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  1. Well howdy I'm socalriseup. Been a falcon fan since the first time I learned what football was. Sadly stuck in southern california and rarely get to socialize with other fans here. Dont frequent the boards like I used to but I'm always in the discord chat. Here's me and the pooch
  2. Oof this could be awesome. Or a s!$t show
  3. If he wants to be a falcon then I hope he balls out and gets a contract to stay. If he doesnt then I guess I hope he sits on the bench
  4. Soo we are gonna go after the lions or jets pick
  5. Do we have to trade up EVERY year, like cmonn.
  6. Schaub is a great football mind and has been solid for us but I really like benkert and think we should move on from schaub. Etling to ps would be coo
  7. Waste. WR is our least needed position. I want to see as much gage and zacheus as possible
  8. a injury prone has been. there is alot of RB talent in the draft, and we've barely seen what some of our RBS can do. we don't even know if our oline can get the run game going.
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