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  1. I watched quite a few snaps of this guy and he seems very aggressive and quick on his feet. And as others mentioned he always plays through the whistle. Hadn't heard of him but like the pick
  2. **** I'd be open to trading freeman, like the guys ability and all but let's look at the reality. O line is dominating making life easy on free, Coleman looks just as good, quite a few great prospects in this draft. I could be happy with a trade for a high draft pick.
  3. The only team that I don't wanna play is green bay, I think we can beat them and the pats however.
  4. Must be it, better watch out or Collins might steal his job away
  5. Just a mention but I haven't seen any big mistakes from Alford of late. You guys think he made some adjustments to his technique or just luck?
  6. I agree, they are playing a smitty ball concept. I think we can easily win this game because we do a pretty good job of protecting the football. Would like to see us win the turnover game this week. A couple strip sacks from beastly would be ideal. INTs have been rare of late but would like to see Collins prove he's a starter and possibly steal Alford's job after the year is up.
  7. It's all about the ground game, I noticed that when we focused on the run in the second half it really opened up our passing game, gotta love the screens to Gabriel but would love to see the oline play a little better, seen quite a few free runners against Arizona, gotta give them defenders more contact at the line.
  8. Hmm is it wrong that I wasn't mad when he made that catch? Dude Keanu Neal was a **** of a pick, Quinn def got his enforcer.
  9. I look at seatles schedule and I see no team that they've beat worth mentioning then most of their games were decided by a few points and they weren't able to score more than ten in half of them. Looking into their offensive line I am pretty confident our d line is gonna have another good game. They are weak at left tackle and guard. Might see Beasley on the left side a lot this Sunday, they are saying he's getting beat bad by the speed rush. Beasleys favorite
  10. I'm more worried about our linebacker situation, although Reynolds wasn't bad this week
  11. Deion Definately got his on that hit. I wasn't even mad that they converted the 2 points. Just seeing a defender playing that hard and making cam newton pay was the highlight of the game.
  12. Precautions all the help guys, definitely had a great time and the fans were great, even got hit on by an aint fan. Wore my colors and jersey the whole time. It was beautiful watching saints fans leave in packs in the third quarter!!
  13. Haha if that helps you, although they do seem to do worse when I'm watching. Always giving up that lead!!! Sigh, this is the life of a falcon fan.
  14. Fortunately me being from Gulfport mississippi I'm used to the obnoxious aints fans hehe
  15. Haha hope they talk ****, no problem there. Not interested in fighting though
  16. Anyone else going, super excited never been to a game before. Anyone know how the fans are at New Orleans games??
  17. I think our guards did well last year and I'm confident that person will surprise everyone at guard.
  18. I feel like this coaching staff likes worrilow otherwise why would they put a second round tender on the guy. I don't think we'll see him being replaced anytime soon.
  19. I'm think Dahl, I don't see billings falling to our pick. Too much value with that pick unless he has a serious injury.
  20. I was very pleased with this all our picks so far, Neal wouldn't have made it to our second pick and I like his playing style, jones wouldn't have made it outta the second and really fits in Quinn's defense very good job addressing our linebacker issues there, and I'm really liking the hooper pick more and more looks like a legit red zone threat. Plus I like the way he pushes forward after the hit to get extra yards or force his way into the end zone. I'm thinking we go after Joe Dahl or jack Allen in the fourth. Would like to see us pick McGovern also
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