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  1. I have no intention to bring politics into this topic. With that said, THIS has to be posted.
  2. The same old cast will always defend the cops(or anyone pretending to be a cop). No variance of facts will ever change it.
  3. Funny thing is that looks more like a non-filtered cigarette than a J. Strike a pose, Barry.
  4. Congrats on 2-4. No need to discuss the Saints in a good topic.
  5. Hindsight is 20/20. You can't predict if someone will do a mass shooting or is just some lip flapping goober.
  6. What is wow about it? If the fear of being shot deters someone from attacking you, the same fear will make cops think twice about how they interact. That's just stating the obvious. If a community feels helpless and abandoned by the justice system, why the **** are you surprised? If anything, it's a voice you should listen to instead of trying to paint as irrational. But let's all hold hands and do AFMB tickle-fights.
  7. You want to punish the parents or whatever for this guy's actions. It's not.
  8. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?