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  1. Guys...it was a great game and it could have gone either way. I read through your game day thread and it was very much like ours only reversed. We were choaking in the first half and our fans pretty much had the same responses that your fan base had in the second half. You guys have an awesome team...dont lose sight of that. You guys earned national respect today. Too bad only one team can walk away with the W. I loved this game and I hope we see you guys in the playoffs next year. Great game Falcons.
  2. 49er Fan here. I think these teams are pretty well matched. Who ever plays their best on Sunday and makes the fewest mistakes will win. The Falcons are a great team and you have the Niners and their fans respect. I do think the 49ers are a more complete team but we also lay the occassional egg. I hope both teams bring their "A" game and may the best team win. We're nerveous because we have a lot of out key players either out or not at 100%. But we are gonna give you a run for your money. Good luck guys.
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