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  1. I think bagley is gonna turn out to be the Greek Freak type..put him where ever it doesn’t matter
  2. Keep that racist POS off our team
  3. Lol @ all the humble post...**** that ****...kill everybody on the field an let them know it
  4. Last time we heard someone was living in the gym it was Peter Konz lmao
  5. Beat Auburn *** and he’ll be begging to be a dog
  6. Oh you mean the same butt hurt you feel when your garbage college team can’t even win 10 games ?
  7. And this is a lie you don’t know what a star is and you’re the biggest troll in the college forum ..cut the ****
  8. Please get Trent falcons
  9. I would rather have Trent Thompson
  10. Add Trent Thompson to that list
  11. If TP ball handling skills improve this offseason look out. i would def trade Dennis and 19 for a chance at Sexton or young
  12. I always wonder do the parents tweet out the school offers from their kids twitter accounts.its always “humbled to receive” or “blessed to receive” lmao **** was there a memo passed around to every prospect in the country
  13. Draft DT in the 1st and draft Trent Thompson in the 3rd/4th round and we are in very good shape
  14. No everyone hasn’ think an edited chopped up video from the police is gonna prove anything to me ? Youre proves the police are liars. NOW WHERE YOU AT ?
  15. Who me making things up about the ****** police being liars ? OH NO I COULDNT BE...BECAUSE THERE ISNT YEARS AND YEARS OF POLICE LYING ABOUT ****...OH NO. yeah **** out of here.