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  1. Anyone who watched college football knew Free was that deal, wasn’t his fault that we had an idiot for a head coach when we drafted him.
  2. Well if they didn’t they wouldn’t have them now would they ? Or at least televise them. Just because you and the rest of your 10 neighbors don’t, doesn’t mean other people aren’t either.
  3. ******** anthem is barely shown on tv find another excuse FAKE NEWS- Sincerely your president
  4. Who don’t matter ? Black people ? Who’s you ? Give me details...they certainly matter when you sit your lazy *** on your sofa and watch football. So who are you talking about ? Surely not the 75% that make up the league surely no ?
  5. Lmfao can we get video ?
  6. Collin Doesn’t seem to be hurting for cash. Those same people cutting checks will be dead in a few more years and good riddance. They’ll decline just like their know the best part about this, collin isnt even in the league and more players are protesting and it’s going to continue I love it. Garbage *** patriotism. Even more a garbage national anthem.
  7. And you’ll go read a book one day and read up on history and take ownership of your fake patriotism, but let me guess you’re a true American so patriotic.
  8. Also let’s be real here...streams def has played a part in the decline. I cancelled my cable because it’s useless when I can just go to reddit streams for free.
  9. Or they would rather watch the emmys than see falcons/packers football You’ve been this dense since 1969 ?
  10. Same people who wouldn’t get they ***** up and go fight. Same people who getting loaded off booze during the national anthem or at the concession stand doing whatever. How come the nba isn’t suffering ? They actually sent out letters encouraging players to use their platform for the same social issues the Kap was protesting for.
  11. A lot of people, same people who don’t want to see 22 rich guys be in a race to get cte
  12. This is false. The ******* emmys was on last night. It’s too man commercial breaks. If anything the people that are not watching the nfl any more are people who said they were boycotting the nfl because of the treatment of kap period. Not some fake patriotic loser who don’t care about vets period. If they did they would’ve been said **** the nfl long ago for making the military pay for advertisement. Propaganda bs period.
  13. That’s game...we need to get rid of the soft zone defense
  14. Can’t beikeve people were saying we needed to trade free loooooool this guy is a star man