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  1. So I've noticed they keep the clock going after the runner goes out of bounds. When did that change?
  2. Maybe the NFC south just sucks and we are establishing dominance over a crappy division.
  3. Only pros I can think of that are paid to intentionally lose are wrestlers. But I get it's scripted. People are entertained when the wrestlers lose intentionally. Edit: and the team that played against the Globetrotters...
  4. Well I'm not a bandwagon fan. I'm a fan that wants my team to win a Superbowl. The debate can be made to tank so your team gets better players to have a better chance of winning a SB next year. Casual fans want their team to win any given Sunday. I want my team to win the big one, plain and simple. I've seen this team win plenty and lose plenty. The one game I want them to win they havn't yet. If we were crap this year just to win the SB next year no one would have anything to say.
  5. So you're saying if they win a few the rest of the year they will win the SB?
  6. Now does anyone have something insightful to say to explain to me where is the advantage of getting a lower draft pick?
  7. And there's the smart *** answer I was waiting for. Thanks for being thoughtful.
  8. What is going on with this team? What has happened where we are playing at a higher level at a time when it really doesn't matter with the season? I know I'll get plenty of smart *** answers from people but I want someone thoughtful to explain to me what is the point in going .500, missing the playoffs, and getting a middle-of-the-road draft pick. Is this just a way for us to stay mediocre year after year? You know if we have a winning streak but miss the playoffs Arthur won't make any changes with the coaching staff. Changes that IMO need to be made at this point. Will finishing the season strong carry over next year? I want to win a SB. If my team doesn't have a chance this year then I want them to get the best players possible so they can win next year. I just don't see how finishing middle of the pack accomplishes that.
  9. Unfortunately there's not much else to discuss besides firing DQ.
  10. All this speculation. Do we ever get anyone we want? And if we did have we won a Superbowl? Sorry guys but this organization will just find a way to mess things up. You know it, I know it.
  11. Shanny out there whipping up on the Panthers. How could we let this guy slip away. Like a fart in the wind, just gone.
  12. So maybe if people stop going to Falcons games and stop buying merch the Falcons will get better.
  13. Whoever we get needs to actually make the team better in whatever aspect of the game he specializes in. I was a Quinn fan at first but our defense still sucks and has for years. Our Superbowl season our defense was looking sharp at the end and throughout the playoffs but only because our offense made the other team one dimensional. Our defense has looked like garbage ever since.
  14. Blank needed that new yacht. People were idiots to buy PSLs.
  15. I'm not sayin MR sucks bro. He's getting old though, and he takes a beating nearly every game. He won't be great much longer. I think it wouldn't hurt to draft his replacement and let Matt groom the young man for a while.
  16. It looks like we will have a pretty high draft pick this year. Do we draft Ryan's replacement or does Quinn get another lineman that sucks? If we draft a QB who should we take? Edit: I ask because we don't often get a high draft pick. MR is still great, but he's getting old and how often do get a chance to pick a guy in the draft that might can actually fill Matt's shoes?
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