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  1. Remember that next time the awkward question comes up about why Atlanta isn't a sports town and why there are no butts in the seats.
  2. Wipe my ass with your faith. This franchise has work to do to earn my support. They aren't entitled to it just because I live here and happen to like football.
  3. But when this is supposed to be an escape from all the ****ty larger issues and disappointments we have to deal with and it just turns out to be more ****ty disappointments, what good is it?
  4. It's hard to tell we even played today based on nfl.com
  5. I think what he wants above all else is the kind of power Belichick and Quinn have.
  6. This is only his 2nd successful season as a coordinator and he thinks he's HC material now?
  7. Keep in mind the playoffs are a different world and they're being lead by Koetter and Smitty as well as a super young QB with no experience. Remember when they took us to the playoffs?
  8. The current unis are fine, I'd rather go back to the 90s uni or stick with what we have. Look at what the Bucs and Jags are stuck with now, and Seattle got lucky with their refresh. Odds are we would get a ridiculous looking CFB or color rush style costume.
  9. Watching Seattle try to run their defense while their best players were out was interesting. It's absolutely dependent on good cover safeties +LBs and consistent pressure across the entire DL.
  10. Meh. It's not like the secondary could do much worse even without him.
  11. Cards haven't made us or Ryan look bad since 2014.
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