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  1. Big guards signal a scheme change.
  2. Dude ran a 4.3 and has a 3 cone slower than Tom Brady. Pass.
  3. Honestly people don’t like Matt Ryan because hes a boring white guy.. there I said it. (FYI - I’m a boring white guy)
  4. I don't agree with cutting Alford in the first place but I am glad he landed somewhere quick.
  5. I’ll take that bet any day. I bet on the Falcons 50-1 preseason in 2016........ THAT WAS ROUGH
  6. They have sponsored the halftime show every year for probably 10 years. I think they did a good job advertising but I don't think it had anything to do with the being in Atlanta.
  7. I mean this is definitely a dream scenario. Few things: -I don't know why everyone is jumping ship on Alford/Trufant after a down year. Cornerback is a hard position that's easy to criticize and a lot of it just comes down to luck. Many of the best corners in the NFL have had up and down seasons. Think Marcus Peters or Patrick Peterson. Heck who would have though Kyle Fuller would be an All-Pro CB this year? -I don't mind the Kwon signing but it seems like a luxury more than a need. It would be cool to have 3 straight MLB starters from LSU though just cause its interesting. -We wont be able to trade into the first again, just wont happen and Lawrence wont be there. I think i'd rather got 1. DL 2. OG
  8. Our corners had a down, year but i'm not jumping ship just yet. A rookie corner is not likely to make an immediate impact. Much thinner at interior DL than Trufant, Alford, Oliver, Pool... with 3 very capable safeties as well.
  9. I don't think you can know that, but it is probable. So.. shouldn't Ryan get Pro Recognition the same way Brees and Rodgers do? Because Dak and Turbisky now have the on their resume.
  10. Ryan must have turned it down... because now Dak is in for Brees who doesn't want to play. They really should just name All-Stars voted on by AP as a part of the All-Pro voting and scrap the game.
  11. I hope he turned it down. Its a pretty useless stat considering if someone turns it down like Rodgers this year, then next man up gets named to the pro bowl. But it actually does have real consequences considering some player bonuses are based on making the Pro Bowl.
  12. This is absolute insanity. Ryan Pass: 4924YDS , 35TD, 7INT, 108RTG good for 4th in the league Rush: 124YDS, 3TD Vs Turbisky Pass: 3222 YDS, 24TD, 12INT 95RTG for 18th in the league Rush: 421 YDS, 3TD PFF had Turbisky ranked as the 33rd best QB this year. Ryan had a down year considering PFF usually has him higher than his stats at #11 Reminds me of when Jamis Winston made the pro bowl over Ryan AND Brees in 2015 for no good reason. Pro Bowl is garbage. Player's legacies should not be based on # of Pro Bowls as they sometimes are.
  13. I just need to quit these boards if people think drafting a 20 year old Trevor Lawrence is an instant upgrade. Virtually no QB is an upgrade to Matt Ryan, a veteran QB who just posted his second best statistical season and has at least 5+ years left to play. Newsflash the NFL is way harder than college.
  14. Needing to establish the run is the most overrated thing in fooball...
  15. You can argue losing hurts the team more than lower draft picks as it takes away from the pride and mentality of what it means to be a Falcon. Browns have lost for two decades not because they didn't have high draft picks, but that being a Brown basically implied that your okay with losing. Being a Patriot meant you win games even though you are picking 25+ every year. Every NFL player is a very capable athlete and like most things in life it comes down to your mentality and will to succeed.