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  1. Wow....totally dig the sarcasm. Honestly kind of ballsy to go against Tommy Terrific.
  2. One time I came up with a theory on the origins of a curse. It was many years ago but essentially there was a gambling scandal at Georgia Tech back in the 20's or 30's
  3. Yeah, i noticed that as well. To be sure professional millionaire athletes saw that as well.
  4. I agree, they started sitting on routes. They knew what was coming. They knew the snap count or Henny had a tell. They play great defense. I do wonder what is happening down field. Are the receivers not able to get open? Is there a way we can scheme around that?
  5. 10-4 boss man. I remember last I saw it was 14-3 or something like that. I know Philly scored late to make it 11, possibly lol
  6. Playing the best run defense in football yesterday did us no favors. And Philly held San Fran to what? 14 points? We know Tampa has a great defense, but maybe Philly is putting something together on that side of the ball.
  7. Aside from the 2 games this year when has he checked down enough to King of the check downs? Is he doing it this year, absolutely. Is it frustrating? Absolutely! Is it scheme to make up for Oline play, or bad receiver play? I can't say. But don't act like the dude has dinked and dunked his entire career.
  8. I know there are no moral victories. A loss is a loss is a loss in the NFL. But this year, I believe we, as fans, are going to have to treasure hunt for moral victories. Score looks ugly as ****. Stats are ugly as ****. Looking at this game two dimensionally it's ugly as ****. But this team did something it never did during the previous error, I mean era. They fought back when the game could be won. It wasn't 48-10 in the 4th quarter and they score 21 garbage points to make it look respectable. A defense of players that would be on the practice squad for another team made stops. Our offense found the end zone, something that at halftime I thought would never happen. They showed that they had balls. This team looked so gutless and nutless the last few seasons that It was a good display. I know some are going to come in here and say that I'm cherry picking things and lowering my standards. That I'm a victim of Stockholm syndrome to try and find any positives from this team. And yeah, this team will leave you with PTSD. But there is hope. There is fight in these guys. Artie has to be learning how to navigate a season as a head coach. We should see growth and progress. We may only win 4-6 games this year, but show me growth and progress. That's how we'll win in the future.
  9. I still think Andy is a choke artist. He just so happened to win a super bowl against an even bigger choke artist.
  10. My poor innocent 9 year old looked at me and said I think we'll win this one ... I said son you have a lot to learn, and school's about to be in session
  11. I'm not mad at art this week. I'd love to me is press down the field more, but this o line is cheeks
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