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  1. I think teddy is capable of winning them games
  2. If Takk would’ve held on then it wouldn’t have came to Vic sacking him
  3. He’s a nickel corner that’s where he plays best that’s why he wants a trade
  4. Everything is fixable ...this happened because Falcons don’t think preseason is important...we looked rusty as **** on all phases...we should’ve played at least 2 half’s of preseason with the starters
  6. Well **** ain got mine on and can’t see
  7. Sanu not on there
  8. Cook needs to be used as a WR out the back field ...make him out Darren Sproles
  9. Good god I wish I grew up privileged lol got **** I would’ve been stunting in high school
  10. Coby white ball handling is awkward as ****..glad we didn’t draft him Hunter was the right choice.
  11. As of right now I’m only buying the sixers and bucks in the playoffs everyone else is a toss up
  12. We will and I’m betting it’s higher than 8th
  13. I saw Woj follow up tweet to it man they want siakam/Lowery/ibaka and like 4 picks. I would’ve turned it down too man that was too much. Raptors thought kawhi was using them for leverage with okc.
  14. Okc made the offer for Westbrook and PG and raptors declined
  15. Meh if the lakers get Kawhi the rest of the lineup is going to be bad...a team with depth will get them out of the paint