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  1. We won’t pursue him and to the poster that’s saying we won’t resign Vic you want to be a hundred bucks we do ?
  2. ****ttt soon as he lose one game...I can hear the slurs being yelled through social media..Franklin wouldn’t go
  3. Wr in the first is awful, that’s 3rd or 4th round ****. 1st and 2nd round need to be RG and DT period doesn’t matter what happens in the FA
  4. Man send this irrelevant **** to the other forum ...this is none falcons related .
  5. Tennessee is still very pissed off about us flipping there croots lol
  6. I loved every bit of it..**** he could’ve stomped on it...I’ll never forget all those ******** being happy at chub tearing his knee up, oh and let’s not forget them wishing injury on Cade when he committed to us. I could careless about that team or the majority of their fans. I live to see them disrespected at every chance.
  7. Maybe those in state kids wanted to leave the state of Alabama ...I hate that place..half of my family lives in Montgomery and Birmingham. **** hole place.
  8. Delicious...those sons of ****** are so mad right now lmaooo
  9. Tyson, Reese, Bush, Quay, Davis and Walthour is going to be the players tomorrow....number 1 class here we come
  10. Yup..that’s not a mentor that’s a flat out ****in fraud
  11. Think I’m the only one who really want bush lmao...I still remember when our WR depth went from deep to thin as ****
  12. What in the **** are these kids eating ? Dude looks older than me and I just turned 29
  13. He was talking about that trick play to the qb...don’t seem like a dig at sark...
  14. Draft Wynn for guard in the first and draft Trent in the second/third
  15. Draft him in the first and draft Trent in the second that’s OG and DT I covered in draft. Still think we should also get a guard in FA too