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  1. For those wanting Julio gone, think about this: Look how the Texans are doing, who traded DeAndre Hopkins Look how the Vikings are doing, who traded Stefon Diggs *Mic Drop*
  2. Jason La Canfora said there is a chance that a GM change will be made midseason as well.
  3. Jeff Schultz @JeffSchultzATL The Falcons' firing of Dan Quinn has been all but finalized and an announcement could come Monday or Tuesday, a source told @TheAthletic . The Falcons have started 0-5 for the first time since 1997 and Quinn is 14-23 since 2018. @TheAthleticNFL 3:48 PM · Oct 11, 2020·TheAth
  4. https://twitter.com/CEmma670/status/1302682374774423552?s=20 Chris Emma @CEmma670 The Bears' 16-man practice squad is set. It includes 15 players who were part of the team's preseason camp in a
  5. Coy Wire‏Verified account @CoyWire 1m1 minute ago More BREAKING: Former teammate @Matt_Bryant3 tells me he will be in Atlanta to try out with the Falcons tomorrow. 0 replies2 retweets5 likes
  6. Drew Boylhart ‏@DrewBoylhart 2m2 minutes ago MY apologies to the board - DE/OLB Derrick Morgan has NOT left #Falcons. I think because I'm tired I miss undersood the phone call Details SAME THING THAT HAPPENED WITH BRENT GRIMES
  7. There is a report out now that he is leaning towards signing with Arizona.
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