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  1. You don't set the set the most sacks ever in a players first and second year solely based on your teammate (beating Reggie White and Bruce Smith). Aldon is extremely talented. He got pressure on Matt a good amount of times, but Ryan got rid of the ball. Consistent pressure is better than random sacks.
  2. Interesting article on ATL's cap. I don't know how much stock you can put into Bleacher Report though. Turner: "While he would create $2.5 million in dead cap space, the $5.5 million he frees up makes him a tempting option to cut and makes him a very likely cut. " Robinson: "Breaking down his cap hits, it makes too much sense to cut Dunta. The Falcons would save at least $4.6 million in 2013" http://bleacherrepor...2013-and-beyond So if the Falcons saved the 10 million from cutting Turner + Robinson they would be at roughly 15 million under the cap. However, Matt Ryan will get a contract extension, Brent Grimes + William Moore + Sam Baker are free agents, and the Falcons need to sign their upcoming draft picks. So I don't think the Falcons will be able to pick up any big free agents this offseason unless they don't resign a couple of the 3 FA's just named. http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2012/story/_/id/8822266/nfl-mailbag-carryover-rules-impact-cap-strategy Here it states Falcons are 4.9 million under as of 1-8-13
  3. Most stadiums do this. I am absolutely embarrassed to be a niner fan at some games. We seem to be the loudest when our team has the ball in critical situations. Drunk stupid fans...
  4. False, you can hit helmet to helmet unless the player is a defenseless player. "With the rule that took effect in March 2011, there are eight categories where a helmet-to-helmet hit is not allowed. Each of these categories has to do with defenseless players. Unfortunately, in the case of Thomas, he was considered a runner and was no longer considered defenseless."
  5. It is pretty funny how all objectivity goes out the window when it comes to fan allegiance.
  6. On the Nicholas penalty, we had a 23 yard play and a 25 yard play. It is a highly likely we would have gotten a touchdown anyway
  7. If the refs wanted the Falcons to lose why did they rule HD's catch a completed catch? they could have easily ruled that incomplete.
  8. Tony after Ryan releases the ball. It looks like Dashon might have jumped the route and got a pic. http://imgur.com/spDVZvH
  9. Looks to me like he is open. Yet, the safety (Goldson) starts to run up to make a big hit. But Tony most likely would have held on. The question is whether Ryan's shoulder injury made it harder to throw left / across his body. http://imgur.com/ctY5U1X
  10. Nvm I didnt fully read your post. I have to fully look at the replay
  11. Ryan was running with the ball and passed the line of scrimmage. there isnt roughing the passer once a QB decides to run.
  12. But you're allowed to sack a QB in the body. you're not allowed to hit a qb in the head.
  13. Tony chipped Aldon at the line of scrimmage and that took some time. Then J Smith was about to Sack Ryan. If tony had run a longer Route, then Ryan wouldn't of had time to throw it.
  14. The guy had 400 yards. Two receivers north of 1k and a TE very close to 1k. You cannot honestly expect him to do much better than that.
  15. Ryan held onto the ball until Brooks jumped for the sack. Brooks could not stop mid-motion.
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