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  1. Maybe he hasn’t decided who knows ...Nashville is barely 3 hours away he could report today ...he could be tired of football and if he is more power to him still nothing more than a game ...folks on this board act like players owe them something these guys aren’t yall parents
  2. Yall mad at a guy not wanting to play during a pandemic ...yall are dumb ...football is a game that’s it nothing more..if you think of it more than that seek help
  3. They need to give us the Pac-Man logo on jerseys and the hawk on jerseys
  4. **** is corny ..shut da **** up and win..if I want a glory speech I’ll just watch 300
  5. Naw they just *** kiss white folks that’s it.
  6. Malik herring don’t speak for black people ...Malik is a kid...yall don’t get to say what’s racist you not black ...you don’t get to decide what we find offensive.
  7. No one involved didn’t think it was racist cause I’m sure they weren’t black ...and if they were black they’re ****in pathetic..it’s racist ...**** Fromm and you delusional
  8. Matt always been a class act...him and blank. Thank god we don’t have tone deaf moron drew brees man.
  9. So like some of was saying Justin Fields > Bum *** Fromm
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