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  1. try not to be a prick. that's an understatement. I'm wondering if you aren't already on your way to GA to do chores for falcon fans. and you're right, you wouldn't want to be around me while you massage the opposing team's fans' egos after a tough loss. I'd likely puke on you.
  2. And DEAREST falcons fans, please don't view this hat-in-hand, classy guy as representative of the NINER FAITHFUL. Most of mine who watch, live, breath 49er Football don't pass on a chance to diss opposing teams. ESPECIALLY a team that was once a division rival. And in my not-so-humble opinion, if the 'net is where you go to show how classy you are, well methinks you have problems that transcend anything that happens here. Anyway, enjoy rooting for the Ravens. See you next year ... I hope.
  3. hahahahahhahahahahahaaaa. hilarious sutff. c'mon. i bet this is exactly the kind of innovative sore loser mentality that led to those often used gems, "the better team doesn't always win" or "they didn't win, we lost". Your team was beaten by a better team. That's all. No conspiracies. No referee preference--although there were bad calls, both ways.
  4. yah, and they also saw you give up a 17-0 lead. they also saw your receivers pushing off before catching the ball. and the world also saw that "catch" hit the ground. you know what all that world watching adds up to? jack shiz and a big fat SO?
  5. Sooooooo, who won? Spoon because Kap didn't set any rushing records?
  6. LOL. I have always wondered what loser was the first one to coin that phrase.
  7. True. It's just that RIGHT NOW it's on its go around and I'm enjoying the heck out of it!
  8. Agree. There has to be a collection of Jim's Greatest Freakouts. He looked like a rabid dog early in the season. And yes, breathing a big, BIG sign of relief. I couldn't believe my eyes at what your O was doing to us. That first quarter was B.R.U.T.A.L. A lot of shiz got broke at my house during that time span.
  9. Hmmmmm....you didn't play and beat us last year so it wouldn't make sense to kick us while we were down. As for feelings of despair, we are talking football, right? Not the slit-your-wrists variety, but my-team-lost type. The former does not make me happy. The latter? All day long. Don't worry I'll be gone soon enough. I'm just here to gloat. See you next year during the regular season...
  10. Top 3 reasons given by someone in denial: (1) Refs robbed us; (2) The game was fixed; and (3) We lost, they didn't win. Don't worry, it will get better in time.
  11. Yessssssssssssssss. This may be the best thread yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Although, as happy as I am by your feelings of despair, I do feel bad for the owner. That guys just looks like a great, old nice man. Until I hear something bad about him, someday I hope he gets a championship.
  12. And THIS ^^^^ is why I come to read on this forum. Thank you.
  13. Apparently their last game against us was their Super Bowl. They are too dumb to realize that regular season don't mean shiz if you can't keep rolling in the post.
  14. You can see for yourself during NFL Network's REPLAY of the game. I'd let y'all know when the replay happens, as soon as I know, but the MODS don't let me "start a topic".
  15. Maaaan if that got you heated, you must have been really P.O.'d that the refs were letting him and jones push our DBs of before going for the catch. Karma.
  16. That guy should have been gone to the house. Inexplicably he slowed and sped up again as though he was still trying to beat a db. he was all alone...incredible. mabye the ball looked like a duck comgin toward him. who knows, but i was sure as shiz happy he stumbled all over himself.
  17. I'll take one as a spoils to the victors kinda thing...
  18. For sure on the Ryan hit by Brooks. Ball was long gone and Brooks let his body weight drop on top of Ryan. But the Snelling play, I'm guessing your thinking of the one where Goldson comes flying into the pile. I yelled at Goldson to be careful, but remembered that earlier in the game one of your backs got an extra 3 yards coming out of one of those scrums.
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