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  1. Hunt, Morris, and Gurley all had over 5.3 ypc against them. It's certainly possible.
  2. Anyone who says Gurley ran all over the Falcons D didn't watch the game. Dude had 3 bigs runs and was super inconsistent the rest of the game. and Julio is going to go for 150+ for sure. Eagles DB's are sorry as **** and Matt has been lights out under pressure lately. Plus his pocket awareness has been great this year.
  3. Those numbers are wrong. Atlanta is 8-3 when Vinovich's crew is officiating. Philly is 2-6. That being said, Vinovich reffing is a positive for Atlanta. Calls the fewest penalties/game and Falcons DB's like to play physical and handsy. Should be a fun day for the defense.
  4. As far as I’m concerned, it’s fine if the fans overloook Philly. I’m confident based on DQ and the culture around this team that they won’t do the same. Especially with what happened last year.
  5. 40+ points in two games without him. 4-0 when he's held to under 40 yards. The answer is no. It will not be enough.
  6. Completely ridiculous to assume he's the same player 5+ years ago that he is after an MVP caliber season, with a completely different team and coaching staff. But what else is to be expected?
  7. In my opinion, the Eagles don't have the strength in their secondary to win. Cards could put up a fight, but I think we'll put that one out late too. The Chiefs game could be ugly. Not in the sense of a blowout, but turnovers, penalties, etc. 38-26 over the Eagles. 31-30 over the Cards 26-24 loss to the Chiefs are my predictions.
  8. Aaron Freeman made a good point on Twitter. A good portion of Hooper's big plays came on blown coverages. He hasn't shown consistency on other plays.
  9. Definitely a good read. Not only shows what true goes through but a good look at the team's mechanics as well.
  10. That's tough. It's like what happened with Torrey Smith. Not only do these guys want to be there for their team, but they want to represent for their biological family as well. It takes a lot. Respect to Kwon Alexander for his performance.
  11. We're getting into a groove. We just need to finish. It's almost sickening though.
  12. My sister actually sent me this link and I thought you guys on the boards would like it. Link: http://dailysnark.com/one-coolest-photos-nfl-history-comes-saints-vs-falcons-game/
  13. I'm not on the Alford train either, but he can hold his own. He's decent in coverage, just needs to work on penalties.
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