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  1. We were our record ..period ..folks trying to find moral victories in being a trash team man save it…
  2. That ain’t photoshop ? Dayum …pause
  3. You kept Ryan ..keep Julio ..pitts haven’t played a down yet in the nfl
  4. “FALCONS GOT PITS” 5 months later……. “Falcons are bringing in Koo to go for 3 ..this will be their 10th FG in the red zone through 2 games”
  5. I got fields after a trade back with the 6th pick
  6. Patriots were smart they should just wait until niners pick..if it’s Mac Jones…I would wait and try to trade with the 5th or 6th pick
  7. Yeah so you want to argue about the stadium being filled with none fans …that’s your take …yup a stupid one …you did all that to defend having a stadium packed with other teams fans. Just not bright.
  8. If those aren’t your fans in the seats then your fans didn’t fill a stadium..genius. Where you from middle of now where ******** Georgia ? Got to be because you don’t think for ****.
  9. Shut your dense *** up, those folks in that stadium are not Falcons fans..you can’t show me on the surface ******** that can’t account for who’s who..you a big goofy …our stadium been getting took over by the away team. Fact of the matter is it’s people like you thats so satisfied with mediocrity in this city is the main reason why no one take us serious …70k attendance and majority of them going for the team we playing …you a box score watcher clown 🤡
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