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The Rev Jesse Jackson

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  1. Man cmon man 4 n 1 night??? How did ur junk stay hard u must wasnt bustin? The most I did n one night was 2
  2. Yea u reward Qbs for not winning championships. "SMH"
  3. Man shut ur ole Freddy krueger looking *** up
  4. 1 playoff win n 5 years with a team he built,thats wat im crying about
  5. You're ******* this team up please Go back to the Patriots
  6. Just heard them talking on ESPN saying they guarantee there is a gay player n every locker room. Who do u think is our gay player?
  7. If only we had a better GM that would of been us tonight. Joe Flacco is 100 times better than Matty Water this dude has set this team back for years
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