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  1. He was one of my favorite players. That Buffalo catch was amazing
  2. I had gameday rituals that I lost after SB51. I wouldn't eat chicken on Sundays because it seemed like we lost everytime I ate chicken. I had a certain shirt I had to wear, certain hat. My wife asked me why I stopped, I told her if there's anything I could've done to win that Super Bowl, we would've won. Nothing I do in south GA has any bearing on what happens on Sunday. I got into an argument at work back in 07 because I knew Mike Vick would win us a Super Bowl. He was arrested a few weeks later. My first Falcon jersey was Finneran.
  3. Deion loved money and himself. He's embracing us now because he had the chance to be the 1st falcon hall of famer. I like Deion. He's a great personality on NFL Network. He's funny as ****, bit this idea that he's the Falcon godfather and every question regarding Atlanta has to go through him because he's the " resident falcon" is bull. Just my $.02
  4. I don't understand the obsession with Deion Sanders. He was here for 4 years then went on to win super bowls in SF and Dal. He didn't give a crap about us then, why do we think he cares now?
  5. Geez... Our fan base ****** more than anybody
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