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  1. Different strokes for different folks... I try not to be a prick. I'm the first one to smash something when ***** not going right in a game as I almost did when akers missed another feild goal or when we fumbled at the one. I didnt feel like having my hand swell up 3 times its normal size like it did last year when we fumbled the game away. Im as passionate as the next guy if not more. But If you cant admit when another team is good or a game was close thats up to you. You sound like a punk I wouldnt want to be around @ MR 49er

    try not to be a prick. that's an understatement. I'm wondering if you aren't already on your way to GA to do chores for falcon fans.

    and you're right, you wouldn't want to be around me while you massage the opposing team's fans' egos after a tough loss. I'd likely puke on you.

  2. To all you falcons fans:

    I know all of you are sick about what happened. I just wanted to tell you that not all 9ers fans are represented by the people who post here. Anytime you deal with people on any subject you're going to run into people with no class who don't know how to discuss things without being idiots.

    Bottom line about that game is that you were one or two plays away from winning. While i was watching the game I knew it was going to be one of those last minute drives to decide it(although i wasnt so sure about that after you guys were moving the ball at will during the first half).

    You guys have a great team. I wasnt a believer even when you guys were undefeated but after you crushed the giants I realized...hmm these guys are for real. But we all know having the best team isnt always enough. Everything has to go right and you have to get the breaks. The team that makes the least mistakes and gets the breaks usually wins. If the game gets played 10 times its probably split. If Roddy didnt slip, or if Ryan doesnt misshandle the ball by a fraction of an inch it could have been a different outcome. The 15 yard roughing the passer play was a big call and extremely tough tough to take. I would have been sick if that had happened to us. Your defense had its moments. They held us to a feild goal(that we missed) and stripped us of a touchdown at the goaline. They held us off from taking the lead for a loong time even though we got back in the game. If your offense could have just mustered 1 more touchdown (and they almost did)......

    Your offensive line played a great game for most of the game. You guys are a few defensive players away from having a SuperBowl Team. Even with a weaker defense you guys could have won the game and the superbowl if those few unlucky breaks had gone your way. I think your team played their heart out with the players they had.

    Good Luck Next Year,

    Niners Fan.

    EDIT: Also another unlucky break that doesnt really get talked about. When Ryan hurt his shoulder on the most critical and important drive of the game it affected him. The throw on the last play was slightly behind the receiver. I really believe an uninjured Ryan gets a touchdown on that last drive.

    And DEAREST falcons fans, please don't view this hat-in-hand, classy guy as representative of the NINER FAITHFUL. Most of mine who watch, live, breath 49er Football don't pass on a chance to diss opposing teams. ESPECIALLY a team that was once a division rival.

    And in my not-so-humble opinion, if the 'net is where you go to show how classy you are, well methinks you have problems that transcend anything that happens here.

    Anyway, enjoy rooting for the Ravens. See you next year ... I hope.

  3. The officiating gave the game to the 9'ers - or lack thereof. Example: those four S/F giants picked up J Rogers, one on each hand and foot, held him up in the air about waist height and THREW him physically down the field . this should have gotten at least a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct or excessive roughness, plus at least 15 yard penalty. Not a single ref threw a flag and instead brought up a 4th down on the Falcons, made us give up the ball! On another play where the 49'ers had gone on 4th and failed, were turning the ball over to us, the ref came up with a bogus non-existent "excessive roughness after the play" call on us -- , instead of us having the ball on their end of the field, gave them the ball on our 35. This led to them getting a touchdown, when the ball should have been in Matt's hands instead.

    And how about that fumbled snap that Matt fell on? The whistle should have blown, but instead the refs stood thre and let the 49'er GIANT defensive guys pile on top of him and wrestle the ball away from him -- then called it a fumble recovery, gave them yet another opportunity to score. I could go on, but it just makes me sick.

    Why doesn't Blank copy all those bad calls by the refs and the lack of calls when they should have, then take our case to the Referees Association and to the NFL Commissioner? Our players worked too hard this season, deserve someone in a position of influence to stand up for them to the powers-that-be. We the fans deserve the same!

    What does he have to lose - they might make bad calls on our team again or something? The NFL Referees Association is not affiliated with or controlled by the NFL. They are not accountalbe to anyone, according to all the info I've been able to find. They are a free-standing organization answerable only to whoever greases their palms - the gambling industry, the secondary ticket seller companies and market, etc. of all the people who make money off their decisions. What about some transparency on where their money comes from and how much?

    What about some means of third-party accountability to make them call fair games. Sure there are going to be some minor mistakes from time to time, but flagrant actions and nonactions that detrmine the outcome of a game more than the two teams have GOT to stop.

    hahahahahhahahahahahaaaa. hilarious sutff.

    c'mon. i bet this is exactly the kind of innovative sore loser mentality that led to those often used gems, "the better team doesn't always win" or "they didn't win, we lost".

    Your team was beaten by a better team. That's all. No conspiracies. No referee preference--although there were bad calls, both ways.

  4. The funniest thing from the game for me is watching Harbaugh spaz out on the catch Harry made that was reviewed. I'd bet he used to spaz like that when he was a kid. I'm still laughing about that! Brings a little levity to the situation for me.

    Even though our guys lost, it still was a heck of a season for us. We'll be back. I guarantee the Niners are breathing a sigh of relief. They know we had them. And all of these clowns screaming for Smitty to be fired, and ragging on Matt are bandwagoners anyway. So go ahead and jump off, you don't know chit about football anyway, other than you're supposed stuff your face with chicken wings while it's going on!

    Agree. There has to be a collection of Jim's Greatest Freakouts. He looked like a rabid dog early in the season. And yes, breathing a big, BIG sign of relief. I couldn't believe my eyes at what your O was doing to us. That first quarter was B.R.U.T.A.L. A lot of shiz got broke at my house during that time span.

  5. Why would you be happy by feelings of despair? Have some respect and let us be, we didn't kick you while you were down last year.

    Hmmmmm....you didn't play and beat us last year so it wouldn't make sense to kick us while we were down. As for feelings of despair, we are talking football, right? Not the slit-your-wrists variety, but my-team-lost type. The former does not make me happy. The latter? All day long. Don't worry I'll be gone soon enough. I'm just here to gloat.

    See you next year during the regular season...

  6. It is set up the nfl got what they wanted this will be a money making big time Super Bowl for them I'm sorry but that is the way I feel!!!!

    Top 3 reasons given by someone in denial: (1) Refs robbed us; (2) The game was fixed; and (3) We lost, they didn't win.

    Don't worry, it will get better in time.

  7. Here we are again. I don't know who to blame but I have to lay some sheet out-------------- We need a defensive line not named Aberaham.

    Matty Ice... Why did you have to fumble the snap and throw a pick? Why couldn't we get a fckng field goal in the entire second half? Why couldn't we do anything?

    Why did the refs call a roughing the passer on nothing when it would have ended 49'ers drive?

    Why do I get myself built up over the season when I know it will always end in crushing defeat. CRUSHING DEFEAT.

    Lastly, and what is hardest, I can no longer play the media game. Yea we won a playoff game that we almost lost. It seems that this team needs a 4 TD lead to be safe bc three just aint enough.

    Seriously 24-14 half time and we cannot win the game.

    Smitty just looks clueless when we are losing and cant stop them--- like hes pushing really hard for a brick turd to come out his back end.

    I feel terrible for Tony G and Mr. Blank. Also myself. Now what will I do? I dont want no stinking NBA or MLB or NHL and my man Pacquaio has been letting me down lately too.

    This team is like the joke of playoffs. We are the place the other teams come through to go the the super bowl... for the FOURTH TIME IN FIVE YEARS!!!!


    Think teams worry about playing in the Dome come January? Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why should they? Were only elite for 16 games.

    I am everything that good is not right now. So I wanted to come shed some tears with those whos pain is similar to mine.

    Yessssssssssssssss. This may be the best thread yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Although, as happy as I am by your feelings of despair, I do feel bad for the owner. That guys just looks like a great, old nice man. Until I hear something bad about him, someday I hope he gets a championship.

  8. 24 first half points................................0 second half.

    How does that even happen ??

    For this team to score ZERO points in 30 minutes of football is beyond comprehension.

    Couple this to a Defense with an "Open Barn Door" scheme and you have the most bitter, disappointing giveaway loss in the 46 year Atlanta Falcon history.

    Simply beyond belief.

    And THIS ^^^^ is why I come to read on this forum. Thank you.

  9. Seattle guy saying we choked, he all happy cause we lost. Said we beat 9ers I said we eliminated y'all in the playoffs so what? He said at least we beat 9ers. Y'all went 1-1 with them .

    Apparently their last game against us was their Super Bowl. They are too dumb to realize that regular season don't mean shiz if you can't keep rolling in the post.

  10. Are we sure that was the fumble drive? I remember thinking "They wouldn't have scored if not for that penalty", I thought it was a scoring drive.

    You can see for yourself during NFL Network's REPLAY of the game.

    I'd let y'all know when the replay happens, as soon as I know, but the MODS don't let me "start a topic".

  11. Mine is the non-call on the illegal contact/PI on Roddy. We shouldn't have been in the position to let it decide the game, but he was past 5 yds, and the ball was in the air. Add in the fact that the refs that were calling the game were like 1st in the league when it came to illegal contact/PI calls, and we still didn't get it. That was frustrating.

    Maaaan if that got you heated, you must have been really P.O.'d that the refs were letting him and jones push our DBs of before going for the catch. Karma.

  12. So now its Harry fault cause he got a 1st down instead of a touchdown? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    That guy should have been gone to the house. Inexplicably he slowed and sped up again as though he was still trying to beat a db. he was all alone...incredible. mabye the ball looked like a duck comgin toward him. who knows, but i was sure as shiz happy he stumbled all over himself.

  13. before the game, out of town people were asking about the towels, well I got 4 extras that I can send out to people if they pay the postage....cant imagine it being more than a couple bucks.

    I know they would be a lot better keepsakes had the last 2 minutes gone a bit differently.....I have lots of thoughts, feelings, etc about the game in general, but am just still on unwind from the last 8 days of playoff games, plane trips and emotional rollercoasters.....

    more than

    the first 4 people that PM me wanting them with address and other info, will get them.....I will post in here when they are gone

    don't hang your heads falcon fans, we are built for lasting success and will get another shot

    I'll take one as a spoils to the victors kinda thing...

  14. Just a question, but couldn't penalties Jane been called for roughing the passer for Ryan being driven to the ground and a late hit for Snelling being blasted in the back on that same play?? Not expecting this to be a huge topic and not making excuses, but both looked like penalties to me

    For sure on the Ryan hit by Brooks. Ball was long gone and Brooks let his body weight drop on top of Ryan. But the Snelling play, I'm guessing your thinking of the one where Goldson comes flying into the pile. I yelled at Goldson to be careful, but remembered that earlier in the game one of your backs got an extra 3 yards coming out of one of those scrums.

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