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  1. Talent wise its the Falcons and Bucs. Both teams are pretty loaded with skill players. But the Sucs have Freeturd, if he can reduce the INT count he will be good enough. Freeturd some how managed to have over 4000 yards last year, which I believe is a testament to that teams talent level. That said it'll be the Falcons at the top and Bucs or Saints at the 2 spot.
  2. If a FalCON said this, you guys would be sniffing his jock. This board would be filled with praise on how its GREAT that someone has a big goal and that its obvious they don't really mean 50 sacks.
  3. lol this guy is so average its not even funny. Curtis lofton was your only good LB. Bucs - Lavonte David Saints - Curtis Lofton Panther - Luke Kuechlylkyyylyey Falcons - lol sad
  4. Why is this such a needy fanbase ?? Your self esteem is so low that you need everyone to recognize you for every little thing. I guess thats what happens in 40 years of losing and never being taken seriously.
  5. Saints - SB Bucs - SB Panthers - Heading in the right direction FalCONS - lol old and on the verge of death. Solution ? Add more old.
  6. Lol at weatherspoon, he's so overrated by this board it's hilarious.
  7. That is such a WEAK list for a team thats been around for so long LOL!! How embarrassing that the SUCS have the most impressive list in your terrible division.
  8. lol what a sad list, you guys are never winning anything.
  9. The NFCC game where everyone here was raving and screaming with confidence, claiming victory in the first half of the game. Then the sheer loss of hope and the flood of tears when reality sunk in and the Falcons were the same old Falcons.
  10. So a team that beat you last year and is better this year will somehow be inferior to you guys. LOL
  11. Adding fossils to the roster doesn't make you better. Changing players doesn't necessarily mean upgrade. Steven Jackson is so hyped here its hilarious.
  12. 5 years 100 million and 85% ownership of the Falcons and he can sleep in the new stadium for life.
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