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  1. I have been waiting a long time for six. A LONG freakin' time! Sorry ATL.

  2. ****. I was thinking I was gonna click on this thread and read a bunch of excuses. But you give the NINERS their due and recognized calls go both ways and sometimes shiz just happens. Your thread title is FALSE ADVERTISMENT!
  3. LOVE finding threads like this on a recently defeated team's forum. 13-3. Number One Seed. 17-0 lead at home. Just freakin' awesome....thank you.
  4. Feeling pretty AWESOME right now, thanks for asking.
  5. the refs almost cost us the game too. **** refs.
  6. the truth will set you free. 2nd biggest comeback in NFCC history. yah, that's blowing it.
  7. ahhhhhh exactly the kind of post i love to see on an opposing team's forum...
  8. classic, "it's me, not you". of course, that's how i felt during the 17-0 run.
  9. Blowing a 17 point lead at HOME is comparable.
  10. earned national respect? number one, they were playing in the nfc championship, which means they beat a lot of good teams to get there and don't really need anyone's respect. two, the national media will pretty much focus on the 17-0 lead/choke. I don't think that's respect. it was definitely a great game. entertaining, no doubt. But great game by ATL. Winning at home by 17 points and losing = anything but a GREAT game. hahahahahhaaaa!
  11. STRESS STRESS STRESS. Gonna stroke out over here.
  12. Close games like this--that no way, no how I expected--are won by CHAMPIONSHIP teams. Especially ones tha thave to score TDs because their kicker is on Planet No F'n Confidence!
  13. Now THAT was an awesome breakdown. A couple of things I think you're wrong about. The one major error is your thoughts on Justin Smith and his role in runstopping. The linebackers and safeties are the runstoppers on our D and the reason that teams have been running on us because those teams have had big backs to run at our LBs and DBs.
  14. Or you won't. I'm looking forward to the endless post-game analyses on this forum as to why you lost. CAN'T WAIT!
  15. Poor you. First, you didn't get your choice for POTUS and in 12 hours or so you'll be wondering why you ever thought the falcons could beat SF.
  16. NO LB, huh? How's about a really good ILB? Either Bowman or Willis will take care of coverage. Obviously they will not shut him down, but they will keep him from catching and running.
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