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  1. I hate to admit it but That's rather funny. hopefully we'll win a Superbowl eventually and if you still have that job you can just send an Atlanta Falcons Champion memo to everyone You work with. Like everyday all year
  2. Keep him and fix the offense
  3. Our best chance to win the Super Bowl was last year fellas. Most of you want to cling to Hope for this squad but we had it in the bag last year. And of course, like usual, the Falcons did their thing and blew it. Teams just don't get many opportunities unless you're a good team like the Patriots in a division of garbage teams (they are pretty much guaranteed a trip to the playoffs every year). I just couldn't get into the games this year because this lackluster offense was not scoring points. Defense looked great but the offense just wasn't doing anything. Heck the the defense should improve as much as they were on the field with all the three-and-outs. We need a clever offensive play caller that can use the weapons he has. If we keep Sark we might as well start making serious moves on the offensive roster, and we know that's not gonna happen. The staff will try to teach and sculpt and mold Sark into something he's not. Just more wasted time...
  4. We have the weapons. We just don't have the scheme to match. Oh and our OC isn't very good at exploiting defenses. Nothing like our last OC.
  5. And our offense will continue to be inept. but hey our defense is great!
  6. Not me, we regressed. Offense sucks. Defense is a little better than the end of last season.
  7. Lol, how is ole dog Duke these days? I recall everyone calling for his head earlier in the year
  8. I love these names bro. That's shiits hilarious... keep em comin
  9. I laughed my *** off at this! It hurts! I was laughing so hard at our offensive performance... And now this... so funny
  10. Lol every year! Seriously, like every year
  11. We suck in the red zone. Plain and simple. Whose fault is that? Is it play calling? Is it execution? I'm not sure but either way we suck in the red zone. Last year we scored points to win games this year we didn't score points but the defense held. Why oh why can't we have a team that score points and the defense holds? Until then we will not win a championship.
  12. Who got it right? The Eagles...?
  13. and then there are those that travel forever and ever on the journey and never make it to the Final Destination. ask the guys who have been waiting for a championship. Ask them how they feel
  14. Lol, home games don't make a **** when you only score 10 points in the divisional round.
  15. You know R you have taken a lot of criticism around here over the years but I can't argue at all with this statement. Last year's offense with this year's defense and we are champs. Now someone argue with that!