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  1. Julio and or whole WR core was hanging out this past week. They seemed fine to me
  2. $10 a month for hd, and i usually get both feeds for any given game (home and away). nice hearing our own announcers.
  3. always liked him. he was one of the few guys from the annoying LOB who stayed quiet and got !@#$ done on the field. wish him the best getting through his issues.
  4. good depth, remember neasman is gone now and he backed up neal
  5. real disappointed in this. so we can expect more dropsies from julio this year. here's to hoping ridley works out and we can move on.
  6. What the f.... did I just read?
  7. Saw someone said we would lose alford next year. Both tru and alf are under contract. I would rather lose tru than alf, especially if Oliver plans out. Alford has outperformed trufant by far and I like tru too.
  8. not gonna get into my personal view on this. i just dont want this to interfere with how our team performs.
  9. Makes me sad. Thought julio was a humble team oriented guy. I'm gonna hate if this causes problems between other players or the coaches
  10. Dont scare me
  11. I agree. The players picked are good but are they what we NEED? Our dline and even lb Corp is thin as f#$k right now
  12. We picked some quality players up in the draft but I dont think they were necessarily needed players. We haven't done much with our dline and lbs this off season and I dont like it
  13. Dissapointed
  14. Right?