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  1. Yeah, I thought Daario was out of his league too, and especially Hizdahr. Then again I never liked any of the Meeren characters or chapters. I still can't figure out the hatred that book readers have for Daario. He's a badass warrior with a very unique fighting style that should translate well to the screen. The only problem I ever had with him was the way Martin described him in the books because it's just ridiculous. I would feel offended if that's what Daario is supposed to look like. He looks WAY too normal. You can't even crack that many jokes about him.
  2. I can't wait for Daario to show up. I've been trying to visualize what he looked like from the first time they described him. Plus I can't wait for the anti-Daario fan club to throw stuff at the screen when he shows up.
  3. Well at least they're cutting back on the Ros scenes...