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  1. Atlanta is home to a lot of people with money. So you can't say "it's not a place you would live if you have money". A ton of celebrities live in Atlanta
  2. How is Atlanta not a world class city? It's the capital of the South. All the movies, tv shows and music you listen to is more than likely coming through Atlanta. And who the heck wants to live in Chicago??!
  3. I think we should trade matt Ryan and Julio to a better team with a competent gm and coaching staff if blank doesn't have enough sense to fire td and smitty. We are wasting His talents by not putting a competitive team around them
  4. Back in 2012 after the Falcons versus San Francisco game, I went outside on the porch to see what my uncle John was doing he had his head down crying.... Me: What's wrong John? Me: What's that in your hand? John: Its my will. Me: Why do you have that? John: I had to change something on it. Me: What did you change on it? John: I want to leave you everything I just got one request. Me: I really don't want to hear this John but what is it that you want? John: When I die I want you to get somebody from every Atlanta team to carry my casket. Me: Why is that??? John:...... So they can let me down one more time.
  5. The saints defense was 4th the bengals were 3rd not that much difference. The aints offense is light years better than the bengals though This
  6. The saints were a lot of people Super Bowl Pick. They have a top 4 defense and a top 2 offense with a future HoF QB in brees. The bengals are not better than the saints. I hate the saints as much as the next falcons fan but let's be serious. I wouldn't even consider the bengals in the same class as the aints.
  7. People sleep on the bengals because they have a 3rd or 4th tier QB in dalton. They aren't a better team then the team we just beat. Not even close to the saints level
  8. Perfect opportunity to take over that stadium and make this another home game. Rise Up!
  9. Not worry about the bengals or any afc team besides the broncos
  10. The bengals still got Andy dalton sorry ***?? Then the falcons defense will feast on Sunday! FGs won't help you win against the falcons dalton! Falcons 40 Bengals 15 ( 5 field goals)
  11. Why is he all of a sudden good at receiver? Talking to bears fans during the offseason and they would tell you he was one of the worst receivers ever lol . He had Ashlon and Brandon in Chicago to take pressure off him. Why does he look so much better here? Change of scenery? Better QB? What do you think?
  12. How is it close ??? We're number one ! They just barely made top 15......
  13. In what universe is the bengals offense better than the falcons ????? Dumbest comment they could've made!!!!!!
  14. We didn't blitz brees because well.... It's brees, he will eat any defense alive. I think our defense will do slightly better against the bengals. The bengals defense is better than the saints. So our offense will have its challenges but our offense is the best in the nfl (from what I've seen so far ). What do you think? Will the bengals offense keep up with ours? Dalton to green is a nice combo
  15. I keep hearing about how good their defense is but if the line blocks for Ryan I'm not worried about that defense. Ryan will shred them if he gets time. If not, will be a long day. Ryan is the engine to the offense , if he doesn't have time we aren't going to do much. Our OL looked good against the saints , if they keep that play up I am confident we will put up at least 30 points. Our offense is on another level this year. Now our defense should have a better outing against a less talented offenses then what they faced in the aints. But can't sleep on dalton and green combo. That offense isn't bad at all. But they can NOT keep up with out offense at all if Ryan gets time in the pocket
  16. Ryan has time and the falcons win . Simple as that. Don't care who we are playing
  17. Lol so you counting wins from when our QB , coach and Gm werent here? That's desperate.
  18. It's weird hearing people praise our oline now. Especially after they were called "one of the worst of all time" last year on nfl network
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