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  1. Unless they play us
  2. Well the offense wouldn't go anywhere but would stay on the field from dumb penalties by the defense. Then the offense would stall at the goaline just so special teams could miss a field goal. Falcons 101
  3. So do we keep bumping this thread or ????
  4. The bad thing about this Falcon's Implosion is that everyone is watching it. A few years ago when we played horribly it wasn't a big deal to the national media. It was just ho-hum typical Falcons football. Everyone expected us to be average or worse. But now that we have this epic meltdown in the SB under our belt and all these media experts have claimed we were the team to beat in the NFC, everyone is watching us. So we go back to being inept. Classic Falcons. We really don't deserve this as fans. I couldn't care less about losing every game this season if we had only handled our business in the SB. This team continues to be an embarrassment to the city of Atlanta and its fans. Arthur Blank and TD and Quinn and the players and everyone else in this organization should be embarrassed. Even the guy that runs Gatorade out to the players during commercials.
  5. OUCH! I wonder if Sark even has a twitter account? If so that sucker is on mute or whatever. I hate it for him but in today's America someone always shoulders the blame. In his defense Matt's throws are way off the mark. Still doesn't excuse the poor play calling and lack of design.
  6. At this point thats a big IF my man
  7. While they are at it perhaps they can inject him with some skill.
  8. I swear these forums are always great for a laugh when the team is stinkin it up.
  9. Jets sweep on the goalline with no rb in the backfield told me something
  10. I grew up a Dolphins fan, Marino was fun to watch. I guess I could give them a try for a while. They need a QB pretty bad though.
  11. Another coordinator made coach just to be demoted after he loses his job.
  12. Lol we should have gone with a Matt Ryan quick kick on those 4th downs. Couldn't have done much worse than Bosher and heck the Pats defense would have been caught off guard
  13. I mean for real. Do we look this bad during practice? Are the coaches happy with missed tackles and overthrown passes? Do we really practice these high school plays that are being called? Do we do great in practice just to come out every week and not execute? Our offense has been neutered and the defense is gassed after the second 3 and out. Now we can't even kick field goals or punt the ball. Lol we cant even punt right. Holy ****. WTF has happened to our team guys? The Godfather needs to hire another firm to figure out how to fix this ****. All that money on that fancy new dome just to fill it with toilet water. Embarrassing!