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  1. I ordered a piece of the goal line Sunday. It was like $40
  2. I live in Eastman which is now full of band wagon Bears fans (Leonard Floyd hometown) Please beat the bears! I've heard nothing but bears talk all offseason. Please beat the bears.
  3. This is what I'm saying, dude was no where near the play. I get it if the ball was thrown his way, but it wasn't. Looks like a cheap shot to me.
  4. Takk looks like a kid being forced to give a report in front of the class
  5. This I agree with. There's more pieces around him than we Beasley was a rookie
  6. This I agree with. I wish we ran the ball more and kicked the field goal, but we've been aggressive all year. It really only burned us twice (KC and super bowl) I've heard so many people in my hometown say we took our foot off the gas. Not true. We blew our engine out keeping it pegged!
  7. I'm fine with this. I wasn't a big fan of Cox. Sure Beasley had 15.5 sacks, who was second on the team? They had like 3.5 sacks.
  8. The loss sucks. I read Marcus Aurelius so I'm just applying that. Can't be upset about things outside our control.
  9. I'm not saying this was a conspiracy or someone was paid off, just that we abandoned the run at the worst time. That is all.
  10. What if the lack of runs in the 2nd half stemmed from a dispute between freeman and the staff over his agent? Maybe that could explain that missed block on Hightower?
  11. ****, only 4 rushing attempts? ?!?!?!!!?!?
  12. I'm excited about the defense. Offense depends on oc hire. If we can avoid hangover we'll be a dangerous team.