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  1. better be cheap, otherwise this is a wate of money
  2. i've stayed at the residence inn, in downtown a few times. the marta station is right across the street so i can ride to the aiport and not need a rental car. the dome is only a few blocks or like 2 stops on the marta away.
  3. I like the move and the player but I feel like we need to focus on D/L we are stronger on the LB department
  4. We won't /close thread
  5. As of right now after last season performance, and the lack of improvement this off season I have very little optimism for next season, as you've said we will need a killer draft to get anywhere
  6. 2 yr, 12.5 mill, ha we could have afforded that. FAIL
  7. If money is a issue cut some people we don't absolutely need, cuz right now our defense looks bunk as he11 up front. We will get run all over
  8. Completely dead to me. Can't believe he signed there.
  9. Lot of secondary guys people wanted are getting picked up. Think we aren't making moves for a while
  10. youd think with our sb window probably closing after this season or the next, we would be a little more aggresive.... oh well
  11. poe to carolina , 3 year 27million. yeah we werent gonna pay that
  12. redskins write reporting on it since they were interested