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  1. We have no qb other than Ryan and only 1 safety under contract. Lots if new faces coming
  2. Good for him. Hope he can shine there now hes off a team with koetter and quinn
  3. It's about f#%!$# time. The hill experiment failed the last 2 years, gurley has done nothing. We should be doing a 1-2 punch of ito and ollison. See if they're worth keeping. The scheme wont make either look that great but **** it cant be much worse.
  4. Being that knapp is on staff, we should have fired koetter before season end
  5. Take this how you will. But with how ulbrich has had the defense playing since we fired DQ, we would have win every game if we had a semi competent OC. Just saying.
  6. Yep. Offense has been 99% of our problems since DQ got fired
  7. Ito been a ghost this whole year. Ito ollison > hill
  8. Love me some sanu. Glad hes showing out today
  9. I enjoyed benkert is PS and thought he should get the nod over schaub. Now in a perfect world, we spank the saints so bad that kurt gets to play the 4th quarter. I did see kamara has injury issues now.
  10. Absolutely loving foye. His energy and play has been awesome. Shoutout to Debo's early balding shiny head.
  11. So no DL, and we continue to force the ball with brian hill. Miss ya ito
  12. That whole drive was very strange. Officiating was trash. Gotta help baby brady
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