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  1. Dude's a Lambo!
  2. Unless you are part of the in crowd dont expect many likes. You really gotta bring your game
  3. Yea I would have to say the opposing teams' quarterbacks
  4. Am I the only one who thought Freeney played well in the Superbowl?
  5. If you really believe anything posted on these forums has any bearing on the outcome of football games then ok. Im sure you got a tinfoil hat in the closet you break out on gameday.
  6. And you're always the stinky turd smellin up the fun bus
  7. Its about time we were shown respect. I mean really, the Falcons were class of the NFC coming down the stretch last season. Its like these guys are 6 months behind with their analysis.
  8. I guess the press is finally seeing our Falcons the way we do. I've seen two power rankings so far after week 2 that put the Falcons at the #2 spot behind Kansas City. Best in the NFC. Hopefully we can manhandle Detroit on the road next week.
  9. Didnt mean to post twice
  10. I cant find anything on google
  11. I still like the falcon scream
  12. Shockley doin a helluva job with this gig. He's cool.
  13. I like Freeney. Dude has a great attitude and teamwork mentality. Plus he played well in the SB.