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  1. Schaub is a great football mind and has been solid for us but I really like benkert and think we should move on from schaub. Etling to ps would be coo
  2. Waste. WR is our least needed position. I want to see as much gage and zacheus as possible
  3. them jello knees
  4. a injury prone has been. there is alot of RB talent in the draft, and we've barely seen what some of our RBS can do. we don't even know if our oline can get the run game going.
  5. stupid stupid stupid
  6. Nope. Money and roster spot can be used elsewhere
  7. koetter and olinemen lolololol
  8. gets to unite with alford
  9. Rbbc, ito and ollison
  10. Agreed to terms per mcclure
  11. Secret ingredient is in SF
  12. Something big is brewing I'm bummed about hooper but it's a smart move.
  13. Shame to lose guys we draft and develop.