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  1. Kirby better not do that dumb *** **** again ..quit being stupid
  2. Team looked new for about 3 minutes …season is going to go exactly how I expected..we get our *** kicked. Fake *** rebuild should’ve been a full rebuild from the start..this is a stupid franchise period
  3. Not yet at least ..but I agree
  4. If this season goes anything like this first game I just want to see the mental gymnastics the “Don’t draft Fields” crowd is goin to do 😂😂😂😂
  5. 😭😭😭😭😭 threw Ryan like a doll ..man this bout to be a long season
  6. Welp looks like we about to be arguing about draft picks again
  7. Take a TE @ 4 just to have him block ..man give that man the ****in ball
  8. One of the best games I watched …after the first qtr I knew it was gonna be hard
  9. Yup..this team hasn’t shown ****…fans have a right to be down on them
  10. We were our record ..period ..folks trying to find moral victories in being a trash team man save it…
  11. That ain’t photoshop ? Dayum …pause
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