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  1. I like Dukes. He predicted the Falcons to make the playoffs at the beginning of the year, but he cited lack of talent on both lines as a major concern. He didn't anticipate all the injuries either.
  2. Good question. This is a test of true fandom. The Bobby Petrino years were all a joke. The year that Jim Mora started 6-2 and finished 2-6 was also one of my worst times. And yesterday, Bobby Rainey reminded me of Samkon Gado of Green Bay in that 2005 season. Other notables: *Blowing a 17-0 at home in the NFC championship *getting a punt blocked in the first game at the Superdome since Katrina, enough to get a monument of said event erected at the Superdome *Bobby Petrino quitting with 3 games left
  3. As long as Blank is making money, he could care less about the win-loss record.
  4. Yes, I'm not a fan of the Niners, either, especially Harbaugh and Kaepernick. They robbed us of our opportunity to win the Super Bowl. I happened to cheer for the Saints yesterday, too.
  5. I am from Minnesota and have cheered for the Vikings most of my life, but I consider the Falcons to be my primary team. I don't have Georgia connections, but when my first Starter jacket was a Falcons jacket in 1994, I was elated. This team frustrates me more than any other, but that's the point of fandom. Stay with the team thick or thin.
  6. It may be a talent issue, not a coaching issue. But Smitty will be on a shorter leash after this season. I predict that he will be the head coach of the Vikings next season.
  7. This is off-topic, but I do want the Saints to beat the Seahawks in a couple weeks. I'm tired of hearing about Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, et al.
  8. The Saints broke the Tampa Bay curse a few years ago, but it seemed to come back this year. Lose to Tampa in the regular season and you don't make/win the Super Bowl.
  9. I also wanted the Falcons and Patriots in the Super Bowl because the Gisele curse would have worked! Yes, Luke McCown in the Super Bowl would not have thrilled me.
  10. My expectations were not all too high of the Falcons, but they did go up by the week. I wanted them to just win a playoff game, and they did that. So at least the media cannot call Mike Smith another Jim Mora. I told myself that I'd be happy if they just made the NFC championship, for that would be a big step. And they did. Then I told myself, I'd be happy if they just made the Super Bowl. They didn't have to win it. I would have been proud. But if they made the Super Bowl, I knew I wouldn't have been satisfied. It's human nature to desire more! At one point, I said I'd be happy with a steady job and family. I have all that, but I definitely desire more.... Too much what if will kill you..... enjoy the pro bowl (pro bore) next week. Hopefully Matt Ryan can throw 5 TDs for what will be the final game of that sorry series. The Pro Bowl is more of a joke if you are a defensive player. I look forward to the draft and the offseason. We're gonna make some noise!
  11. I can't start new topics yet because I'm new to the forum, but I'd be happy to provide Vikings news. They are not my primary team, but I listen to a lot of sports talk, which covers the Vikings. Sam Ponder and Sarah Ryan appear to be friends. Sam Tweeted to Sarah after the Seahawks game congratulating her. I wonder if they'd still be friends if the Vikings and Falcons played each other in the Div Round. I don't know Sarah Ryan, but I feel bad for her. I hope that Matt takes her on a nice Hawaii vacation next week.
  12. I have never seen Ryan pass better in the pocket than he did yesterday. He was making all his reads. It's rare that 400 yards passing isn't enough to win it. I think of him, however, as a Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers without legs. I wish he would have scrambled more when he didn't have options. I'd take him any day over Michael Vick, who was all scramble and no pass.
  13. I'll pray for you. At least you recognize the problem. You have a lot to work on with your family and should probably take a break from thinking about football for a while. I was a wreck, myself, yesterday, and my kids were watching with me. Regardless of the outcome, I was just happy that my children were with me appreciating a great American tradition.
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