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  1. I meant how Campbell said they didn't take the game seriously because it was the Browns
  2. I hope after that Browns game last year we have no trap games.
  3. Mine was Steve Young
  4. I hate to admit it but he just doesn't look it anymore
  5. Reverse jet sweep... ftw
  6. I thought this was good insight
  7. I think it was a big deal. It is a bookend to an era of football that started with a Philly loss and ended with a Philly win. Kind of like beating Green Bay in the playoffs in 2016. From playoff loss in 2010 to Playoff win in 2016, these things mean something. It sucks to get beat by the same team all the time. This was a confidence builder.
  8. Yeah that shank of his is really being overlooked
  9. You were handed a world they created with the rules they made up.... But it's all your fault
  10. To add to what a few other posters have said, and what I'm about to say is WAAAAAAAAY over simplified, but just to add an example. My son is almost 8 and decided he wanted to play rec ball this year out of the blue. His 1st game was Saturday and he spent the whole 4 quarters on his butt. Why? Because when the ball was snapped he would stand up and wait for the blocker or defender to come to him.
  11. I too fear this fate because I don't know what a new coach/rebuild will be like. I bought into Quinn. I thought he was the guy, I'm still hoping that he is. I hope he turns this thing around because if not Ryan's prime years were wasted.
  12. Agreed. I think that's when it was over
  13. Funny story...I had a phone that changed I'm to Kim, so I was constantly texting my wife "Kim on the way"
  14. I didn't expect a win. I know it wasn't going to be a blow out. I just wanted then to look competent. They played sloppy and a lot of that can be fixed so there's room for optimism.
  15. Good point. Wasn't trying to be contrary, was legit asking. Thanks for the opinion!