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  1. probably because takk hasnt been around at all due to school and injury.
  2. according to my coworker fans of other teams, this is why we will have a hangover, because this is stupid. its gonna be a long day for me.
  3. i've always liked rocky despite the hate. Sure it took time but my gosh did he step up last year and ball out. he's my next jersey and hopefully he continues the growth this year. We will end up with the best 1-2 cb
  4. didn't see anyone put up todays tweets about garland still 1st at right guard in practice
  5. so no lead blocker for free and teco this season ya think? that isnt gonna hurt us? i just remember dimarco laying some killer blocks for our run game...
  6. which game are you planning to go to? gotta pick a good one. GB opener, or saints
  7. blew a ton of money to get out there and go to this game. it's one i will never forget, and worth every penny.
  8. gonna go with something no one else is saying. i say we keep neasman and reed. We need neasman for the depth at safety, and we are stacked at corner and DL so we shouldnt be forced to keep more. Nick Williams will miss out just because of how many quality WR we have now.
  9. exactly what i was thinking. our depth played very well when they were injured too.
  10. any receiver he has trouble covering can get their bell rung by our insurance policy mr neal
  11. i love that he is always out there blocking hard, helps julio for yac
  12. agreed, we have way more of a personality with our guys now.
  13. not a bad idea, i use discord for videogaming and such. Will be interesting to see how people who arent super pc users like it.
  14. agreed, the green bay game should give us a good feel of the team.