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  1. Warriors are heading back to SF in 3 years though! Yay!
  2. LOL, well yeah that one was a clean play for sure (since he wasn't touched on the head) just tackled to the ground as he was throwing the ball. Go Niners!
  3. Ahahaha, look at you butt hurt Falcon fan! You got nothing better to say. And yeah I'm posting on your forum since you guys WERE TALKING SO MUCH **** this week it wasn't even funny! How do you feel now?
  4. LOL seriously, your offense wasn't able to score a single point in the 2nd half and you're whining about the officials helping our defense? LMAO at the irony!
  5. Cry me a river! You can't touch a QB on the head! LEARN THE FREAKING RULES!!!
  6. LOL, loser talk!!! Funny how you're not talking about the BS Douglas reception which was clearly incomplete (which would have resulted in a 4th down). Officials had a look on video and still ruled it a complete pass when it was obvious the ball touched the ground even though he didn't have a hand under it! But yeah, officials were clearly on the Niners side!
  7. Good luck getting first round picks after trading the house for Julio Jones! Great player but... It wasn't your teams biggest need. How about getting a pass rusher or 2? Some ILBs? Some CBs? LOL, football isn't all about offense.
  8. You don't like to cry but: "they didn't win we lost" WTF is that?? LMAO!!! You guys played a great first half but since we came back in the 2nd quarter a little WE OWNED YOU IN THE 2ND HALF!! Wow, talk of delusional fans! Seahawks would have beat you guys if they didn't head into the 2nd half down 20-0. That's the big difference in the game.
  9. Seriously??? You expected a flag on that??? You guys think this is flag football? GTFO!
  10. Sorry to contradict you fool, it's not a notion.. It's a fact.. .422 Strength of Schedule.. Easiest one in YEARS! Not just this year, might be the easiest SOS this century LOL You pointed out teams that were on both schedules? GREAT, how many games is that already? What about the other 11 games? You're freaking hilarious, you're nitpicking the games and stats you want just to try and look good. "oh look their passing defense and rushing yards look good compared to ours but our scoring defense is close to theirs, I think our defense is better because I say so" LOL, that's how you freaking sound
  11. Oh so one second I'm a Saints fan and now a Niner fan? Maybe in a few dozen posts you'll have named all the teams in the league..
  12. LMAO, it's funny how you guys are talking BS when your team couldn't win a playoff game for the past 4 years. Heck, we've won more playoff games in 2 years than you have under Mike Smith.
  13. Who said we're unstoppable?? The analysts on NFLN and ESPN? WTF do they have to do with the Niners? Did you hear Harbaugh say that? Any of our players? Jesus...
  14. Same stupid answers all of you give. "Oh we beat the Seahawks and Giants and you lost against them so that means we're better than you" For god's sake all the Falcons fans' IQ on this board doesn't add up to 100 COMBINED! Freaking pathetic, I have never seen this before. I couldn't believe what the Saints' fans were saying about you guys but now that I've seen it first hand? I think they were probably too nice with their critics!
  15. You don't watch much football do you? Remember the Divisional game last season between the Saints and 49ers?? Analysts were saying the Niners had no chance of winning if the Saints scored more than 28 points.. Guess what the score was? Oh and guess who the QB was? Same thing this year, no way the 49ers could win a shootout against the packers.. Guess what happened? Also, you talking about the points per game.. Yeah all good, who did you guys play again this season? Did you even have to play an offense like the Patriots IN Foxborough IN December? Did you have to play the Seahawks at CLink? Your
  16. Wow the **** you can read on this board... Guy can't even differentiate YPA and YPC... OMG.. And then the other fool saying Gore had a down year... Man if all 29 year old HBs had 1214 yards on 258 carries, 4.7 avg and 8 TDs they would be happy! But yeah I guess it's a drop off, let's compare to you Michael Turner for a second.. 222 carries, 800 yards, 3.6 avg and 10 TDs. Oh yeah! A difference of 1.1 yard per carry! Yes Gore is surely the one having a bad season! LMAO Man you guys are pathetic... No argumentation whatsoever with false/stupid examples!
  17. What was my original post again?? "Seahawks were so tired they barely stopped an RGIII on one leg?" Oh yeah that's right.. So who doesn't know how to read posts again? Remember the game? RGIII was already injured, had a great first couple of drive but on the snap just before his last TD throw he reinjured his knee? And after that he was limping around, AND YET STILL THE SEAHAWKS HAD TROUBLE GETTING TO HIM! (maybe caps will work who knows?) Don't you think a team on fire (something you have a hard time understanding apparently) would have killed a QB on one leg??? Don't you think so?? Do you un
  18. LMAO, you really are something. Wow, wow, wow... Yeah let's bring you are article about stupidity, maybe only then will you understand you are concerned about it! LOL
  19. So a game is summarized about "the first 2 drives"?? Are you serious??? You're telling me only the first quarter counts or something? Do you hear yourself?? Man even the word ****** isn't good enough for you!
  20. Oh my god.... Wow... What can I say?? Yeah an Atlanta fan can use google! well whoopty ******* do! So: 1) How many articles were there about this? 2) When was(were) the article(s) from? 3) Did you watch the game against the Redskins? You know that game where the Seahawks' D was so tired they could barely stop an RGIII playing on one leg? Man you are something, seriously, you might be the world champion of *******!
  21. Like I said, you guys are clueless.... You do not even know CK7 is right handed, you haven't even seen him play yet you're talking like you know how to "stop him" and you know his weaknesses. **** you guys are something!!
  22. You're really clueless... So why haven't you answered my question about the fact if you watched those games or not?? Cause I have and I don't need some "video, tweet, something" to confirm it LOL, either you like football and watch it first hand or you only watch your team and read about the rest. I guess I know which kind of fan you are. Seriously.. Wow!
  23. Non mais pauvre merde que tu es, qu'est que tu crois? T'es une grosse suceuse de bite et tu n'as pas de cervelle pauvre boloos va! MDR, non mais le gars qui s'y croit en plus. Arrache ta pauvre mère de là, la pauvre salope elle se prend tellement de bites dans le fion qu'elle en redemande la grosse chienne! Ta soeur elle avale des kilomètres de queues et elle avale la pouffiasse!
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