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  1. When he got hired I knew we were gonna suck ...just a lazy *** hire and stupid ...not one smart person in this organization
  2. To harpers credit he did pretty much bring up how far off we played. Entire game was let them catch the ball.
  3. Hopefully Fields fall to us and we get Eric beiniemy
  4. Whoever thought Morris was gonna get the job by turning this season around was drunk ...the games that we won were nothing. Been saying these last 7 games falcons could go 0-7 straight up.
  5. He never had a chance anyway ...the backend schedule was gonna expose him anyway
  6. Entire game almost was zone...after the game Roman Harper said he couldn’t understand why Georgia would play zone when success come from them being in man
  7. Naw they was Def running it up the middle and if they tossed to the outside it was to the shorter side of the field which was dumb.
  8. Running into an 8 man box will do it along with ****ty oline play...you know what would’ve got our backs going ???? Space...throw the ball to them In space so they can get warm out there...an I’m sick of this team not using Cool right....**** can we get a wheel route or something. Gonna charge it to the game as Monken 1st year and is just now getting a QB.
  9. JT has the weirdest face ...he look like a ****in nerd lmaoooo...does not look how he plays
  11. Stop running the ****in ball into an 8 man box sick of these idiots
  12. JT looking like a vet that’s been out for a couple weeks
  13. Gallo coming off the bench why would they bench hunter who is already a better defensive player than Gallo ..he’s a good vet that will have good minutes
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