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  1. Kendall Fuller
  2. The last thing I want is an offense based on running the ball.
  3. The Vikings offense isn’t that great and they run the ball too much. Id skip Kubiak
  4. I mean what’s a team friendly deal? Matt got paid what a great franchise QB makes in the year he got signed. Cousins and Jimmy G got deals for 27.5 and Matt got 30... that kinda seems like a deal to me, and in a few years time his contract will look downright cheap. And he’s restructured multiple times. Crazy to think he’d actively try to not help the team out.
  5. I think almost every non playoff team feels this during the year because at a given time you may have a good draft position and start to think “what if” but then you revert to the mean. To only win a few games and get a top-5 pick you have to be deeply flawed, and the Falcons are not, when you get good QB play it’s hard to only win 3 games.
  6. 1. Brees 2. Manning 3. Brady
  7. Allen, Mahomes, and maybe Vick are who comes to mind for strongest arm. Idk if Jamarcus can count lol.
  8. Fine. I will disagree and say having Ryan puts us to the top of the list for any potential HC/OC hire. If your an OC, he has made 3 OC into HCs. If your a HC you can use your high(ish) draft picks to pick players you want without having to worry about a QB.
  9. I spend too much of my life defending Ryan. If you look at all the advanced stats and then start making arguments like total record, or "ethos" your clearly just not being rational... it is a team game. Ill make an augment beyond the stats. Matt Ryan is a better leader than ARod. Never quits, plays hard, doesn't throw teammates or coaches under the bus. Rodgers constantly looks dejected or just uninterested, and then the media jumps all over him when he uses his natural talent to make some miraculous 3rd and 23 play a few times a year. Ryan is not as naturally talented, probably just an average NFL talent, but works hard and plays with fire every snap. And beyond the analytics, which I favor, id rather root for that guy. https://theathletic.com/1200883/2019/10/16/no-longer-elite-what-the-numbers-tell-us-about-aaron-rodgers/
  10. I don't think pocket passers are kings, it helps to be mobile of course. But it is way more important to be a passer than a runner. And while some running QBs chose to run in some situations pocket passers end up making similar plays through the air.
  11. That is a myth and the data backs it up. I can accept that you can scheme your way into better pass pro. But the evidence shows that Ryan is doing more despite a bad o-line despite not being a running QB.
  12. This is a very ****ing chart for Rodgers, BARLEY preforming better than what he is expected to given his pass protection. And Ryan? doing more with WAY LESS. This chart may show Ryan is the best light given his worst season ever so far.
  13. So 2019 has been MR2's worst year, by far.. But compared to Aaron Rodgers, you can make the case he's had a better career.
  14. Any any given week Ryan can play like a top-5 QB, and over the past 5 season on average has been a top 5 QB. In all honestly Aaron Rodgers has been straight up slightly above average the past 3 years. I think Drew Brees is the best QB of all time, he's also 40 (which my your logic makes him no good). Watson is all over the place, but id trade Ryan for him because hes younger, but I'd rather have Ryan under center for the next 3 years. Mahomes has all the talent in the world but has shown regression to the mean. Wilson is the MVP of the league this year IMO. Jackson on a small sample size has been fantastic. But if you put any of those guys on our team today I don't necessarily think it results in maybe more than .5 to 1 more win. Mahomes and Jackson play in fantastic systems that we don't have.
  15. As a finance guy I have followed Tepper for awhile as he ran one of the most successful value oriented Hedge Funds in the word, and I think he will do an excellent job with the Panthers, especially after watching his press conference. He’s getting young PHD math guys in the front office, as the Ravens have done to great success. BUT. We have Matt Ryan and they don’t. And it’s twice as easy to build a team as it is to find a franchise QB. Turnarounds can happy quickly like 2015/2016 by getting a few key pieces in place. I really hope Black follows suit and builds an organization dedicated to analytics or the Panthers my run circles around us in the future, but in the meantime our road ahead for the next 3-4 years with Ryan much more clear.
  16. Tru is the 4th highest graded defensive player on the falcons per PFF.
  17. your talking Lawrence and Fields, you think we will be picking top-5? Also notice the *likely*
  18. Do you want to likely trade up for an uncertainty? What is the hit rate on 1st rounds QBs? The probability of us drafting or signing a QB who can play better than Matt Ryan the next 3-4 years is very low. My person opinion would be to try to pick a low cost project in 2021 and if that doesn't seem promising, sure we can talk about whatever shiny new QB is coming out in 2022 or 2023... but ill be rooting for Ryan to be able to extend his career and play a high level as long as possible. By the time 2023 hits when his contract is over, his cap figure will look pretty low.
  19. Freeman is one of the worst running backs in the NFL.
  20. Jeez dude. Literally zero analysis. Why do you have to be so dramatic about your posts. The cold hard reality is Matt Ryan is a hall of fame QB and is more capable of winning a super bowl than any QB will be available to us for the next 3-4 years. Nonsense.
  21. Matt Ryan isn’t known as a runner but I’ve seen him do it. Foles is a statue dawg, MR2 is actually probably a better runner than he is.
  22. Not close to this level of play.