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  1. I enjoyed benkert is PS and thought he should get the nod over schaub. Now in a perfect world, we spank the saints so bad that kurt gets to play the 4th quarter. I did see kamara has injury issues now.
  2. Absolutely loving foye. His energy and play has been awesome. Shoutout to Debo's early balding shiny head.
  3. So no DL, and we continue to force the ball with brian hill. Miss ya ito
  4. That whole drive was very strange. Officiating was trash. Gotta help baby brady
  5. " I want to finish my career in atlanta" That's all that matters to me. F the trade wannabes
  6. What I remember is very aggressive D early on, and ALOT of blown 3rd downs as usual, but like I said that's apparently on morris.
  7. I'm leading this train. Jeff Ulbrich deserves a real shot at fully running this defense, not just 2 downs. He has made magic with our linebacker core and has had 1st and 2nd downs looking great on defense (the blown 3rd downs are on morris). If he can work the magic he has with our lbs, he could be the only keeper out of this whole staff. Anyone else see it?
  8. Watch him be a stud somewhere else, like so many others who left here. I'm not opposed to it, just saying
  9. Ulbrich. What I've noticed is we do well on 1st and 2nd defense (ulbrich calls) and we suck on 3rd and long (raheem calls). I'd actually like to see ulbrich run all downs.
  10. Our dline aside from grady is trash. We only get sacks on creative lb and safety blitzes. Cant do that all game
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