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  1. This is a different era...better tech...better doctors...what he saying don’t apply
  2. I’m doubting we get sports
  3. It was ranked 26 on PFF
  4. Rise up> that ****
  5. Delicious
  6. Read that date again
  7. Don’t be shocked if dwan is the starter in 2021
  8. Bingo..can we save the back and forth for the actual season
  9. Aaron didn’t have the line that Fromm did...his numbers would’ve been even better ...far from overrated
  10. Fromm wasn’t close to Aaron
  11. Nick nurse lost that game man...put Trae back in the ****in game
  12. Sounds like some **** you make after getting High
  13. 2 pages of sick chilli dog stomach hurts every time I see you guys descriptions
  14. Yall are sick...bathrooms gotta look like Hiroshima after eating this