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  1. No, that is not true.
  2. Coy Wire‏Verified account @CoyWire 1m1 minute ago More BREAKING: Former teammate @Matt_Bryant3 tells me he will be in Atlanta to try out with the Falcons tomorrow. 0 replies2 retweets5 likes
  3. Justin M @JustinM_NFL The Atlanta #Falcons are signing CB Hamp Cheevers, per sources. The Boston College alum is healthy and ready to compete for a roster spot. PFF College @PFF_College Hamp Cheevers is a name you SHOULD know. He not only allowed the lowest passer rating among ACC CBs, but he also broke up 5 passes, snagged 7 interceptions, and allowed a mere 45.9% catch rate. Cheevers was also the co-leader for interceptions in all of college football with 7.
  5. Why are our undrafted free agents always players who no one knows? It's frustrating.
  6. Via McGinn: NFL Scout on Ed Oliver: "Two scouts referred to Oliver as “a pain in the ***.” Said one: “Just talks too much trash. Running his mouth will get him in trouble somewhere. I would doubt he’d have any loyalty to his team when he becomes a player." Via McGinn: NFL Scout on Trysten Hill: “Gets in & they just knock him around. He’s not very good.” “The new staff didn’t like him." “It had to do with social media & he didn’t get along with the new coaches. Has maturity issues. Mom was in prison for a year. Guy’s on the edge.” Via McGinn: NFL Scout on Alabama RB Damien Harris: (Late to a meeting before the Tennessee game in 2018 and didn’t start.) “Kind of a pain in the ***,” a scout said. “But he is talented.” Via McGinn: NFL Scout on DL Rashan Gary: “I’m not sold that Rashan Gary loves football,” a third scout said. “His football character is not very good. His interview wasn’t good. He thinks he’s this great worker." Via McGinn: Georgia WR Riley Ridley had a Wonderlic of 9. Scout: “He’s the best receiver out of everybody as far as running routes and catching the ball. He's not very smart.”
  7. Quick. Someone photoshop Derrick's face on it!
  8. He is riding an actual Falcon to Flowery Branch
  9. Unsourced! The Falcons are NOT in on the Kraken!
  10. Rapoport just said on NFL Network Morgan is still on his way to Atlanta
  12. Drew Boylhart ‏@DrewBoylhart 2m2 minutes ago MY apologies to the board - DE/OLB Derrick Morgan has NOT left #Falcons. I think because I'm tired I miss undersood the phone call Details SAME THING THAT HAPPENED WITH BRENT GRIMES
  13. To be fair, Hankerson was in Atlanta quite awhile ago.
  14. No one else is reporting this except for that 1 guy. Something is fishy
  15. There is a report out now that he is leaning towards signing with Arizona.