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  1. The better team won by the spread on the number. We were the better team. Better luck next year losers. I told you I'd be back. Number 6 is coming in 2 weeks. Frontrunners are losers.
  2. Falcon fans making excuses. We shut you out in tge 2nd half. Football is a game of balance and halftime adjustments. You guys dont make asjustmenrs at halftime. You guys couldnt run the football. You cant throw it 50 times and beat us!
  3. Falcons are nothing but frontrunners. You have no 4th gear. Gave it up in the 2nd half just like you did last week. Defense shut you clowns out in the 2nd half! San Francisco ****in 49ers! Super Bowl bound! Who are the puzzies now?????
  4. I'll be back here to tell you about it tomorrow afternoon. Niners win by 10. All you Falcons fans do to defend your team is call names. What a bunch of losers. You guys are just happy to have finally won a playoff game. Barely. You were crapping bricks when Seattle scored that late TD. Atlanta is finished. Another failed season.
  5. All that matters is this game. The falcons dont have the physical makeup to beat the Niners. We are bullies. what's happened last week, last month, last year means nothing. Its all about Sunday. Our defense is going to handle Matt Ryan. The Falcons get blown out tomorrow.
  6. Atlanta's defense is in big trouble. Seattle moved the ball up and down the field. They just kept blowing scoring opportunities. Seattle had no problem moving the ball. We plan on running the football and daring you to stop us. Your d line is just not big enough.
  7. I like your teams chances if they can protext Ryan and run the football. I really dont think you guys can run on us. If you can't that will be a big problem. We plan on getting to Ryan early. My concern is your receivers beating us over the top. If you guys get deep on us, and I think it will happen, it will be only once. The maim problem for the Falcons is that your defensive line is just too small. You avg 271 pounds across the line and that's gonna hurt you in the 4th quarter. Good luck and May the best team win.
  8. I respect the knowledge you have but I'm disappointed that I had to be a clown after all of that. You do realize and said yourself that this game is all about matchups. However, you fail to realize that on both sides of the football, in the trenches, you guys just don't stack up. I can't wait to see your defense try and stop us from mauling you. You d line is light in the pants and God forbid if Abraham doesn't play. If he does, we're still coming right at him. We are far too physical for this Falcon team. I look forward to visiting your blog again on Sunday night. Win or lose. Though we won
  9. Wow, I'm starting to wonder if you guys even watch 49er football. Ever heard of NFL rewind? Kaepernick was far from perfecta giants Green Bay throwing the football. Check the New England game. Check the Chicago game. Those were perfect games. Kaepernick is going to destroy the middle of your defense. Right behind your nameless linebackers. You absolutely will not stop us from running the football. We are not Seattle. We maul defenses with our o line.
  10. I get it now. The way Falcon fans figure their team is going to beat the San Francisco 49ers is by prayer! That's not gonna cut it. It's about X's and O's. this blog doesn't appear to have anyone here that knows anything about that. The question still remains, how does your mighty Falcons compete with my squad?? I'll check back for an educated response tomorrow. I'll sure ill be disappointed. Just more name calling. I'm disappointed.
  11. shootout with Green Bay? We were up 3 touchdowns with 6 minutes left in the game! That was hardly a shootout. You call that a shootout. Regular season games don't matter. Last time I checked, Seattle and the Rams weren't in the playoffs. You are killing me with this ancient history. All that matters is this Sunday. Im still trying to find out from some Falcon fan. How do you guys beat us? Can someone tell me that?
  12. Thought this was a football blog. You must be around 19 years old. I thought you knew football. I guess not. Anyone can call names . Girls do it all the time in elementary school. C'MON Donald!
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