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  1. I just hate that rule. Really hope they change it in the off-season. If you fumble anywhere on the field, the sideline is your friend, EXCEPT where it really matters...in the endzone...where it is catastrophic. In that situation, why not just give the Raiders the ball on the Cowboys 5? So if you fumble thru endzone on 2nd down, then it's 3rd down and goal at the 5. That works for me. If the Cowboys recover the ball, it's theirs, but they have to get it!....don't just give it to them and give them a bunch of yards on top of that. If not, the Raiders are penalized a little, pushing them back to 5 yard line. But giving the other team the ball AND 20 yards, when they didn't even recover the fumble....that is just a ridiculous rule.
  2. I got a little insight into this yesterday. I was fortunate enough that a friend invited me to the game, last minute. We sat in section 129 right on the 50. I believe these seats require a PSL of 100k. We got there over an hour early and went straight to the Delta / Mercedez Benz club. Access to this bar / lounge / buffet is included with the tickets. Open bar with nothing but top shelf liquors. Buffet with crab claws (I think that was on purpose yesterday), oysters, shrimp, sushi. Pretty much whatever you want as much as you want....all very good...all included with the seats. You can sit there and drink shots of Patron all day if you want to. We ordered a beer and bartender just added a shot of Woodbridge on side with it without asking. Terrific sports bar type environment. This is underneath the lower level stands. You then walk out to go to your seats and you have the option of hanging out on the field (we were behind the Bucs) or going up to your seats. I guess it was stacked 4 deep on the field. So at least those folks were out watching the game and hopefully making noise. That accounts for some of the empty seats. The bar/lounge/buffet stayed pretty crowded the whole game, so there is another big chunk of folks missing from their seats. In the lounge area, the back wall is all glass that lets you watch the Bucs walk by as they enter and exit....that can get interesting. I'm sure on the other side you can see the Falcons enter and exit. Now I'm not sure how many in the lower section have access to this Delta/Benz bar/lounge area below the stands....but this gives you some insight into what else is distracting fans in addition to all the great stuff available on the upper 3 levels. And on top of that, these seats are just so expensive (face was 380 on top of the 100k PSL) that it's not affordable to those fans that would make the most noise and keep their butts in their seats. Tons of corporate guests that don't really care that much about the Falcons. Last year when I sat in similar seats, there was not an empty seat around me to be found. This year, it was wide open....I could sit anywhere I wanted. Sad....but there is a little more info as to why those lower seats might be half empty.
  3. Also, we'll have plenty of booze and can bring food if needed. You think you'll have plenty of food (and we can pitch in for it) or should we bring some burgers/dogs/etc?
  4. Count us in guys. We've got 7 (4 adults, 3 boys). We're staying in downtown hotel tonight but I'll get up early (6:30 or 7:00), and come park as close to you guys as I can get. Gonna just leave car there and come back a little later. I've actually got a buddy coming down around 10 or so with our tailgate stuff. I would like to give him my spot when he gets there and take my car back to hotel then walk back to tailgate (confused yet? long story). Think I can pull that off if the lot is full when my buddy gets there? If we have to pay twice that's fine but you think the attendant will let my buddy in to take my spot if lot is full? So without reading back through whole thread, what is your eta? 6:00? I'll try to get there shortly after you do. And what should I look for? Thanks, Chad
  5. If we get there around 10 or 11:00, do you think lot A will be full/sold out?
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