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  1. I agree with the no-call. Let the players play. But even if I disagreed, "one bad call a loss does not make". We had our chances. We lost. The Ravens earned the win. That's it.
  2. I don't know if you're talking about me or not, but I'm back, I've had strep throat since Saturday, watched the game in pain, just got back from the doctors. Then I had to search this forum because there are so many **** "49ers" threads now. Took me forever to find you. The better team won. There were so many foul ups on the 49ers side from the beginning. I mean.... lined up wrong on the very first play of the game? Who does that? The Ravens, meanwhile, earned everything the right way. They played like champs all game long. Great comeback, but we were pathetic all game. In the room of
  3. I was, but I'm done. I'm sorry. I was probably getting extra carried away because of the divisional games with you guys all those years ago.
  4. I love Alex Smith. He'll be a starting QB with another team. Have you ever seen "sportsfan"? It's literally one of the best unprofessional videos I've ever seen. It's about Alex Smith's career.. it's really hard to watch. 30 minutes, I wouldn't watch it unless you had the time. I literally choke up towards the beginning when they start showing Alex Smith stuff... ugh... EDIT: I only wanted to post the link... but it won't let me for some reason, sorry.
  5. ok im done. i got the smack talk out of my system ive been holding in for several days. here's to a good off-season!
  6. awww..... great. there goes my desire to continue..... much love. i hope the falcons bounce back, i really do. the city could use it. i don't see it in their current state, but a great draft could change all that.
  7. lol, don't pick and choose. They were good. WERE. They suck now. Terrible loss + no TG + old Abraham + Mike Smith still blows *** + old Roddy White = terrible now. EDIT: OK the loss doesn't mean anything. The rest is still true.
  8. Joe Montana himself was a lanky aardvark with bird legs. Kaep is stronger and faster. So yeah.
  9. Past statistics are a poor indicator of future success. I see an Ed Reed that can't wait to be a Patriot. I see a Ray Lewis that can't avoid the spotlight for once. I see a Joe Flacco that slips up calling people "*******". I see a Jon Harbaugh brag about his win over Jim on a daily basis. These guys aren't even trying to prepare this week. All of these things are pro 49er victory. Not scared. Not at all.
  10. OK, I hear ya. I have much respect for a true Falcons fan. I mean no disrespect towards you at all (unless you talked trash beforehand). I made a rather lengthy post defending said Falcons fans on the 49ers message boards. I picked a "winner" because I was 8 years old. I don't think I should be judged for that. I was a solid 49er fan and have been since 1988. I was one of a very few 49er fans that continually visited the 49er forums on a regular basis during all those losing seasons. I do not own and never have owned any other sports team memorabilia. Not a team of any other sport eithe
  11. 31 seconds, down by 1, deep on their own side of the field. Need 2 miracle deep passes to stay alive, and a long field goal just to stay alive. Ring any bells?
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