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  1. Especially in a league designed around offense
  2. I swear there has got to be some kind of conspiracy to keep the Pats in every year
  3. gonna give Brady time to go down and win it
  4. Its getting old these guys going to the SB every stinking year
  5. Pats somehow always seem to have calls go their way
  6. If the Stains take it a few fans will be sore and the Stanks fans will never shut up til we win one. They'll keep talking trash even after we win one. I don't care about that so much. I just don't want it to affect the team.
  7. Well I was wrong... It was Turner that busted Lewis in the chops. Sorry
  8. Tried finding it on Youtube but can't find anything.. I'm sure some Internet Guru TATF user can probably find something. Maybe?
  9. I remember when Duckett knocked Ray Lewis out of a game on a block. Ray came on a blitz up the middle and Duckett lit his *** up. Hurt his back. Hate to admit it but I was proud of him.
  10. Well we won't get a high draft pick if we go 8-8. What do you guys want? Better players next year or barely miss the playoffs?