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  1. WHO DAT!!! THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!! Yall finally played a great team! Back to reality pigeons!!!
  2. Just like the usual sorry *** Pigeons! Blowing a 26 point lead to Garbage *** Cowgirls!! Smh
  3. Being a Saints fan and living in Dallas, I hate both of u mfs! I'm not sure whether to cheer, laugh or just dont watch. Garbage *** Cowgirls!! Smh
  4. You mean like the Pigeons did on horrific meltdown in the superbowl?!!  Not gonna happen Pigeon Pisser!!  Who Dat!!!

  5. You MFs are delusional for real! We are not losing to you PIGEONS! We are unstoppable! And you know that s**t!! Who Dat!!!! Turkey Day *** Whoopin on the way!! Who Dat!!!
  6. You are a delusional mf!! We are going to stomp you PIGEONS on Turkey Day!! Who Dat!!!!!!
  7. Man, y'all can give all the ******** up! Your season was done weeks ago! Who Dat on Top!! #superbowlbound
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