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  1. Geez that man is violent... and I like it!
  2. I remember before the draft there was a report that he was a linebacker that moved like a defensive back. I knew then that I wanted us to draft him because I was sick of TEs taking our lunch.
  3. I ain't even mad at ya, name it and claim it dude.
  4. I say flip the New Orleans games. Winning on the road on Thursday night is very difficult.
  5. I went and saw little giants in theatre when I was 7. signed up for little league the next week.
  6. She's awesome. She didn't like football until we got married, and then it was only college. Then we watched the birds on Hard Knocks and she was hooked. She loves Devonta Freeman.
  7. Don't mind at all! I'll get you one when I get home this evening. She put it in as part of my Christmas. I wish she would've put the card in front though.
  8. I bought one back before the season started. My wife put it in a shadow box for me.
  9. I'd really like to see the teams in those games. Last week we heard how Atlanta played into the stereotypes of a dome team can't win in the elements, yet we won in the monsoon against the Jets. To me it's about matchups.
  10. I was so pisssed about that I walked out and missed the pick 6. If memory serves, New England didn't get a penalty in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl. But I could be mistaken. I'm just ready for Brady to retire so the mouth breathing trailer trash of Massachusetts will disappear.
  11. This. I posted this on Facebook and all the nut huggers come out in droves talking about discipline. I'm not saying it's rigged or conspiracy, but the NFL is an organization of the haves and have nots. Some teams get calls, others don't.
  12. I was 50% denial/50% pleading. I was "No way" and "Make 1 stop"
  13. I'm digging this
  14. Exactly. Shanahan didn't inherit a #1 offense. He inherited **** with no o line, minimum receivers, no running game. Sark inherited a historic offense and turned it into crap. You can't compare the 2 coordinators and their 1st years
  15. I don't blame Ryan for this. Dude made enough plays to win. Defense held them to 15 points. You gotta win games like that