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  1. only thing riley can do is dance
  2. I hate Michael's and collinsworth with a passion
  3. That's my right tackle Falcons Kaleb McGary told me.. “It was a knee thing and I was nervous at first ... that snap, crackle, pop is never a good thing..... If I sat out the rest of the game.. that’s admitting defeat and I was letting my teammates down, I never wanna let my brothers down.”
  4. Grady for obvious reasons and rico for commanding that defense like a dang qb
  5. What the ....? Why dont they let him play?
  6. At this point I see no way we would ever beat KC or NE
  7. Welp that vikings team beat us
  8. Saw all the vids and pics of the hype event. Too bad we never have enough fans at the game since so many are priced out. I wanted to fly out from cali for games but the tickets are almost as much as the flights
  9. Yeah not a fan of the 25828153 sky is falling threads. Only really downer I've got now is lindstrom being hurt
  10. Hope you're right ****. Cus I've lost alot of my excitment. Not saying its over but the hype I had has gone
  11. Nooooooo lindstrom we need you
  12. Pass rush? Think u mean run defense
  13. Yeah ravens played a team of nobodys....