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  1. Cam making me dizzy
  2. beasley will most likely be spying wilson. clay wont have as big a week as last game but i definitely think or guys can feast.
  3. id rather let him take the time he needs to get better. this may give a chance for hill to play with the 1s and we can see if hes worth keeping.
  4. I noticed how empty it was by the 3rd quarter. the fact that the seats are red like our jerseys, throws the eyes off
  5. on a bean
  6. pass the dutchie to the left hand side
  7. first get some bread to wipe the butter off our receivers hands
  8. sit their entire defense and we will sitll lose
  9. oh alright then, all is well
  10. we looked at him and a few other DBs, it could mean a couple different things. Alford has an injury that is longer than a week, or jalen collins is outta here.
  11. 1 too many on a saturday night
  13. i've been waiting for him to return so we can rotate him with riley. Hes a quality player and a great presence.
  14. nope, id be angry if we did. waste of money. i would rather developer hooper.