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  1. Elijah Craig. Widow Jane. Larceny Pair it with a fine Nicaraguan cigar and enjoy
  2. He's gone he's gone nothing gonna bring him back
  3. Very sadly my marriage of 15 years is being dissolved by my wife informing mevshevis filing for divorce. Didn't know where to put this & this thread seemed appropriate. Black soul crushing heart wrenching empty abyss of numbing pain
  4. Marty Balin founding member of Jefferson Airplane
  5. I love Nicaraguan cigars the bold flavors and aromas. AJ Fernandez has some terrific Nicaraguan blends that are just dynamite.
  6. My cigar hobbie is more of an obsession... Padron,Davidoff, Oliva just to name but a few.. my Bourbon is approaching the same level.. Angels Envy, Blanton's, Widow Jane. As for my guitar collection ... I need another room
  7. Fine cigars , fine Bourbon , annual trip to the Netherlands and collecting guitars
  8. Wrong Billy Graham.... It was the preacherman not the wrestler who took the 3 count
  9. I have a lot of old LP's that I would like to sell ....don't have a turntable any more. I have Larry Carlton, Emily Remler, Joe Pass. Miles Davis, George Benson, Tony Rice, Allman Brothers as well as as many others. Interested ? Send me a message. Very pocket friendly prices Thanks
  10. Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip... sleep in the stars my friend
  11. Epic..... Also although not a catch phrase the backwards baseball cap has seen way more than it's 15 minutes
  12. Digital panhandling....You and the poor college student
  13. no electronics at the dinner table...interesting serious question ...how were electronics affordable but yet filling bellies was snap supplimented
  14. its not just on this board its everywhere Spongedad
  15. The whole mess is squarely on the amateurish owners Terry and Kim Pegula. Theyre in way over their collective heads. They have driven the NHL' s Buffalo Sabres to new depths of craptatsic and did the same when hiring Ryan.
  16. Black Friday must chap their *** as well .... and White Christmas
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