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  1. I went to the very first Falcon home game ever in '66, and have been to at least one game per year since then. If you want to base things on post totals, then just knock your little hat off, buddy.
  2. This place is LOADED with bandwagon fans. Tell me you knew. And yeah - I've been going to Falcon games since '66. Sure - I want to see them win it all every year, but luck is a huge factor. It would appear through 4 games that we don't have it this year. I almost wish the Falcons would lose the rest of their games - just so it would clear out the bandwagoners.
  3. Bandwagon fans are not normally very patient. Their itch to jump boat get the better of them.
  4. I really like Dan. Great guy, etc., but yeah - it's time to part ways. He's lost it. BJ's pretty much in the same boat...
  5. But you're insecure enough being a Saint fan that you would come here & post. Good job, Corky!
  6. Funny how when a team struggles a little bit, the bandwagoners throw little hissy fits.
  7. Fu$*ed up ankle = at least half a step slower. Tell me you knew.
  8. 'Swhat I've been saying. THAT is why we suck in the pre-season.
  9. Jesus. I feel sorry for you, man. I have less respect for Quitrino than about any human on this earth. I can't imagine being a Falcon AND an Arkie fan and having that t*rd screw me over twice!
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