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  1. I hope the Motherlover can't even eat soup with his throwing hand anymore.
  2. We weren't two handoffs away from winning a Superbowl the team had the Super Bowl in the first half and came out like they were world champions already celebrating. that is poor coaching the same crap that has us going to Cleveland and think we're going to win just cuz it's the Browns. We need more Talent and depth if the coaches are going to rely on that to win instead of game planning and scheming
  3. Why the **** would we want to evaluate talent or coaches in garbage games? that's probably why we've ended up in this situation in the first place the talent and coaches have proved that when the hammer has to hit the nail they miss consistently. The coach is in Atlanta consistently depend on talent to do the work they don't game plan they don't do s*** at halftime I'm sick of it we need some real coaches and some real talent there's no way they're going to be proud of 7 and 9 regardless
  4. I dont understand this end on a high note bullcrap. The whole squad is bummed and pissed about this season and finishing 7-9 is not going to help their morale when they know they have potential for deep playoff runs. Personally I think we need to lose out, trade the pick away to offset the depth we lost chasing Julio, and Mabey even trade Julio since its the worlds worst secret that after 8 years in Atlanta, Matt has hit him in stride on a go route MABEY 5 times.
  5. Why cant Matt have the same OC for more than 2 years? The OC isnt the problem when the team doesn't execute. I would love some consistency on offense. If any coordinator needs to go its Manuel.
  6. Shop Julio for depth/picks. Take a few steps toward improving the lines, depth and a starter or 2 with priority on offensive line.. Bring in 2 hungry dbs that can at least challenge alford and trufant for competition and be depth. Get a Playmaking TE. Hooper is a shined up turd. Return to run first /playaction offense.
  7. Thats correct. He has the most talented recieving corps in football and they are a massive reason his season NUMBERS WISE is great, but hes not doing enough for the pay he's receiving.
  8. Just because we question a GM that trades 6 players depth for 1 player that noodle arm cant hit in stride, and we question the coach laughing after failure doesnt mean were not fans. It means we dont accept mediocrity. Especially considering the talent.
  9. Thats your prerogative. The offense had 90 yards before garbage time today. He cant hit Julio in stride, every time he tries its innaccurate if deep enough or Julio is stopping and coming back to the ball. See the skypass he had today for reference. Ryan is a tough sob that has taken too many hits and plays scared now. He's not a bum but hes playing like one considering his paycheck.
  10. Can someone put the trainhorn in Aurthor Blanks office and blow it to wake his *** up? This team is an absolute dumpster fire. Ryan is a bum who is shook from too many hits, the coaching staff is too buddy buddy with players. Only reason we won any games this year was from opposing teams dropping passes and shooting themselves in the foot. Blow it all up. Trade Julio for ANYTHING He doesnt work on a team with a noodle arm qb.
  11. Uuh? Rogers blames everyone but himself, so does Brady.
  12. This is why we won't get decent draft position.
  13. Players are a reflection of their coach. A mentality of an easy win because its the browns is very remnisant of the mentality after heading into the locler room up 28-3. The Browns may have done the Falcons a favor though as I could see this embarrassment plus the return of key players as a wave they could ride to a wild card berth. With the loss today the falcons are still only 1 game behind the Vikings for the 6th seed.
  14. Honestly it doest matter what he says. Players have this mentality because it is a reflection of the coach. I believe it is time for a change, this mentality is the same that has players going into a locker room up 28-3 thinking the game is over, coming out and laying an egg. Great teams have a game plan and execute it. If the other team doesnt show up, you steamroll them even if it means a score of 80- nothing, The Falcons under Quinn play situational football, with the situation being how little effort can we put in to get this W. They got exposed today, and the fans are left embarassed again. Shame on the org. If they dont take measures to prevent this garbage from happening again.