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  1. Raiders playing way off like we do
  2. So obviously KC is the darling this season..
  3. Hey it's us!
  4. Wow , they should cut lynch, this Washington kid ain't bad
  5. quinn just said sanu is looking explosive in practice. good
  6. not a bad signing, guess tupou just isnt ready. maybe back to PS
  7. neal has been decent in TE coverage, and we all know it only takes one of his big hits to fragile Gronk and......
  8. well it doesnt mean much but my coworker whos i diehard pats fan is pretty confident we are going to beat them easily. He even said hes put money on atlanta.
  9. xs and os

    ive said it a million times, thanks for the great work PMF. This shows me that the falcons we know are there, theyre just not showing themselves fully.
  10. being able to rotate laroy in if others are struggling will be huge
  11. He's only had like 2 or 3 penalties this season. Alford has been covering better than tru.
  12. Only thing for me is I'm now not excited to watch our games, it feels more like a chore.
  13. I can tell you as a long distance fan and knowing a couple others out here. The prices have deterred wayyy too many people. I mean a seat is almost as much as a dang flight for me. Not having single game tickets for sale has destroyed the crowd
  14. The ads ready running during the game now. I'm not optimistic for this game. But oh well
  15. Like said before me, if he was cheap, sure. But he is gonna be getting more money than we should spend.