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  1. Hindsight is 20/20. You can't predict if someone will do a mass shooting or is just some lip flapping goober.
  2. What is wow about it? If the fear of being shot deters someone from attacking you, the same fear will make cops think twice about how they interact. That's just stating the obvious. If a community feels helpless and abandoned by the justice system, why the **** are you surprised? If anything, it's a voice you should listen to instead of trying to paint as irrational. But let's all hold hands and do AFMB tickle-fights.
  3. You want to punish the parents or whatever for this guy's actions. It's not.
  4. Anyone that may be waiting for the rest of the story or "context?"
  5. When someone dies, someone must be held accountable. The only reason the cases were brought to a court was because of the protests. Otherwise it would be swept under the rug like many times before. Dead citizens are entitled to their rights too. Not just police officers and when an unarmed man is killed, someone better answer. So accusations and protests are what keep it in the public eye. What faulty slogans? What faulty chants? The Ferguson case won't go ignored simply because a proven lying racist took the stand on behalf of Officer Wilson when they weren't even there. To address it, we make sure the police are properly trained and held accountable each and every time in a court of law to discourage rogue behavior. Otherwise, you just encourage it. You don't give one person the benefit of the doubt over the other just because they wear a uniform, and as others here argue...."do a job where they are scared." You also don't allow their buddies and coworkers to be the ones to decide if they were justified. That's a total conflict of interest. If you do, don't be surprised if giving them an inch results in them taking a mile. The arguments consistently on the side of the cop is, "cops get shot ,too." It's irrelevant. Unarmed men don't shoot unless they're John Ritter from 'Real Men'. If they cannot subdue a normal and unarmed suspect without shooting them, they do not belong on the street period. Set an example instead of making excuses.
  6. When there becomes a trend of police officers going too far, it requires acknowledgement. You seem to think that we should just address each issue AFTER THE FACT instead of preventing future tragedies.
  7. The issue is how people perceive it to be ok and justifiable to kill an unarmed citizen by a police officer because of certain reasons you would rather not talk about and instead focus on one poster's comments.
  8. You "respect" it because it gives you some irrelevant boogieman to talk about instead of the actual issue. GP isn't controlling the people that do the shooting. His comments aren't what is making cops pull their trigger either. It's irrelevant. Therefore, YOU are the one ignoring the actual issue and going after political enemies on a messageboard. When an intruder would think twice about entering your house because of the risk of being shot, a cop will also think twice about being a shitbag to the people he's supposed to be serving when people are fighting back. That was the point he made and it's clearly all you and a few others can keep their focus on.
  9. Some people haven't grasped GP's point. You refuse to because it doesn't give you your villian. It was rather obvious that his point was that once people are doing unto cops what is being done to them, cops will start to check their own behavior. Only a fool would take that as him saying, "everyone should go kill cops." Like it or not, he has a point in regards to it making them watch their step and reevaluate the authority they think they have to be judge jury and executioner.
  10. Can what be you?

  11. If they can't handle the pressures of scrutiny in the office, it's good that they aren't on the street with weapons dealing with the pressures of the street. Working as intended.
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