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  1. all the things stated in the OP are all opinions honestly even if i agree with some of them. I think in some ways some of this is just to justify feelings of being "robbed" by the refs, or "the niners arent a tougher team" there is only one fact that matters in the end, did the falcons win the game? no. so dwelling on it looking for validation just makes it more frustrating, id worry more about roster changes than anything but thats just my stupid opinon, fact
  2. people on here kept saying kap was overrated and couldnt throw, and that the falcons d will be better prepared than the packers and have an easier time, i think there was this idea that he could only run. I dont think CK is better than ryan because its only been 9 starts. i definately dont mean it like that my friend. The media being against you guys i know supplied some frustration and angst but reading this board youd swear the 49ers are the most overrated team in history and the qb is nothing but a pushover who can only run. Some posters gave our team credit but others still wont, blaming the refs etc. but that doesnt matter, falcons fans belived in their team when no one else would and came within one last drive of going to new orleans
  3. this guy has been a stud since the boise state game, the signs point to him being at the very least, the next randall cunningham, so i certainly hope you are incorrect.
  4. so were gonna blame him because our line did a great job and you guys cant cover?
  5. Honestly watching it on tv, once we scored that 2nd touchdown i felt like the crowd was not as into it, maybe it was just me, but it definately wasnt like the seattle game. the falcons offense did their job IMO, they put up 24 and did their best with what they had, the D made some good plays but when it came time to put up or shut up and stop us, vernon davis was out there all by himself
  6. I am celebrating on the board that not only do i post on but i help run it, here. http://www.the-coli.com/coliseum/78727-out-open-down-low-official-niners-vs-falcons-nfc-champ-thread.html i can multitask my friend. i understand being frustrated over a loss, but even when vince young beat usc (my alma mater) the only thing that bothered me was us going for it on 4th and 2 to lendale white instead of just punting. I just feel your anger is misdirected at a good young quarterback whom obviously was better than you thought.
  7. it bothers you only because i think you guys expected to see less from him. alot of people viewed him as a one trick pony who could only run, but he won using his arm and his intelligence at the line of scrimmage. What should bother you is the offense putting up 17 points and then the rest of the team allowing us the oppurtunity to get right back into the game. If Kap was wearing a falcon jersey, it wouldnt bother you even in the slightest.
  8. i hope your are wrong quick note, whenever tom brady wins the superbowl those traiters out in redwood city throw a little party in his honor, smh. i knew the falcons were good, anyone who cared to ready my posts knew this, but i also thought matt ryan could only do so much and the defense had to step up big. i also knew that some fans here would be shocked by kaepernicks ability to PASS not just run all day. now you guys know why smith is on the bench
  9. we didint have top 10 picks every year like that. look at our record the last 6 years and get back to me. we drafted WELL and thats about it.
  10. this is what im reading on here, blaming the refs? this is like niner fans blaming kyle williams for the loss last year against the giants where we only converted 1-13 on 3rd down. but now im reading how the nfl is rigged or it was the refs. it was the team period and overall the falcons did their best. but im blocked and im dumb for pointing that out? so be it
  11. no garuntee either team goes back and even meets each other, worry about getting back to the postseason first
  12. again so its the refs fault you guys were shutout in the second half? i dont get this logic. i remember earlier arguments on here about previous blowouts by the niners were viewed as invalid, but now its "the refs blew it" you dont score 17 points and then say the refs gave the niners 28. come on.
  13. i like how the NFL is now fixed since the falcons lost, yet before that it was completely legit.
  14. 49er fans will always be obnoxious its who we are, thats our rep as opposed to the violently idiotic raider fans, we have 5 superbowls and were going for number 6, its just who we are. and why we are generally hated my friend.
  15. so you guys want holding calls within the legal area of 5 yards? come on. instead of blaming the refs blame your d and the fact that the second half you guys did literally nothing.
  16. Wow, i guess 24 and a 17-0 lead wasnt enough? or that b.s catch? come on
  17. dont see how thats a weak call you cant just bang the facemask especially on the qb, in the last 20 years you havent been allowed to do that, i dont see how it was b.s call niner fan or not
  18. julio and white, as i stated earlier we cant cover them one on one, but pressure on ryan is critical, i just hope we can keep this momentum now that were down three. also your crowd is getting more and more quiet. you guys dont have the sustained noise seattle has (thank god)
  19. Culliver is good, he just got here, also, any of our corners one on one are no match for roddy and julio that goes without saying either way this is a very in depth look at what we do, i disagree with some points but its better than alot of what i have seen on here, excellent work my friend.
  20. were VERY liberal here in san francisco obviously, i think we can talk about football without bringing things like that up. stuff like that turns fun banter into political cesspool
  21. let me rephrase, by "small" i mean our line isnt gigantic, the falcons are the same way, their line isnt huge by any means.
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