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  1. He’s been playing well all season, few mistakes here and there, but I chalk that up to him finally getting back up to speed.
  2. If auburn beats bama and we beat auburn we are in the playoffs period. Georgia is not getting snubbed if they win out. Also Clemson beating Miami would help auburn look stronger.
  3. use to work in the airport ..only bathrooms that didn’t reek was on terminal F
  4. Well this is a surprise
  5. This was the USCe game in 2012 all over again
  6. Interior dline playing like a pack of toilet tissue
  7. Ol boy
  8. I’ll never forget the anger I felt after this game..almost demolished my entire living room
  9. Yup it’s trash
  10. Yup sark is the problem
  11. Cam ain’t gone take too many hits like that
  12. Kirby some where telling his players they are still trash and ain’t did nothing yet
  13. We def better win this Sunday now
  14. You’re a weirdo man
  15. I thought all of it was corny to begin with even when we was winning. “Brotherhood” was def the corniest **** of all time. Like these are grown *** men **** outta here with these cliche *** phrases if they can’t be motivated to win for the sake of winning then the door is right there. Im honestly tired of Quinn acting like a **** head either take control of the **** or shut up you bald chump