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  1. I was 50% denial/50% pleading. I was "No way" and "Make 1 stop"
  2. Exactly. Shanahan didn't inherit a #1 offense. He inherited **** with no o line, minimum receivers, no running game. Sark inherited a historic offense and turned it into crap. You can't compare the 2 coordinators and their 1st years
  3. I don't blame Ryan for this. Dude made enough plays to win. Defense held them to 15 points. You gotta win games like that
  4. I agree on Freeman. Coleman was beating them and we kept running Freeman for losses
  5. How many sacks did our d miss because they slipped in the back field?
  6. We always struggle in Philly. Matty Ice is only 1-4 in that city. He hasn't won there since 2012, if i recall. This will be a tough game. We can win, just gotta take advantage of opportunities when we get them.
  7. This is true! I wasn't comfortable last night until we had the ball. Even though we were up by 2 touchdowns with a minute and a half left I wasn't comfortable
  8. Look at us in super bowl. We peaked too early.
  9. I wonder if the inexperience of the other teams will show up. Atlanta and Carolina have been in the playoffs most recently. The other 4 teams haven't been in years. I wonder if it'll be like us when we'd get the 13-3 #1 seed only to have a quick exit.
  10. Mine is the hit on Jimmy Graham to prevent the touchdown. After watching grahams dominance with New Orleans and that cocky guy saying he owns Atlanta in the playoffs. Watching Neal lay the wood at the goal line was awesome
  11. Seeing as we beat ourselves rather than losing there's room for optimism. If our receivers can just hang on we're a scary team.
  12. I love that movie!
  13. It's hard to trust this team. If they win awesome, if they lose I refuse to let it ruin my Sunday.