroy he would not have missed a snap the last couple of weeks unless he was carrying his foot in his hands..
  7. We have no chance, Detroit will take a page out of Chicago's game plan against us. Sit on the short routes as they know that will be Dirk's plan, heck we all know that will be the plan, as Matt will not have the time. Hit our receivers as hard as possible if they can make the short pass and Hammer Matt into submission and defend the run on the way to Matt's lap.. Dirk has no imagination to create some trick plays to throw them off their game plan or any other creative plan. We will be out-manned and out-schemed. This will get ugly FAST...
  8. Unfortunately for this team Steve, it is almost undeniably so that Smith is the problem as you have stated early and often. Some of us hoped it wasn't so as we all wish for the best in the immediate but I think we all agree now that as well-intentioned as he may be our dear friend Mr. Smith is in way over his head. He wants to quantify and measure his way to a championship and that is not how you lead men. They must believe in your manhood and be inspired to fight for you because of who you are. As the famous line from a movie once said, 'he has been weighed, he has been measured and he has been found wanting'
  9. I really appreciate you guys who do these breakdowns. Some of my favorite posts to read. Just want to make sure you guys know how much some of us enjoy your hard work and analysis....
  10. Aren't you concerned about his durability with his running style? I don't follow college a lot but when I do it is to watch the dawgs but it seems like he is often getting some kinda of nagging injury. I would be very concerned how bad it gets once he moves up the Nfl level. Harder hitting and his body getting older... I don't know. He definitely looks like a sure thing talent-wise though.
  11. It's like the music for these videos was chosen by someone that has not seen what is on them..
  12. Roddy is the heart and soul of this locker room!! Cant be measured in stats or dollars..
  13. Wow, this 2nd year guy gave an interview like a 10 year vet. I am so excited about this team!!
  14. I don't know what is more disappointing, Grady Jackson going drag or he is now a Saints fan...
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