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  1. I’m sure I’ll be sitting on millions after this year. While you brown nose coaches living off kids. Smart guy.
  2. Because do something else that can make me millions that don’t involve me being around kids. You see how that works ? Smart guy.
  3. Because maybe I don’t aspire to be a coach ? Smart guy. Do better instead of asking dumb questions.
  4. And those kids don’t work their ***** off ? It’s more dumb ***/incompetent coaches than talented kids in football.
  5. They’re getting crumbs out of a sweet won’t be this way forever either you can count on it
  6. And all of them stop playing football those coaches don’t exist’s back to being a PE teacher for half a day and a social studies teacher for the other half
  7. Miss me with the full expense education argument ..same players can say **** college and pick up a skill and make more money than a lot of degrees..don’t know if you looked at the economy lately..but jobs are paying people with degrees 10 bucks a hour my man. Imagine wasting time getting a degree and getting paid that when a person can get certain certs in a couple months and make 6 figures within in that same year
  8. Yup, the players have made everyone and the universities rich. Without them their isn’t any game.
  9. Some of you guys are pathetic . get well Takk
  10. I hope Cam is available for the start of the 2019 season..playing the panthers without Cam is garbage football
  11. He’s been playing like an idiot lately ...and with the emergence of Kevin I think it’s zion or Cam reddish for us
  12. Athens Only 7 hours away he’ll live
  13. I’m ok with Coley...long as he isn’t conservative I don’t wanna see that ****
  14. We don’t need was a dumb question to ask. I’m sure Julio an AB are cool, but we got other needs. Also SOMEONE IN THE AFC PLS GET AB !!!! Tired of seeing the nfc get stacked with talent.
  15. Mike bobo and Aaron Murray was on one...I wish we had better Olinemen during those years