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  1. MUD DUCK!!!!!
  2. See the 2014 Sugar Bowl Also the 2009 Sugar Bowl. Bama flops if they're not in the playoffs or BCS game
  3. ^^This. The offense is so inconsistent for the past 2 years.
  4. Sounds too logical.... we prefer knee jerk
  5. Clearly lol but I'm partial
  6. My son's birthday is November 4th.
  7. Because you'll never get close to winning one yourself. Wake up, you're tech. You think a new coach will change that? You'll still be 7-5 and playing in bowl games in December.
  8. Seriously what makes you think we would've scored?
  9. My Saints loving inlaws were in town from was on, but I didn't watch it. I did in fact get to watch them destroy the Eagles afterwards...FML
  10. Browns because they're the browns
  11. Yeah, it's horrible. Why try to make the super bowl if you can't beat AFC?
  12. Beat me to it
  13. That's gold right there
  14. I was going to say that...beat me to it, Jek...