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  1. Well bulldogs clinched their division so them at the moment
  2. The 1st and 5 was discouraging. 4 tries to get 5 yards...
  3. I agree they could turn this season around. The mistakes are crazy. Other than the New England game we were in every game and could've won every game. Penalties, drops, and just all over sloppy football has killed us. Pull your heads out of your ***** and win some games!
  4. ... does Atlanta come out so aggressive in the 1st then gets lulled into this conservative offensive garbage!
  5. Beat me to it! Ill say Zeke has twice as many yards on the ground as Dak does through the air.
  6. Yeah I'm pissed at Julio. How the **** do you drop that ball?
  7. Na, that makes too much sense
  8. There was a time that it was common knowledge that an indoor team would lose this kinda game. I remember dome teams getting knocked because they couldn't win in the elements. The falcons win in the elements, less than prefect, and everyone craps on them. What the **** man.
  9. I agree I feel better. We fought like **** today. It's the 1st time that Atlanta has seemed interested in the game since maybe 1st half Miami game. The conditions were crap and we played a good game.
  10. If the issues aren't better we lose 21-20. If they put the work in we win 27-14
  11. I was gonna say 21-20 Jets
  12. I 2nd this
  13. Agreed
  14. Exactly! I couldn't believe they didn't call PI on those plays!