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  1. We will see if Trick Montalban/JJ heals miraculously with the Titans and his play time percentage is normal for a starting WR. That will tell me everything. I would be very upset if he was not giving us 100% but balls out for his new team (playing a lot of mins). I'm not the type of person to wish bad things happen to people for just playing a game.
  2. A second round pick and either Farley or Dez Fitzpatrick? What about that possibility people
  3. I thought we all agreed not to go KAREN in this thread 😣 besides the topic/thread will most likely die down because steve (nfl network) said that we might see a trade until Training Camp which isn't until July so I think we will start a brand new Julio Jones aka Trick Montalban trade thread just before that.
  4. The last 2 Drafts I literally said in my head that we need another starting receiver just in case Trick Montalban/JJ leaves the game for injury reasons or on 3rd downs etc... and someone dangerous will still be on the opposite side of Ridley. All these experts on tv are saying what all are options are and giving us rumors of what teams are offering, so Falcon Fans get ready for best case and worst case scenarios. Don't be surprised or get upset or make it personal for either case. DON'T come on here and go KAREN and shut a thread down. AB hired smart FO execs to get the best deal possible and not get robbed.
  5. Look people the reason we love and remember games like Duke vs Kentucky and all the March Madness buzzer beaters to win the Championship or to get in the Championship game. ALL the Championships in any sport that comes down to the last possession or the last mistake or the last great play, we get that etched in memory for the rest of our lives. We hardly remember the details of how and why the other team messed up and let the other team back in the game or that both teams went back and forth all game. We mostly remember the last few possessions of that great game and who made plays. So now matter how many points the Falcons were up they still had a great chance to win a memorable close Championship game just like other great close memorable semi-final or Championship games in sports history. That Juilo catch should have been our one shining moment. If we ran the ball 3 times (first down or not) we could have ran the clock down enough (even if we missed the FG) so that NE would not had enough time and timeouts left to go down the field on us to score a TD and 2 Point conversion. IMO
  6. nah i'm good just don't want them shut this thread down because people acting like KAREN's in here🀣
  7. PEOPLE! Don't get political, Don't get personal (toward other board members or players) Don't bring up race. You know simple stuff. Don't post out of anger, personal hatred etc...
  8. All Kyle had to do after THE CATCH is run the ball 3 times (on the 22ish yard line) and Ryan would be considered a HOF candidate today. Maybe not a first ballot but still a candidate. Ryan haters will tell you that he should have told them in the huddle that we running the ball we are not running this pass play. Yeah right! Only Petyon and maybe Brady, Marino, Elway could get away with that.
  9. Do we know if Trick Montalban/JJ knew that he was on air when he talk to Shannon? or did Shannon do him dirty? Do we know it the FO told him to keep it on the LOW until we find a trade partner? Do we know if he is upset with Shannon because of what happened on air? So if Trick/JJ thought it was a personal convo and he thought Shannon would keep it between just the 2 of them until the trade was finalized and then he got blindsided by Shannon putting him on air with no warning, then Shannon is wrong and needs to be called out.
  10. my bad just now seeing this. That is fair, but I just wonder what if he Trick Montalban/JJ played with Rodgers instead would he have more long distance (bombs) TD's? would he have more TD's period (redzone etc..). We will never know but what we do know is that Rodgers is a first ballot HOF. The eye test tells us that he can throw the ball a very long distance and make it look effortless, with zip (frozen rope) and accuracy. There are maybe 2 other QB's in the league that can do that. So would Trick Montalban/JJ have more TD's with ARod?
  11. Why did you HAHA my post?Β 

  12. I am so ready for any news about the trade I didn't notice that the truck (GIF) is not hitting anything. So I was fooled by my own eyes. MY BAD.
  13. You meant that THE Falcoholic is tweeting FAKE news??πŸ€”
  14. I guess I am bringing fantasy football to real life but don't you ask for the moon first then if you don't get it you still land with the stars (or something like that)😜
  15. Whoever we trade with do you think we should get back that teams #1 or #2 WR and a first or second round pick?
  16. I see it on twitter Falcoholic TRADE!!!
  17. I want a FIRST and Jakobi Meyers and pay Trick's/JJ salary
  18. Someone Talk to the Falcons ORG so we can have a Falcons Board Fantasy League. Thank You
  19. 🀣 GOT IT! nuff said nite nite πŸ›οΈπŸŒ›
  20. no you did not just post that for all us to see, RIGHT? 🀭
  21. Got it but how many TD's were missed over the years because Ryan doesn't have the same zip and accuracy on deep balls as Mahomes, Rodgers and Wilson? We got who we got so, all we can do it appreciate what he is very good and excellent in other areas. We don't want to get into marriage analogy. We don't want to go down that rabbit hole 😜
  22. no it should not have turned into that but his deep ball in not like Mahomes, Rodgers or Wilson. I think we all can pretty much agree on that? RIGHT
  23. No I'm a Ryan apologist but if you are a true fan you can find and talk about weakness in a player you route for...
  24. But do you agree Ryan's deep ball isn't all was good or gets there like it should?
  25. When will the Falcons Organization have a Falcons board only fantasy football league?
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