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  1. The right guy at the right time and he's never looked back. If the Pats can continue to somehow provide great protection for him then he might play to 50. Brady has the luxury on most plays to just sit back in the pocket and wait for his Starbucks while someone eventually gets open. Not every play, but **** I swear it seems like most of them. Every year the Pats are pretty **** good. You would think in a so called "copy-cat" league the other coaches would notice how much time Brady gets in the pocket and try to duplicate it.
  2. He didn't play poorly. I just think his age is catching up to him more than people want to admit. It just seems to me like he's a little slower and his arm strength isn't what it used to be. Decision making is mostly on point and his pocket presence seems ok but he's getting old. Father Time is undefeated.
  3. I agree but he still looked better than the other QB playing. What was his name again?
  4. Finished the tackle
  5. I disagree. The tone was set early when the Rams got a personal foul for hitting a defenseless receiver. Funny how you can't tackle the ball carrier AFTER he made the catch. He wasn't defenseless. He caught the ball, turned, and got popped. So now the defense isn't supposed to tackle the ball carrier until after he secures the catch and starts to run? HORSE ****
  6. Well dude if the Falcons would step up we would be hung up on them
  7. Just really not a fan of the NFL any more. Every year this ******** happens. So much money on the line in these games and the Pats seem to always get calls go their way when they need it most.
  8. AAAAANNNDDDDD another penalty on the Rams
  9. Football is really becoming boring
  10. Pats are the Yankees now. And boring
  11. Funny how that doesn't happen during our own games. Thats sad
  12. sorry but this Goff kid sux
  13. Rams offense should be embarrassed