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  1. idk man they still have a lot of talent on that roster and i'd imagine Bridgewater improves.
  2. He’s a really pretty good at taking sacks.
  3. If you’ve ever worn there helmets, it’s so much easier to see out of the new ones.
  4. Coleman was always better than Freeman in my opinion.
  5. Welp. Drafted by the Rams in the 7th. Could not not be more proud.. *tears
  6. I've seen a few people post about RAS (relative athletic score) Nick scores a 9.22, good for 4th in this year's draft.
  7. Bring him home TD!
  8. Fit the profile of a DQ corner.. looks like a fine pick to compete for 3/4th corner. We also apparently know our Washington players
  9. Not keen on RBs but I do kinda like this guy. Remember his good game against Penn State. Still can't get over letting Coleman go for 2yr 10M....
  10. You either draft him there or likely don't get him. Its not sexy, but it is pretty surefire and makes our team better day 1.
  11. No need to trade up... will be value destroying. Just take BPA.
  12. RLTW! Rangers lead the way!
  13. Put it this way. I wouldn’t do a one for one trade Ryan for Wilson. I do not think think Wilson is a better quarterback than Ryan, thus he wouldn’t be AS good. But he would obviously be better than with what he’s got in Seattle.