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  1. Well after reading your response you kinda already did
  2. The stupid one is your mother for having you. Now go and find something safe to do u idiot. Im not your freaking child. U dumb *********
  3. Brady is gonna abuse the **** outta Grimes. Lol.
  4. Im sorry but I only acknowledge current Falcons. I am a Falcons Fan first. So I ask you. Brent Grimes who????????? No disrespect to who ever that is but whoever he is I can't wait to see Julio torch the crap outta him this year.
  5. Roddy is better than Boldin. Julio is better than Crabtree. Tony is better than vernon even though vernon is more athletic. S-Jax can stick with Gore and give me Matt over Kaepernick anyday. The Niners offense maybe good but they still aren't touching ours.
  6. This is Freeney's first time being a FA on the open market so you all have to excuse his idiotic nature lol. He needs to know that he's over 30 and that no one is paying him big money to join a team when this draft is loaded with cheaper and younger defensive talent.
  7. The Niners have a better defense but in no way is there Offense better than ours.
  8. New England was a Hail Mary pass away from yet another super ring 2 years ago with the 31st ranked defense. People ALWAYS seem to forget that. U guys act like our defense was as bad as N.O's was last yr. If TD & Nolan can even make our defense at least average we could go all the way with the offense we have.
  9. They get paid like that because they play 162 games. Also baseball doesn't have a salary cap. If football were like that then we'd see contracts like 5 years for 400 million & 399 million guaranteed lol.
  10. If Lofa woulda stayed healthy last year would he of made our pass rush any better. And should we move on from Akeem Dent. Im not sure if Dent is the answer.
  11. Sir I joined this board so that I can voice my opinion about this team. No one forced YOU OR ANYONE ELSE TO OPEN THIS POST OR RESPOND TO IT. U have your way of doing and seeing things and I have mine. So stop acting like your doing me a favor.
  12. If u have proof of that then I'd love to see it. I guess u have Mike Mayock on speed dial right???????
  13. No sir. That isn't even remotely right. I looked at guys who I thought would fit our scheme and what were looking for and I listed them. But everyone is entitled to there own opinion I guess.
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